Minnesota State Fair R&W Show 2014

Aug 26, 2014 @ St. Paul, MN

Chris McCullough, WI

Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red (Devil), 1st Aged Cow owned by Reid Stransky & Jeni Dingbaum takes the Senior and Grand Champion honors of the Minnesota State Fair R&W Show! 

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Ms Apple Piccata-Red-TW, 1st Summer Yearling, Piccata Partners

Reserve Junior Champion
Jerland SH RB Natane-Red-ET, 1st Fall Heifer, Nicholas, Katherine & Clara Thompson

HM Junior Champion
Macland ABS Juliet-Red-ET, 1st Winter Calf, Culbertson & McFarland

Junior Show Junior Champion
Jerland SH RB Natane-Red-ET, 1st Fall Calf, Nicholas, Katherine & Clara Thompson 

Junior Show Reserve Junior Champion
Fancypants Goose Hollie-Red, 1st Intermediate Yearling, Julia Nunes 

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion Open Show
Vons-Zast Duce Diva-Red (Deuce), 1st Jr Two Yr Old, Highlife-LP Farms, WI
Reserve Intermediate Champion Open Show
Miss Alabama-Red-ET (Destry), 1st Sr Two Yr Old, R Stransky, T&L Cattle
Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion Open Show
Fancypants Hopeful Rae-Red (Director), 1st Sr Three Yr Old, Julia Nunes, WI

Senior & Grand Champions

Senior & Grand Champion Open Show
Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red (Devil), 1st Aged Cow, R Stransky & Jeni Dingbaum
Reserve Senior Champion Open Show
Scha-Kett Dusk Glamor-Red (Dusk), 1st 4 Yr Old, Lane Johnson

Reserve Grand Champion Open Show
Vons-Zast Duce Diva-Red (Deuce), 1st Jr Two Yr Old, Highlife-LP Farms, WI

Grand Champion Junior Show
Fancypants Hopeful Rae-Red (Director), 1st Sr Three, Julia Nunes
Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show
SL Acres Redlou Firefly-Red (Redlou),Jr Two Yr Old, Jacob Schaefer & Quentin Scott

Junior Heifers (11)

1. Summer Dream Ab Love-Red-ET (Absolute), Zimmerman & Harbaugh
2. Oak-Ridge-K Top Lady-Red-TW (Toppi-Red), Jim & Janet Kappers
3. Willows-Edge AB Louisa-Red (Absolute), Willows Edge
4. Heatherstone Redhot-Red (Barnie), Chelsea Holschbach
5. Fancypants D Hera Rae-Red (Defiant), Julia Nunes

Intermediate Heifers (5)

1. Macland ABS Juliet-Red-ET (Absolute), Culbertson & McFarland
2. Honeyscrest Al Daphne-Red-Et (Alchemy), Braeden Bechel
3. MS Stranshome Guess-Red-ET (Armani), Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes
4. Mellow-Brook Burst of Red (Redburst), Sampair & Weix
5. Kevlor-Acre Jrdan Josie-Red (Destry), Kelsey Buss

Senior Heifers (13)

1. Jerland SH RB Natane-Red-ET (Redburst), Nicholas, Katherine & Clara Thompson
2.  Vanderham D Sedona (Debonair), Vandherham Dairy
3.  Dellka Absolute Gladys-Red (Absolute), Lane Johnson
4.  Inspired Doncha Miss Me-Red (Barbwire), Hannah Nelson
5.  Stranshome Heztry Nali-Red (Destry Heztry), Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky 

Summer Yearlings (6)

1.  Ms Apple Piccata-Red-TW (Picolo),  Piccata Partners
2.  Flower-Brook Gianne-Red-ET (Contender), Andrew Stuewe
3.  Solid Gold DE Lyric-Red-ET (Always), Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes
4.  Fier-View Advent Rain-Red (Advent), Fier-View Holsteins
5.  Sipka Ladd Dandili ( Ladd P), Stephanie Post 

Junior Yearlings (6)

1.  Miss Colt Passadena-Red (Colt P), Elginvue & Blue Horizon
2.  Kath-Kove Worthy Contnd-Red  (Contender),  Jacob Hornberg
3.  Mi-Lor-Enda Des Jangles-Red (Destry), Arnie, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes
4.  Raylore Redburst Taffy-Red (Redburst-Red), Raylore Farm
5.  Golden-Reds Redliner Rose-Red (Redliner), Taylor & Georgia Jirousek 

Intermediate Yearlings (5)

1. Fancypants Goose Hollie-Red (Defiant), Julia Nunes
2. Our-Destiny BW Roxan-Red-ET (Barbwire), Nicholas, Katherine & Clara Thompson
3. Sipda S Ladd Delilah-Red (Ladd-P), Stephanie Post
4. Miss Thyen Deb Iowa-ET (Debonair), Daniel Russel & Heather Thyen
5. Styleview Lipshine-Red-ET (Advent), Michael & Julianne Myhre

Senior Yearlings (4)

1. MS Kulp Terra RB Val-Red-ET (Redburst), Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes
2. MS Al-Shar Sdg Esme-Red-ET (Destry), Zoellner & Vierhout
3. Zimbre Barbwire Hattie-Red (Barbwire), Jacob Schaefer
4. Kev-Lor Kari Sassy-Red (Runner P), Kelsey Buss

Senior Yearling in Milk (1)

1. West Croix FRL Skye-Red (Redliner), Chris VanDyk 

Junior Two Year Olds (4)

1. Vons-Zast Deuce Diva-Red (Deuce), Highlife-LP Farms
2. SL Acres Redlou Firefly-Red (Redlou), Jacob Schaefer & Quentin Scott
3. Fancypants Destry Harps-Red (Destry), Julia Nunes

Senior Two Year Olds (8)

1. Miss Alabama Red-ET (Advent), R Stransky, T&L Cattle Ltd.
2. Scientific Dusty Ray-Red-ET (Colt P), Matthew Nunes
3. Scientific CP Candi-Red-ET (Colt P), Frank & Carol Borba, MB Luckylady & Dymentholm Genetics

Junior Three Year Olds (3)

1. Willows-Edge Moscato-Red (Talent), Claire M Van Dyk
2. Jerland SH Gwyenyth-Red-ET (Destry), Tony Kohls
3. Klus-Grove Pitbull Fay-Red (Pitbull), Gregg Klusmann

Senior Three Year Old (4)

1. Fancypants Hopeful Rae-Red (Director), Julia Nunes
2. Melarry Pitbul Donna-Red-ET (Pitbull), Melarry Farms
3. Kulp-Terra D Velvet-Red-ET (Destry), Tyler Kappers

Four Year Olds (4)

1. Scha-Kett Dusk Glamor-Red (Dusk), Lane Johnson
2. Kara-Kesh-RK Spark-Red-ET (Contender), Ryan Griffin
3. Scha-TJ Cntndr Shawna-Red (Contender), T & J Pollema

Five Year Olds (2)

1. Willows-Edge AD Melt-Red-ET (Advent), Bonnie L Van Dyk
2. Willolea-CW Adve Sal-Red-ET (Advent), Seth Rupprecht

Aged Cow (3)

1. Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red (Devil), R Stransky & Jeni Dingbaum
2. Willows-Edge Ad Mimic-Red (Advent), Bonnie L. Van Dyk
3. Ja-Knoll Redman Rally-Red (Redman), Ryan Griffin

Dry Cow (1)

1. Branet Debonair Jordan-Red (Debonair), Kelsey Buss