NAILE 2020

November 5-11, 2020 @ Louisville, KY

Exciting news coming from the North American International Livestock Exposition committee! There will be a show! NAILE is scheduled from Novemeber 5-11th in Louisville, KY. It will be modified from a normal NAILE, including being a participant-only event, but the show will go on. Cowsmo will once again be part of the event with photos and results thanks to our sponsors! 

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Show Schedule
*All Showmanship classes will take place at the end of each Junior Breed Show
*All Junior Shows: Cows will show first

Thursday, November 5th
8:00am …. Grand National Holstein Junior Show
4:00pm … National Guernsey Junior Show

Friday, November 6th
8:00am … Mid – East Fall Red & White Junior Show
8:00am … Southeastern National Brown Swiss Junior Show
2:30pm … National Ayrshire Junior Show Show
3:00pm … Winter National Milking Shorthorn Junior Show

Saturday, November 7th
7:30am … The All American Jersey Junior Show
7:30am … National Guernsey Show (Heifers and Cows)
Guernsey Gold Futurity
5:00pm … Junior Dairy Show Supreme Champion Selection

Sunday, November 8th
7:30am … Southeastern National Brown Swiss Open Show (Heifers)
7:30am … Southern National Ayshire Show (Heifers)
1:30pm … National Jersey Jug Futurity
4:30pm … Southeastern National Brown Swiss Open Show (Cows)
4:30pm … Winter National Milking Shorthorn Open Show (Heifers)

Monday, November 9th
7:30am … The All-American Jersey Show (Heifers and Cows)
7:30am … Mid-East Fall Red & White Show (Heifers and Cows)
2:30pm … Southern National Ayrshire Show (Cows)
5:00pm … Winter National Milking Shorthorn Open Show (Cows)

Tuesday, November 10th
7:30am … Mid-East Fall National Holstein Show (Heifers and Cows)
4:30pm … Open Dairy Show Supreme Champion Selection
6:30pm … Release of All Dairy Cattle

Wednesday, November 11th
8:00am … All Cattle Must be Out of Barn

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Show Sponsors

Thank you to our major sponsor! 

Thank you to our sponsor!