Select Your Success Sale 2020

March 6-7, 2020 @ Arthur, ON, Canada

Duckett Holsteins Select Your Success Tag Sale begins today and will run through until tomorrow. The catalog & price sheet and sale updates are now available on Cowsmo! The sale is being held in Arthur, ON, Canada at E&J Craig Farms. An amazing opportunity for those north of the border!

Sale Managers
Mike Duckett … 715-459-6480
Julie Duckett … 715-459-6481
Jeff Stephens … 905-317-8252

Sale Contacts
Abe Light … 315-65-7410
Andrew Den Haan … 705-440-6010
Brent Howe … 519-282-5245
Elgin Craig … 519-831-3519
Ethan McMillan … 705-653-7445

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Sale Updates & Price list

Sale Price list HERE
Sale Updates HERE

Sale Highlights

Watch for Sale highlights on Duckett Holsteins website or Facebook page!

Lot 1: Goldwyn winter calf from 2nd Aged Cow WDE ’19 Lafontaine After Amz Seven EX-94 2E sells!

Lot 2b: Unix Sept ’19 from the Lexington family sells. Backed by 8 gen. VG or EX.

Lot 3: A fancy Sept ’19 calf from Unix x Duckett Doorman Giselle EX-92 x Sanchez EX-96 2E x Goldwyn EX-90 5E 2* x Jolt EX-94 3E 2*

Lot 4: Crushabul Sept ’19 calf backed by 6 gen. VG or EX.

Lot 10: Sept ’19 calf by Unix x MS Sunspark Doorman Lace VG-85 VV+VV 2-03.

Lot 14: Impression Summer Yearling from Knonaudale Orangecrush EX-93 EEEE @ 5-01

Lot 37: Fresh (01-1-20) Danhof Diamond Shine-ET VG-87 VVEVV @ 3-00, 1st Senior 2-year-old Jr Holstein show WDE ’19, Junior All-American Senior 2 ’19

Lot 38: Advent EX-90 VEEVE @ 3-03 sells in calf with ultrasound heifer (08-28-20)