New York Spring Junior Holstein Show 2015

April 11, 2015 @ Syracuse, NY

Chip Savage, MD

Results from the New York Spring Junior Holstein Show, held during the New York Spring Holstein Show on Saturday April 11, with Chip Savage serving as the official judge.

Junior Champion

Photos courtesy of Cathy Littlefield Junior Champion Golden Oaks Greenday Mist (Green Day), Andrew Reynolds, NY Reserve Junior Champion Savage Leigh Absolute Light (Absolute), Allison Galton, NY HM Junior Champion Ms Jacobs Gold Coin-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengeisser, NY

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Mill-Wheel Adv Carolina-ET (Advent), Andrew Reynolds, NY

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Odyssey Silver Mandolin (Sid), Andrew Reynolds, NY

HM Senior & Grand Champion
M0r-Yet Goldwyn Faithful (Goldwyn), Cooper Galton, NY

Best Bred & Owned

Liddleholm Mariah (Contender), Brock Liddle, NY

Premier Exhibitor

Andrew Reynolds, NY

Winter Calves (7)

1. Monanfran Bpidybopdyboo-Red (Archive-Red), Lily & Logan Mills, NY
2. ZBW Bombero La Bamba (Bombero), Mason Ziemba, NY
3. Monanfram Brazzle Labelle (Brazzle), Helena Bonevita (leased), NY
4. Ovaltop Colt-P Rose-Red (Colt-P), Justin Wolfe, NY
5. Bulldog Rdburst Darling-Red (Redburst), Efrain Dejesus, NY

Fall Calves (11)

1.  Arethusa Daryl Sienna (Daryl), Jared Duepengiesser, NY
2. RollNView RB Joni-Red-ET (Redburst), Allison Galton, NY
3. Joleanna Mayfield Toronto (Mayfield) Braeden & Xander Johnson, NY4.  Tillapyke Extreme Adele-ET (AltaExtreme), Emily Tillapaugh, NY
5. Roll-N-View Atwd Kiley (Atwood), Cooper Galton, NY

Summer Yearlings (10)

1. Golden Oaks Greenday Mist (Green Day), Andrew Reynolds, NY
2. Savage Leigh Absolute Light (Absolute), Allison Galton, NY
3. Oakfield Atwood Latte-ET (Atwood), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
4. Rivercross Atwood Reese (Atwood), Cassie Menedez, NY
5. Curr-Vale Def Arla-Red-ET (Defiant), Cooper Galton, NY

Spring Yearlings (15)

1. Lylehaven Delta Shasta (Delta), Hailee Liddle, Argyle, NY
2. Cranholme Atwood Pizazz-ET (Atwood), Andrew Reynolds, NY
3. Sco-Lo-Coons Sid Bally-ET (Sid), Mason Ziemba, NY
4. Curr-Vale Brokaw Daisy (Brokaw), Taylor Erin Currie, NY
5. Roll-N-View BW Cameo-Red-ET (Barbwire), Allison Galton, NY

Winter Yearlings (16)

1.  Ms Jacobs Gold Coin-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
2. Liddleholme Twink (Hvezda), Erica Liddle, NY
3. Reyncrest WB Long Run-ET (Windbrook), Andrew Reynolds, NY
4.  Curr-Vale Apple Of My Eye (Airlift), Chad Currie, NY5. Curr-Vale Damion Ladyli-ET (Damion), Jessica Currie, NY

Fall Yearlings (6)

1. Jacobs Goldwyn Karana-ET (Goldwyn), Jacob Dueppengiesser, NY
2. Humdinger Windbk Lovebug-ET (Windbrook), Trevor Holdridge, Bloomville, NY
3. Ms Chardonays Carley-ET (Atwood), Kiersten Hancock, NY
4. Crr-Vale McCutchen Ringo (McCutchen), Bradley McEachron, NY
5. LFPG Hope (Sason) Loyal Gregory, NY


Junior Best 3 Females (1)

1. Roll-N-View, Cooper & Allison Galton, NY

Junior 2 Year Olds (2)

1. Mikelholm Windbrook Rory-ET (Windbrook), Emily Mikel, NY
2. Reyncrest Stan Cup Delilah (Stanley Cup), Adam King, NY

Senior 2 Year Olds (9)

1. Reyncrest SC Maybelline (Stanley Cup), Andrew Reynolds, NY
2. Mikelholm Dempsey Brat (Dempsey), Emily Mikel, NY
3. Silver-Shade Atwood Besty (Atwood) Jack Brown, NY
4. Bellvale Atwood Lexus (Atwood), William Albert Notebloom, NY
5. Oakfield-Bro At Francois (Atwood), Emily Jane Richards, NY

Junior 3 Year Olds (3)

1. Posthaven Gchip Sunshine (Gold Chip), Andrew Post, NY
2. OCD Hero Meg Ryan-ET (Hero), Emily Lampson, NY3. Granny-Anne Rampred Birdie (Dizzy-Red), Caitlin Bennett, NY

Senior 3 Year Olds (4)

1. Odyssey Silver Mandolin (Sid) Andrew Reynolds, NY
2. Wilgro Carrie Taneysha (Dempsey), Cooper Galton, NY
3. Milksource Braxton Acclaim (Braxton), Cyrus Conard, NY
4. Tiger-Lily Ravish Lavish (Ravish), Christopher Albano, NY

4 Year Olds (8)

1. Liddleholm Mariah (Contender), Brock Liddle, NY
2. Crackholm Goldwyn Chary-ET (Goldwyn), Jacob Dueppengiesser, NY
3. Twin-River Mr Shane 919 (Mr Shane), Andrew Reynolds, NY
4. Valley-Dell Damion Nikki-ET (Damion), Hailey Paddock, NY
5. Milk & Honey Aftershock Paige (Aftershock), Matthew Currie, NY

5 Year Olds (3)

1. Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful-ET (Goldwyn), Cooper Galton, NY
2. Posthaven Toby Sunflower (Toby), Andrew Post, NY
3. Golden-Oaks Gdyn Classy (Goldwyn) Adam & Jonathan King, NY

Aged Cows (6)

1. Mill-Wheel Adv Carolina-ET (Advent), Andrew Reynolds, NY
2. HappyDanny Jayz Sunday (Jayz), Cooper Galton, NY
3. Oakfield Pronto Angelina-ET (Pronto), Whitney Kugler, Brock LIddle & Katherine Vail, NY
4. Beaver Ray Damion Honeycomb (Damion), Jessica Currie, NY
5. Curr-Vale Encore Terra (Encore), Emma Currie, NY

150,000 Pound Cow (1)

1. Ridgedale Folly (Linjet), Cyrus Conard, NY

Dam & Daughter (3)

1. Andrew Post, NY
2. Christopher Albano, NY
3. Jessica Skellie, NY