Spring Phenomenon Tag Sale 2021

February 26-28, 2021 @ Somerset, PA

The Spring Phenomenon Tag Sale 2021 intent to is underway and will run until February 28th. The sale will be held at the McWilliams Farm in Somerset, PA. The sale will feature highlight consignments from All-Glo, Big Guns, Franchise & more! The sale catalog, updates and price sheet are now available on Cowsmo! 

Sale Schedule
Friday, February 26, 2021
Sale Preview – Intent to Bid

Saturday, February 27, 2021
1:00pm … Sale Opens; Bid off 

Sunday, February 28, 2021
3:00pm … Sale Closes 

Sale Host
McWilliams Farm
Sam McWilliams … 814-279-0484

Sale Staff
Adam Fraley … 570-546-6907 Auctioneer Lic# AU003538L
Mike Heath … 443-375-8048
Nathan Thomas… 937-537-0805
Chris Hill … 202-255-7907
Dave Lentz… 717-329-9202
Dusty Schirm … 815-670-2111
Madison Fisher… 717-422-1907
Katie Schultz… 717-543-7883 Cowbuyer Representative 


Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers!
Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.



Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view in full screen

Sale Price list & Updates

Price List


  • 17-Pregnant to service in catalog
  • 29-Pregnant, Negative BVD-PI, Brucellosis, Tb
  • 40-Negative BVD-PI, Leukosis, Neosporin, Johne’s
  • 41-Negative BVD-PI, Leukosis, Neosporin, Johne’s
  • 42-Bred 2/21/21 to Analyst-Red
  • 46-Pregnant to service in catalog
  • 51-Negative BVD-PI, Brucellosis, TB
  • 55-Dam is now EX90
  • 59-Negative BVD-PI, Brucellosis, TB

Sale Highlights

Watch for sale updates on Cowsmo, Cowbuyer, Facebook & SnapChat!