The Big E Eastern States Jersey Show 2019

September 18, 2019 @ West Springfield, MA

Callum McKinven, QC

The Big E Eastern States Expo Jersey Show was held September 18th in West Springfield, MA. Callum McKinven, QC served as the official judge of the show. Grand Champion honors went to Four-Hills Velocity Gloriana, owned by Megan Hill, VT. See results & photos below!

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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Four-Hills Velocity Gloriana (Velocity), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Megan Hill, VT

Spring Calf (16)

1. Whitdale Gentry Graceful-ET (Gentry), New Generation Farm & Grace Depew, NY
2. Four-Hills Viral Burganne (Viral), Megan Hill, VT
3. Miss Gentry Jessie (Gentry), John & Ashley Collins, P Morey Miller  & Joanna Lidback, CT
4. Tierneys Viral Landree (Viral), Tierney Farm, Kathryn & Patrick Bosley, NY
5. Whitdale Gentry Sophia-ET (Gentry), New Generation Farm & Grace Depew, NY

Winter Calf (10)

1. MD Brookside Fireman Cheers-ET (Fireman), Caylei Arnold, CT
2. Maple-Nook Lady Divine-ET (Victorious), Jerzie Newland, VT
3. Howacres C Viola-ETV (Colton), Keenan Thygesen, VT
4. Tierneys Andreas Lanita (Andreas), Tierney Farm, Kathryn & Patrick Bosley, NY
5. Billings Fizz Milwaukee (Fizz), Billings Farm, VT

Fall Calf (18)

1. Four-Hills Irwin Glimmer-ET (Irwin), Megan Hill, VT
2. Cowbell Shoes Momma Mia (Shoes), Chase Rozler, NY
3. Edan Denmark Blue Fox-PP (Denmark), Grace DePew, NY
4. Whitdale Gentry Gladys-ET (Gentry), Grace DePew, NY
5. Whitdale Coltron Gem-ET (Colton), Lily Olsen, NY