Premier National Junior Red & White Show 2015

September 14, 2015 @ Harrisburg, PA

Sean Johnson, PA
124 Head

L-Maples Hvezda Callie-Red was selected as the Intermediate & Grand Champion of the Premier National Junior Red & White Show by Judge Sean Johnson, PA.
Premier National Junior Red & White Show 2015

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Glad-Ray-K More Wine-Red-ET (Contender-Red), 1st Fall Calf, Patrick Youse, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Glad-Ray-K Armani Rave (Armani), 1st Winter Yearling, Lillian Finke, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
L-Maple Hvezda Calli-Red (Hvezda),1st Junior 3 Year Old, Connor Savage, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion & Best Bred & Owned of Show
Four Hills RB Jess-Red-ET (Redburst-Red), Senior 2 Year Old, Britney Hill, VT

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Oakvale Advent Cinnabar (Advent-Red),Aged Cow, Olivia Finke, OH

Reserve Senior Champion
Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (Talent-Red),125,000 lb, Cyrus Conard, NY

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
L-Maple Hvezda Calli-Red (Hvezda),1st Junior 3 Year Old, Connor Savage, MD

Reserve Grand Champion
Oakvale Advent Cinnabar (Advent-Red), Aged Cow, Olivia Finke, OH

Spring Calves (15)

1. Savage-Leigh Martini-Red (Max-Red), Kendall Welsh, MD
2. Clayholm Armani Sassy-Red (Armani), Olivia Claypoole, PA
3. Ms Addiction Sophie-Red (Addiction), Sara Kennedy, PA
4. Pheasant Echo’s C Power-Red (Crown-Red), Atley Miller, MD
5. Ovaltop Barbwire Spark-Red (Barbwire-Red), Ashlyn Wolfe, PA

Winter Calves (23)

1. Glad-Ray-K Armani Rave (Armani, Lillian Finke, OH
2. Liquidsun Hotty-Red-ET (Sympatico), Rachel VanBuren, NY
3. Lah-Dale Malone Shrine-Red (Malone-Red), Elaina, Ava and Audrey Lahmers, NY
4. Pamprd-Acres AJ Mai-Red-ET (Apples Jack-Red), Natalie Youse, MD
5. Mayval Ladd Tara P-Red (Ladd P-Red), Dakota Fraley, PA

Fall Calves (26)

1. Glad-Ray-K More Wine-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Patrick Youse, MD
2. SavageLee-TM Brita-Red-ET (Ladd P-Red), Kendell Welsh, MD
3. Locust-Ayr Absolut Mary-Red (Absolute-Red), Joel Younker, PA
4. Pheasant Echo’s Dena-Red-ET (Barbwire-Red), Trinity Miller, MD
5. Budjon-Vail HZ Lacey-Red-ET (Heztry) ,Natalie Youse, MD

Summer Yearling (13)

1. Pa-Lyn-Leigh B Lucky-Red (Barbwire-Red),  Hartman & Coleman, PA
2. SL-Acres Absolute Jana- Red (Absolute), Landree Fraley, PA
3. PA-MHF Empire Jodie-Red (Empire), Austin Mowry, PA
4. Garnet-Lane Moses Regan-Red (Moses-Red), Kyle Plummer, MD
5. Dar-Dale Malone Kansas-Red (Malone-Red), Benjamin Doll, PA

Spring Yearling (12)

1. Glad-Ray-K More Sleet-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Patrick Youse, MD
2. Dar-Dale Picolo Pepper-Red (Picolo-Red), Nicole Weaver, PA
3. Long-Brook Clas Class-Red-ET (Classic-Red), Jake Coppenhaver, PA
4. Pa-Lyn-Leigh S D Lover-Red (Super Dick-Red), Kaleigh Lynn & Colton Wayne Hartman, PA
5. S-Kenn RB Tarzana-Red (Redburst), Sara Kennedy, PA


Winter Yearling (9)

1. Country Path Ab Hunter-Red (Absolute-Red), Katelyn Nolt, PA
2. Glad-Ray-K Sequin-Red (Absolute-Red) ,Olivia and Lillian Finke, OH
3. Oakland-View Chelsea-Red-ET (Absolute-Red), Patrick Youse, MD
4. Milksource Ablt Kate-Red-ET (Absolute-Red), Gavin Bewley, PA
5. Ziems-Emer RB Libby-Red-ET (Redburst-Red, Mallory G. Rhodes, NY

Fall Yearling (7)

1. Greenlea A Ca-Red-ET (Absolute-Red), Colton Wayne Hartman, PA
2. Long-Brook CLA Casey-Red-ET (Classic-Red), Cael Hembury, PA
3. Long-Brook CL Callie-Red-ET (Classic-Red), Emma Sherwood, PA
4. Jerland SH DIR Nika-Red-ET (Director-Red), Landree Fraley, PA
5. Greenlea AB Carey-Red-ET (Absolute-Red), Dylan Hill, MD

Dry Cow (3)

1. Marabil Adv. Fall Hurt-Red (Advent-Red), Ashley Wetzel, PA
2. White-Switch LBoy Susie Q-Red (Lawn Boy-Red), Hayley Daubert, VA
3. Long Brook Sec Daisy-Red-ET (Secure-Red), Aaron Worthington, PA

Milking Yearling (2)

1. Glad Ray K More Love-Red-ET (Contender-Red),Justin Kenney, PA
2. Londondale D Forever-Red-ET (Dakker),Jordan London, PA

Junior 2 Year Old (9)

1. Four-Hills Armani Angle-Red (Armani), Megan Hill, VT
2. McWilliams Pearl-Red (Prince-Red),Sam McWilliams, PA
3. Klinedell BW Abitgail-Red-ET (Barbwire-Red),Bradley Moyer, PA
4. Glenmild D-Prince Betty-Red (Prince-Red),Caden Hudson, PA
5. Pineybrook Cupcake-Red (Redburst-Red),Aiden Ream, PA

Senior 2 Year Old (12)

1. Four Hills RB Jess-Red-ET (Redburst-Red), Britney Hill, VT
2. Oakland-View H Champ-Red-ET (Heztry), Katelyn Nolt, PA
3. Arsenal Redb Destiny-Red-ET (Redbusrt-Red), Gavin Bewley, PA
4. Oakland-View Cherry-Red (Heztry),Patrick Youse, MD
5. Country Path Con Hazel-Red (Contender-Red),Katelyn Nolt, PA

Junior 3 Year Old (10)

1. L-Maple Hvezda Calli-Red (Hvezda), Connor Savage, MD
2. Premier-View Nefertiti-Red (Dusk),Matthew Deome, PA
3. Pamprd-Acres Dogwood-Red-ET (Barbwire-Red),Shelby Iager, MD
4. Jerland Sh Godiva-Red-ET (Perseus),Jacob Kline, PA
5. Justa-Beauty Lea Rae-Red-ET (Contender-Red),Isabelle Leonard, VA

Senior 3 Year Old (4)

1. Saybrook-Mrk C Carma-Red-ET (Contender-Red),Patrick Youse, MD
2. Pheasant Echo’s Re Diego-Red (Reality-Red),Trinity Miller, MD
3. Galor Kamlake Anabel-Red-ET (Destry),Douglas Boop, PA
4. Seldomrest-F RR Tiara-Red (Royce-Red),Elizabeth Acel, PA

4 Year Old (4)

1. Arsenal Cntndr Dizzy-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Patrick Youse, MD
2. Kulp-Dale Reality Alice-Red (Reality-Red), Rebecca Davis, PA
3. Jade-Ko-Reg Razzberry-Red (Advent-Red), Kodi Georgetti, PA
4. Shoresbrook Max Pansy-Red (Maxwell-Red), Glenn Barnes, PA

5 Year Old (7)

1. M-Riverview Audra-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Patrick Youse, MD
2. Four-Hills ADV Kalie-Red (Advent-Red), Elizabeth and Brittney Hill, VT
3. Jon-Lu Absolute Mona-Red (Absolute-Red), Kyle Plummer, MD
4. North-Rush Missi-Red (Contender-Red), Grace Andrews, PA
5. Oakleigh Matrix Hust-Red-ET (Matrix-Red),Matthew Brake, PA

Aged Cow (5)

1. Oakvale Advent Cinnabar (Advent-Red),Olivia Finke, OH
2. Valleyriver Jup Rudy-Red (Jupiter-Red),Landree Fraley, PA
3. Ridgedale Runway-Red-ET (Advent-Red),Cyrus Conard, NY
4. Mabarbil Advn Catch Hit-Red (Advent-Red),Ashley Wetzel, PA
5. Elm Park So Fine-Red (Turvey-Red),Austin Vance, PA

125,000 lbs (3)

1. Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (Talent-Red),Cyrus Conard, NY
2. Plenty-Good Son Inky-Red (Advent-Red),Millena Bashore, PA
3. Mantz Design Tess-Red (Design-Red),Elizabeth Acel, PA

State Herd (2)

1. Mason Dixon Club
2. Pennsylvania