The Summer’s Bounty Sale

Friday August 9, 2013 @ 11:00 A.M. @ Martin Holsteins, 6718 4th Line Minto, Palmerston, ON

Sale day photos and highlights! Nordale Goldwyn Ricky VG-89 rings in at $42,500

A few Sale Highlights

Check back for more prices and official average!

Lot 1 – $42,500 – Nordale Goldwyn Ricky VG-89, 1st 4 year old Ontario Summer Show 2013, Fresh December 22, 2012, Bred July 20th to Windbrook. Dam EX-91 2E Astronomical
Buyer: Todd Galton, NY

Lot 7 – $ 19,000 – MS Rollnvw Gold Delilah VG-87, 1st Junior 2 Year old ON Spring Discovery 2013, Bred July 15, 2013, Dam: Richardo Dundee Dawnette EX-95 2E, Res All American 5 & 3 yr old, HM All Canadian 3, 4 & 5 yr old! Next 4 gen VG or EX
Buyer: Breeze Hill Holsteins, ON

Lot 8 – $18,500 – Meadowbloom Goldwyn Pearl VG-89, Fresh March 17, 2013, Bred July 20, 2013, 3rd 4 year old ON Summer Show 2013, Dams: VG-88, EX-91 2E, EX-90 4E
Buyer: Breeze Hill Holsteins, ON

Lot 4 – $7300 – Glendaland Tab Joan VG, Sired by Quality Fantabulous, Fresh July 5, 2013, Dams GP, VG

Lot 2 – $7100 –  Sunspark Denzel Denica, Fresh July 23, 2013, Dam Sunspark Prelude Danica EX-93 5E 9* (Dam of 3EX & 7VG daughters), Next Dams VG-87 5*, EX-91 7*, EX-93 2E

Lot 3 – $7000 – St-Jacob Goldwyn Heather, Fresh June 15, 2013, daughter of Dubea Dundee Hezbollah EX-92!

Lot 391 – $4000 – Ronbeth Steady Larissa, Fresh July 13, 2013, Dams VG-88, EX-93, EX-93 4E 3*, VG-87 3*, GP and next 7 dams VG or EX

Sale Details & Catalog

Sale catalog online here

From Show cows to commercial milk cows, and a few fancy calves, 150 head sell at the Summer’s Bounty sale!

Featuring a fancy group from Hodglynn Holsteins, Adam Hodgins
Nordale Goldwyn Ricki VG-89 SELLS
1st 4 Year Old Ontario Summer 2013

Richardo Dundee Dawnette’s VG-87 2YR daughter – Ms Rollin Gold Divine.
She was 1st Jr. 2 year old at  Ontario Spring Show.

Watch for more info about Hodglynn Consignments!

From Co-Vista
-EX Penngate Finest, due July 28th, Dam VG next 10 EX. Her daughter by Advent also sells,springing!
-Atwood senior yearling, due September, Dam by Damion, next 5 EX VG Aftershock, 5 EX dams, sells fresh in July!
-Fresh Fever from Starbuck Denyse EX. 61” Junior 2 yr old by Sid, Dam VG Goldwyn, due in August.

A group of Fancy Red and Whites from Georgetown Holsteins
-Twins by Destry, 1 due in July, 1 due in October, Dam EX by Ruebens.
– Fancy R&W calf by Special Effect, Dam EX 92, Mergold Advent Meg, 2nd Dam Miss Special.
– Senior 3 yr old, Goldwyn, Dam EX with 34,000, sells fresh.

15 Fantastic Red and Whites SELL!

AND……. Potential EX Fabulous sells fresh, milking 50kg per day!

On the commercial side:
– 40 fancy 1st and 2nd calvers AI sired, all fresh in the last 40 days.
Hand picked from a 2000 cow herd.
Selling in their working clothes, right out of the freestalls!

Another group of registered 1st and 2nd calvers from one farm. Milking up to 50kg /day.

All cows tested for SCC, vaccinated!

All sell with the Martin’s Satisfaction guarantee.

Beef on a bun Lunch supplied by Royal Bank and Grand Valley Fortifiers!

Come buy your incentive cows and herd builders now!

The Summer’s Bounty Sale
at the farm: 6718 4th Line Minto, Palmerston, ON
Friday August 9, 2013 @ 11:00 A.M.

Dennis Martin
home: 519-338-5497
Cell: 519-654-7833

John Martin
home: 519-338-9976
Cell: 519-292-9593

Adam Hodgins: 226-930-0166