Big results at the Welcome West with T&L Cattle Tag Sale 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 @ Rosedale, BC

A sale doesn’t come together overnight. There is months of preparation and hard work ahead of time. So when T&L was faced with the big question “should we continue with the sale?” They went to the ones who were behind the scene, putting in the long hours, preparing the cattle for the Welcome West Sale. It was decided that the sale would continue with a few tweaks and changes to adapt to the current situation due to Covid-19. The sale was a breath of fresh air that was needed among the chaos. The picturesque background at Tom & Laurie’s made it easy to forget the world’s problems for a few hours. While it was a small group in attendance, they provided big results. As to date there has been 83 lots sold averaging $8293.00. High seller and photos are listed below.

Sale Format
In order to give everyone a fair chance at all the lots in the sale, we will be using the following format:
Starting at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, March 17th, we will open for “Intent To Purchase” any individual lot at tag price. At 11:00 AM on Wednesday, March 18th, any lots that are matched by an intending buyer will
be considered sold. Any lots with 2 or more matches will be bid off between those two or more bidders.
For example, if two buyers have committed their intent on Lot A at $5,000, those two parties only may bid
until the highest bid is reached. After bid-off’s are completed, offers will be taken on any unsold lots.

**Contact any of the sale staff listed below to get your bid on this tremendous group of animals on offer!**

Sale Managers
Tom & Laury DeGroot … 604-819-2879

Sale Contacts
Tyler Doiron … 418-285-9850
Ysabel Jacobs … 418-520-2674
Tristan Rae … 519-604-8720
Barclay Phoenix … 905-431-8340
Gary Vanderpost … 639-471-1021
Ken Kooyman … 604-316-7853
Darren Kooyman … 604-799-6376
David Dyment … 905-308-1008
Joel Phoenix … 905-852-8062
Martin Rypma … 604-309-8651
Steve Fraser … 519-820-2728
Mike Haambuckers … 250-308-8610
Dale Bienert … 780-940-6729
Kenny McCrea … 226-979-6533
Jordan Vaandrager … 306-491-9050
Mike Podschadley … 604-314-5525


Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view in full screen


High Sellers

Lot 15 Oakfield Goldwyn Destiny $50,000
Buyer: Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba, CA

Lot 58 Sunspark Doorman Limo $50,000
Buyer: Mike & Julie Duckett, WI

Lot 115 Hamming Impression Chiara $34,000
Buyer: Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba, CA

Lot 121 Corlane Entrance Delany $20,000
Buyer: Elmvue Farms, NY

Lot 118 Claquato D Applesauce-Red $20,000
Buyer: Abe Light, Daniel Van de Pol & Maple-Leigh Futures, WI

Available Consignments

Available Lot’s HERE

Added lots & Price Sheet

Price list HERE
Sale Updates HERE
Added lots HERE
Added lots 121 & 122 HERE

Sale Highlights

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Lot 15: Oakfield Goldwyn Destiny-ET VG-87  MAX 2yr is averaging 37.5kg/day!

Lot 27: Senior 2-year-old Doorman VG-85 2yr sells from Sicy Allie EX-92 2E 2*

Lot 41: Blackflip Junior Yearling for 2020 sells! Her 2nd dam is 3x HM All-Canadian, 2X Nom. All-American Jacobs Fever Cael EX-96 3E

Lot 42: Clean-cut Unix Junior Yearling sells from Jacobs Atwood Melody EX-93 2E!

Lot 58: with her recent classification Sunspark Doorman Limo is now VG-89 MAX!

Lot 75: Selling 8 days fresh! Apple Brandy VG-88 is a Junior 3 you don’t want to miss out on!

Lot 92: Big Time Sidekick Winter Yearling sells!

Lot 93: Solomon Winter Yearling that has all the right stuff!