Vente Red Fever Sale 2021

November 2, 2021 @ Saint-Flavien, QC

The Vente Red Fever Sale 2021 will be held TODAY starting at 10:30am. The sale is hosted by Ferme Rolandale where 50 outstanding Red & Red carrier lots will sell from a long line of tremendous families! Ferme Rolandale had an outstanding classification round just in time for the sale, results are posted below along with the sale order and catalog!

Bidding will be held through Encans Boulet Inc. 

Sale Hosts

  • Rolland Dubois : 418-561-9522
  • Marc-André Dubois : 418-956-9279
  • Joelle Corriveau : 581-997-9148
  • Rosalie Dubois : 418-554-7088

Frederic Dubois … 418-956-5602 pedigrees

Sale Contacts
Dominic Fortier … 819-350-5877
Kevin Jacobs … 819-817-4216
Pierre-Olivier Lehoux … 418-997-7055
Mickael Leclerc … 418-882-7894
Bradon Maither … 450-370-6192
Simon Lalande … 514-239-5435
Keven Moffet … 418-882-8265
Tim Abbott … 802-238-1142
Abe Light … 315-651-7410
Mick Lovich … 780-785-8501
Roberto Dufour … 418-818-1275
Vincent Lallier Beaudoin … 819-357-6678
Keven Gagnon … 819-444-8795
Steven Morin … 819-313-2760
Andrew Vander Muelen … 613-968-1599



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Sale Order

Classification Highlights

An excellent classification round just in time for the sale! In total 58 cows classified with 12 multiple Excellents, with two new 93 & 94 points, 5 new EX (2-92, 1-91, 2-90), 25 VG 2-year-olds (3-87, 7-86, 15-85).

Jerseys highlights included an EX-3E, two 2nd calf @ 87 & 88, one 85 and one 86 2-year-old!

Holstein Classification Highlights
1st calf

Daughter of Lot 49: Jolibois Sabrina Unix VG-85 2YRS
Lot 14: Jolibois Friska Unstopabull VG-85 2YRS
Lot 28: Jolibois Lass Beemer VG-85 2YRS
Lot 17 & Dam of Lot 18: Jolibois Freya Jordy VG-85 2YRS
Jolibois Diva Diamondback VG-85 2YRS
Lot 2: Jolibois Felicity Jordy VG-85 2YRS
Sister to Lots 19, 20, 21: Jolibois Freedom Avalanche VG-85 2YRS
Lot 10: Jolibois Fatality Jordy VG-85 2YRS
Lot 39: Jolibois Dellyann Unstopabull VG-85 2YRS
Jolibois Lucy Unix VG-85 2YRS
Lot 7: Jolibois Fay Unstopabull VG-85 2YRS
Lot 21: Jolibois Finesse Unstopabull VG-85 2YRS
Sister to Lot 7: Jolibois Fawn Unstopabull VG-85 2YRS
Lot 45: Jolibois Lessy Douglas VG-85 2YRS
Sister to Lot 39: Jolibois Daisy Unix VG-85 2YRS
Sister to Lot 39: Jolibois Dixie Unix VG-86 2YRS
Sister to Lot 39: Jolibois Dulcine Unix VG-86 2YRS
Lot 24: Jolibois Flyfly Altitude VG-86 2YRS Lot 24
Sister to Lot 25: Jolibois Fantastic Unstopabull VG-86 2YRS
Lot 26 & Dam of Lot 27: Jolibois Lovely Fusion VG-86 2YRS
Sister to Lots 1,4, 5 & 8: Jolibois Feerique Jordy VG-86 2YRS
Lot 15: Jolibois Frima Jordy VG-86 2YRS
Lot 44: Jolibois Lili Douglas VG-87 2YRS MAX SCORE
Sister to Lots 35, 36, 37, 44, 45, 46, 47: Jolibois Lauria Avalanche VG-87 2YRS
Jolibois Louison Diamondback VG-87 2YRS MAX SCORE

2nd Calf
Sister to Lot 26: Jolibois Lexing Army VG-87
Lot 40: Jolibois Dream Beemer VG-87
Lot 35: Jolibois Lauralie Avalanche VG-87
Sister to Lot 32: Jolibois Lucky Baby Beemer VG-88
Lot 48: Jolibois Dell Solomon VG-88
Sister to Lot 7: Jolibois Felina Avalanche VG-88
Sister to Lot 38: Jolibois Daniella Goldchip VG-88
Sister to Lots 19, 20, 21: Jolibois Faith Diamondback VG-88
Lot 31: Jolibois Libertad Octadeen VG-89 MAX SCORE
Jolibois Darla Unix VG-89 MAX SCORE
Sister to Lot 7: Jolibois Feline Avalanche VG-89 MAX SCORE

New Excellents
Lot 5 and Dam of Lot 6: Jolibois Fuzzy Addiction EX-90
Lot 38: Jolibois Delight Beemer EX-90
Lot 1: Jolibois Felicia Armani EX-91
Jolibois Desir Goldchip EX-92
Dam of Lots 11 & 12: Jolibois Funny Addiction EX-92

Multiple Excellents
Jolibois Pumpkin Doorman EX-91 2E
Sister of Lot 39: Jolibois Daphne Solomon EX-91 2E soeur
Jolibois Lainey Atwood EX-93 2E
Lot 49: Jolibois Sandy Windbrook EX-90 2E
Sister to Lot 39: Jolibois Deesse Solomon EX-93 2E
Dam to Lots 9 & 10: Jolibois Fatal Addiction EX-93 2E 93
Jolibois Lucille Doorman EX-94 2E 94
Dam to Lot 7: Jolibois Famous Ladd P EX-92 3E
Dam to Lot 51: Jolibois Nanny Atwood EX-91 3E
Dam to Lot 40: Jolibois Drama Goldwyn EX-95 4E
Lot 13: Jolibois Floralie Contender EX-93 4E 93
Jolibois Lotus Guthrie EX-94 5E 94

Jerseys Classification Highlights
Lot 52 & Dam of Lot 53: Jolibois Nuance Casino VG-85 2YRS
Sister to Lot 56: Jolibois Nessie Andreas VG-86 2YRS
Jolibois Nivea Tequila VG-87 2nd Calf
Lot 54 & Dam to Lot 55: Jolibois Nebie Casino VG-88 2nd Calf
Grand Dam to Lot 53: Jolibois Noisy Premier EX-94 3E

Sale Highlights

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