Ohio State Fair Red & White Show 2012

July 29, 2012 @

Matt Lawrence, Mercer, PA

Spring Calf (6)
1. MS Colt Hali-Red (Colt-P), Wabash-Way Holsteins
2. Wabash-Way Chris Harlee (Gold Chris), Wabash-Way Holsteins
3. Hankansons APP Crystal-Red (Apple), Bucks Pride LLC

Winter Calf (8)
1. Miley Redliner Goldrush (Redliner), Miley Holsteins
2. Lah-Dale Advent Sparkle (Advent-Red), Lah-Dale Holsteins
3. Ray-Jo Ctendr Sass-Red-ET (Contender), Curtis and Keri Bickel

Fall Calf (5)
1. Miss Hot Date (Contender), Signature Cattle
2. Call-Dell Debonair-Red-ET (Debonair) Call-Dell Farm
3. Terra-Cotta Acres Radiant-Red (Cecil), Anthony Wenning

Summer Yearling (3)
1. Wabash-Way Ch Ryhan-Red (Gold Chris), Wabash-Way Holsteins
2. Rocky-Run Ima Rockstar (Advent), Tyler Etgen
3. Mil-R-Mor Hvezda Verita (Hvezda), Wil-O-Rae Holsteins

Spring Yearling (5)
1. Miss Lucy in Love (Redliner), Richard Green
2. Rocky Top Advent Mac-Red-ET (Advent), Bryce Sanor
3. Richman Destry Dina R28-Red (Destry), Richman Farms

Fall Yearling (4)
1. Southern-Hills Pic Maci-Red (Picolo), Clay and Cora Gunkelman
2. Rose-Vue Real Dreamy-Red (Reality), Silver Mist Holsteins
3. Cameron-Ridge Christmas-Red (Royce), Goodsons Farm

Junior Champion
Miss Hot Date (Contender), 1st Fall Calf, Signature Cattle

Reserve Junior Champion
Miss Lucy in Love (Redliner), 1st Spring Yearling, Richard Green

HM Junior Champion
Miley Redliner Goldrush (Redliner), 1st Winter Calf, Miley Holsteins

Junior 2yr Old (2)
1. Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET (Advent), Miley Holsteins
2. Wil-San Advnt JellyBean-Red (Advent), Doug Besanson

Senior 2yr Old (1)
1. Ri-Val-Re Real Ruby-Red-ET (Reality), Chelsea Skidmore

Junior 3yr Old (3)
1. Miley Debonair Glitter-Red (Debonair), Miley Holsteins
2. Bucks-Pride Deb Sydny-Red (Debonair), Bucks Pride Holsteins
3. Stoncree Jordan Jody-Red-ET (Jordan), Call-Del Farm

Senior 3 Year Old (2)
1. T-Triple-T Rock of Love (Destruction), Richard Green

Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion
Miley Debonair Glitter-Red (Debonair), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Miley Holsteins

Reserve Intermediate Champion
T-Triple-T Rock of Love (Destruction), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Richard Green

4 Year Old (1)
1. Miley Advent Gem-Red (Advent), Miley Holsteins

Aged Cow (1)
1. Wolf-Ridge Advent Julip-Red (Advent), Call-Del Farm

125,000 lb. Cow (1)
1. Macabob Emma Colby-Red (Colby), Call-Del Farm

Senior & Grand Champion
Miley Advent Gem-Red (Advent), 1st 4 Year Old, Miley Holsteins

Reserve Senior Champion
Wolf-Ridge Advent Julip-Red (Advent), 1st Aged Cow, Call-Del Farm