2-Year-Olds Shine at Millen Farms Recent Classification

It’s a busy time a year but Millen Farms from Omeemee, ON found time between barn construction and field work, to welcome the classifier to the farm.

Classification Highlights

Millen Solomon Blum VG-86 2yr
Millen High Octane Disco VG-85 2yr
Millen Smurf Elga VG-85 2yr
Millen Sid Richelle VG-85 2yr
Millen Meridian Star VG-85 2yr
Tomalynn Beemer Nyomie VG-85 2yr

Millen Aleah Naughty by day VG-87 3yr
Millen Dempsey Tasha VG-87 3yr
Pyrme Lochlan Electra VG-87 3yr
Millen Sid Jelly VG-87 3yr
Ernst-Anthony Avery VG-85 3yr
Millen Impression VG-85 3yr
Claircrest Sid Ally VG-85 3yr
Millen Wickham Josie VG-85 3yr
Millen Impression Angelina VG-85 3yr
Millen Careyprice Vienna VG-86 4yr
Kingsway Deb Doorman Tina VG-85 4yr

Millen Goldwyn Delilah EX-92 6E
Millen Bradnick Armani EX-90 2E