The Best of Triple-T & Heath 3rd Edition

March 28, 2019 @ 6:00pm @ Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, OH

The sale with the tremendous track record! Find your next show winner or genomic list leader in Columbus, OH on March 28th, 2019 at 6:00pm.  Top shelf Holsteins & Jerseys sell! All animals that are sold in the sale will be able to show on Friday & Saturday. The Sale catalog is now online for viewing!

Sale Managers
Nathan Thomas 937-537-0805
Jenny Thomas 614-395-9823

Michael Heath 443-375-8048

Sale Contacts
Chris Hill 202-255-7907
Tim Abbott 802-238-1142
Pierre Boulet 418-234-3407
Ronnie Heffner 301-371-8766
Mike Berry 517-282-6476
Jamie Black 518-353-1319
Louie Cozzitorto 209-535-1319
Jack Comeo 315-778-7783
Robert Yeoman 405-880-2209
Callum McKinven 819-437-7552
Aaron Eaton 315-857-8303
Jordan Siemers 920-946-8525
Abe Light 315-651-7410
Barclay Phoenix 905-431-8340
Ryan Krohlow 920-639-5500
Brian Garrison 614-264-3240
Hank Van Exel 209-810-0880
Todd Wright 519-369-4808
Phillip Topp 937-538-7423
Graisson Schmidt 608-797-2855
Dusty Schirm 815-670-2111
Tom DeGroot 604-819-2879

Sale will be broadcast live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers! Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.




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Sale Highlights

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Lot 1: Avalanche Summer calf sells from the Dundee Paige family!
– Her Dam, T-Triple-T Platinum-ET EX-94 2E was nominated for the 2018 All-American 150,000lb Cow.

Lot 19: TK-Plain View Ria is the maternal sister to 2017 Unanimous All-American 5yr Old TK-Plain-View Ripley EX-96.

Lot 27: Avalanche Summer Yearling sells! She is backed by at least 10 generations of VG or EX.
– Dam Stormatic Ad Hotstuff-Red-ET EX-94 2E was the 2012 All-American R&W 5yr Old.

Lot 30: Sidekick December calf sells from one of Canada’s Hottest New Cow Families!

  • Knonaudale Orangecrush EX92
    Nom All Can & All Amer JR3 Yr Old 2017
  • Knonaudale Mudpie EX94
    Res All American JR3 Yr Old 2015
    Nom All American Mature Cow 2018
  • Knonaudale Jasmine EX96
    Res All Canadian Production Cow 2017

Lot 54: Cerpolait Doorman Fantasie was bred Feb 27/19 to Riverdown Unstopabull-Red.
-She is the full sister to 2018 All-Quebec Jr. Yearling Cerpolait Doorman Fantastic.

Lot 55: VG-87 Solomon Sr. 2yr old sells!
-Bred March 7/19 to Monument Impression.
-Solomon x Jeanlu Goldwyn Liza Ann EX-91 4E x Outside EX-90 6E x Chief Mark VG-87