North American Open Jersey Show 2020 – Heifers

October 6, 2020 @ Circleville, OH

Chad Ryan, WI

The North American Open Jersey Heifer Show 2020 has concluded in Circleville, OH. Judge Chad Ryan selected the winning Summer Yearling as his Junior Champion. She was Underground Lollipop Lucy (Mr Swagger), exhibited by Misty Meadow Dairy, OR.

Cowsmo was on-hand providing live video coverage, photos and results thanks to our generous sponsors!

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Oakfield Corners Dairy

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion – Open Show
Underground Lollipop Lucy (Mr Swagger), 1st summer yearling, Misty Meadow Dairy, OR

Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show
Pacific Edge Gentry Drake (Gentry), 2nd summer yearling, Pacific Edge Genetics, OR

HM Junior Champion – Open Show
Arethusa Andreas Chablie (Andreas), 1st fall calf, Misty Meadow Dairy, OR

Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion – Junior Show
Big Guns Andreas Velvet-ET (Andreas), 2nd spring yearling, Benjamin & Sara Kronberg, WI

Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show
Big Guns Andreas Vienna-ET (Andreas), 1st winter yearling, Lillian Finke, OH

HM Junior Champion – Junior Show
K&R Gentry Darcy (Gentry), 3rd spring yearling, Randy Drinkall Family & Lucas Redalen, MN

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of the Heifer Show

Premier Breeder of the Heifer Show
Big Guns Cattle Co, PA

Premier Exhibitor of the Heifer Show
Misty Meadow Dairy, OR

Spring Heifer Calf (26)

1. Redhot Victory Parade (Victorious), Generation Next & Down Home Farms, IA
2. (B&O, 1st Jr) Heart&Soul Fizz Fine Wine, Matthew Boop, PA
3. Milksource Reviresco Molly (Reviresco), Vierra Dairy, CA
4. Underground Milkshake Matcha-ET (Tequila), Glamourview, MD
5. Nasholm VIP Temptation (VIP), Amanda & Joe Nash and Becky Rowe, KY
6. Stars Venetian Sassy (Venetian), Reese Burdette, PA
7. Big Guns Engineer Valaura-ET (Engineer), Franchise, OH
8. JX Cornish Colton Brecksley (Colton), Greg Cornish, OH
9. (2nd Jr) Heart&Soul Venetian Felicity-ET (Venetian), Elizabeth Menard, PA
10. Underground Tequila Mixer-ET (Tequila), Katelyn Jasmin, NY

Winter Heifer Calf (24)

1. (B&O) Milksource-FV Gentry Merci-ET (Gentry), Milksource, WI
2. Krahn Girls VIP Luxury-ET (VIP), Franchise, Michael Heath & Scott Stanford, OH
3. Arethusa Gentry Chantile (Gentry), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
4. Du Sillon AB Flying On My Own-ET (VIP), Glamourview, MD
5. (1st Jr) HC-Rader Gentry Saba (Gentry), Shelby Rader, PA
6. Stadview Tequila Mango Tango-ET (Tequila), Stadview, MN
7. M-Signature VIP Faiths Forbes (VIP), Duane Cole, OH
8. Underground Milkshake Maddog-ET (Tequila), Avery Eaton & Brad Cates, NY
9. (2nd Jr) CS Viral Embrace-ET (Viral), Alexa Albrecht, WI
10. Rock-N-Roll Reckless (Chrome), C-Cup & Kristy Ellsworth, NY

Fall Heifer Calf (29)

1. Arethusa Andreas Chablie (Andreas), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. SSF Applejack Jules (Applejack), C-Cup & Jamie Crawford, PA
3. Ehrhardt Nuance Swirl (Nuance), Franchise, Glamourview & David Jordan, OH
4. Arethusa Andreas Sunlight (Andreas), Vierra Dairy, CA
5. Rivendale Gentry Freya (Gentry), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
6. (B&O, 1st Jr) Bambi-KCCK Joey Susan (Joey), Cole & Carter Kruse, IA
7. Andreas Jade (Andreas), Rider Jersey Farm and Joe & Amanda Nash, KY
8. Whitdale Andreas Debby-ET (Andreas), Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, WI
9. Underground Natasha Nirvana-ET (Mr Swagger), Glamourview, MD
10. (2nd Jr) HC-Rader Venetian Gail (Venetian), Shelby Rader, PA

Summer Yearling Heifer (21)

1. Underground Lollipop Lucy (Mr Swagger), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. (B&O) Pacific Edge Gentry Drake (Gentry), Pacific Edge Genetics, OR
3. Stars Sipping Starbucks (Andreas), Brinkley Burdette, Franchise, David Jordan, and Matt & Will Iager, PA
4. Rivendale Vaden Falon-ET (Vaden), Glamourview, MD
5. Big Guns Andreas Visa-ET (Andreas), Vierra Dairy, CA
6. Budjon-Vail Andreas Auburn (Andreas), Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, WI
7. Milksource-FV Applejack Maserati (Applejack), Milksource & Finca Valparaiso, WI
8. Miss Underground Lolipop Lillian-ET (Mr Swagger), Kash-In Jerseys, CA
9. Townside Andreas Nadine (Andreas), Townside Jerseys, WI
10. (1st Jr) Budjon-Vail Andreas Shirley (Andreas), Kylie Nickels, WI
(2nd Jr) Woodmohr V Glorious-ET (Victorious), Robert Nagel, NY

Spring Yearling Heifer (15)

1. Whitdale Gentry Graceful-ET (Gentry), Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, WI
2. (1st Jr) Big Guns Andreas Velvet-ET (Andreas), Benjamin & Sara Kronberg, WI
3. (B&O, 2nd Jr) K&R Gentry Darcy (Gentry), Randy Drinkall Family & Lucas Redalen, MN
4. Ehrhardt Andreas Season-ET (Andreas), Krahn, Nickels, MD-Pride, and Ehrhardt, WI
5. South Mountain Fizz Chablis (Fizz), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
6. Exels Barfly Diva 4821 (Barfly), Vierra Dairy, CA
7. Rosedale Velocity Nosoup4U (Velocity), C-Cup Farm & Juniper Genetics, PA
8. HC-Rader Hired Gun Get Away (Hired Gun), Shelby Rader, PA
9. Glamourview Tequila Suggs (Tequila), Glamourview, MD
10. Four-Hills Casino Big Bucks, Mason Ziemba, NY

Winter Yearling Heifer (14)

1. (1st Jr) Big Guns Andreas Vienna-ET (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
2. Budjon-Vail Jordan C Shaneese-ET (Colton), Carly & Rebecca Shaw, PA
3. (B&O) Big Guns Gentry Vegas-ET (Gentry), Madison Fisher & Petra Meier, PA
4. Arethusa Fizz Cabernet-ET (Fizz), Vierra Dairy, CA
5. SV Heaths Gentry Mystic (Gentry), Kueffner, Packard, and Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
6. (2nd Jr) Schulte Bros Colton Fame (Colton), Cole & Carter Kruse, IA
7. Crestbrooke Barnabas My-O-My (Barnabas), Kash-In Jerseys, CA
8. Makers VIP Peppermint (VIP), Lady Lane Farm, OR
9. Heart&Soul VIP Fan Club-ET (VIP), Boop, Cole & Mazzaro, PA
10. Cold Run Gentry Jazzy Lady (Gentry), Shelby Rader, PA

Fall Yearling Heifer (3)

1. Liddleridge Goat-ET (Gentry), Kueffner, Packard, and Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. (B&O, 1st Jr) Top-Quality Freaky Big Mudder (WD-40), Robert Nagel, NY
3. (2nd Jr) DKG Motion Aster (Motion), Elise Carpenter, KY

Junior Best Three Females (6)

1. Madison Fisher, PA
2. Anthony & Debbie Crothers, NY
3. Matthew Boop, PA
4. Shelby Rader, PA
5. Robert Nagel, NY
6. Mike Maloney, NY