Westcoast Classic Sale 2019

March 21, 2019 @ 1:00pm @ Chilliwack, BC

The 2019 Westcoast Classic Sale is set to take place on Thursday, March 21st at 1:00pm in Chilliwack, BC. The sale is being held in conjunction with the BC Spring Holstein Show. The Sale Catalog and sale highlights are now available for viewing. Cowsmo will be on-hand catching the excitement of this anticipated sale!

Sale Managers – Westcoast Holsteins
Jeff Kooyman 604-316-2622
Darren Kooyman 604-799-6376
Chris Lindhout 604-991-3780
Barclay Phoenix 905-431-8340

John Copithorne 403-650-7327
Tim Abbott 802-238-1142
Sale Clerk
Leanne Dillon 403-588-1428

Sale Contacts
Gary Vanderpost 639-471-1021
Dale Bienert 780-940-6729
Pat Conroy 260-402-4494
Scott Culbertson 507-923-1881
Ian Crosbie 306-631-3466
Tom De Groot 604-819-2879
Markus Hehli 403-783-0442
Kenton Lindenbach 306-530-1620
Joel Phoenix 905-852-8062
Mike Barnum 604-557-3658
Orville Schmidt 780-970-8186
Albert Streutker 604-819-4818
Ridley Wikkerink 250-920-9347
Todd Wright 519-369-4808
Brian Carscadden 519-546-1194
Paul Trapp 608-332-0079
Hank Van Exel 209-810-0880
Martin Rypma 604-309-8651

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Sale Highlights

Visit the sale Facebook page for more highlights!

Lot 1: Dicklands Absolutley Unstopabl
– #1 Conformation female in the world
– #1 R&W PTAT Female in the world
– 2nd Dam: MS Apples Aria EX92, 2015 4th 4yr Midwest Spring National
-3rd Dam: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX96 3E 16*, 2011 WDE R&W Grand Champion & 2016 All-American R&W & B&W
Consigned by: T&L Cattle Ltd., J.Dick & Family

Lot 3: December Westcoast Tatoo La Liqour sells from the Liann Family sells!
-2nd Dam: Jacobs Gold Liann EX94. Grand RAWF, All-Canadian & All-American 2016
Consigned by Westcoast Holsteins

Lot 5: September calf Robella Douglas Mutters from Butterballs sells!
-Dam pictured, Webb-View Butterballs McCuchen EX94, Nominated All-Canadian 4yr Old 2018
Consigned by: Benbie Holsteins, Robella Holsteins, Blair Weeks & Lakefield Farm

Lot 6: Polled Westcoast Loyola Addie sells fresh Jan 1/19.
– 6 generations of VG or EX
-Pictured is Dam Westcoast Defiant Addision VG89, Reserve Intermediate Champion WDE ’18
Consigned by: Quebequa Holsteins & Westcoast Holsteins

Lot 8: Meadow Green Jordy Fabianna sells from the Fanny family!
-8th Winter calf R&W ’18
-Reserve Jr. Champion R&W Westerner ’18
-Dam: Meadow Green Absolute Fanny EX95 2E, Grand R&W WDE ’17, Grand R&W RAWF ’16 & ’17
Consigned by: Precision Genetics

Lot 9: Cash Atwood Danae
-1st Intermediate Calf Vancouver Island ’18
-GPA LPI 2806 Conf +14
-GTPI 2045 330M 37F PTAT +3.54 +2.49FLC
Consigned by: John Sunder, Precision Genetics

Lot 75: Solomon Jr. Yearling sells! Craila Lively Sol from Craila H Octane Lady GaGa VG86 2yr
-01-11 305D 14091 424 3.0 439 3.1
Consigned by: T&L Cattle