Oregon Main Event Tag Sale 2021

December 3-4, 2021 @ Gervais, OR

The Oregon Main Event Tag Sale 2021 will begin on Friday, December 3rd at 5:00pm and with the final bid off taking place on December 4th. The Tag Sale and Annual Meeting will be held at Scenic Valley Farms & Vineyard! The catalog is now available on Cowsmo!

Sale Staff
Chris Ingram … 541-231-7921 Sale Chairman
Marc Koch … 503-936-7405 Sale Chairman
Kara Hale … 503-812-2702
Allen Hanselman … 503-580-5632
Chris Janson … 360-942-7471
Andrew King … 360-981-3801
Mark Yand … freeagentbulls@gmail.com
Allen Berry … 503-559-3463
Ida Ruby … 503-394-2686 Sale Clerk


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