Maryland State Fair Red & White Show

Sept 2, 2018 @ 1:30pm @ Timonium, MD

Eric Topp, OH
50 head

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The Maryland State Fair Red & White Show 2018 takes place September 2 @ 1:30pm in Timonium, MD, with Eric Topp, OH, judging. Cowsmo will be covering the show thanks to:

Kueffner Holsteins & Jerseys
Heath Holsteins
Spring Valley & Heath Jerseys
Peace & Plenty Farm
Oakland View Farms & Saybrook Jerseys
Kimball-Way Holsteins & Jerseys

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Ms Luncrest Ali 1949-Red-ET (Avalanche), 1st Winter Calf, Interstate Heifer Care, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
MD-Hillbrook Instagram-Red (Awesome), 1st Fall Calf, Chris & Jen Hill, Chad Umbel and Frand & Diane Borba, MD

HM Junior Champion
Ms Opportunity Amanda-Red-ET (Avalanche),1st Spring Calf, Andrew Kimball, MD

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Savage-Leigh TM Brita-Red-ET (Ladd P), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Kendall Welsh, MD

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Midas-Touch Angel-Red (Armani), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Emma Brenegen, MD

HM Senior & HM Grand Champion
Pheasant-Echos Tuvet-Red-ET (Integral), 1st Junior 2yr Old, Patrick Youse, MD

Spring Heifer Calf (8)

1. Ms Opportunity Amanda-Red-ET (Avalanche), Andrew Kimball, MD
2. Glad Ray K Bombay-Red (Action), Michael McSwain, NC
3. Pheasant Echos Diega-Rd-ET (Jordy), Bryan Stambaugh, MD
4. Pheasant Echos Tink-Red-ET (Addiction), Bryan Stambaugh, MD
5. Pheasant Echos In Popp-Red (Incredibull), Jason Myers, MD

Winter Heifer Calf (5)

1. Ms Luncrest Ali 1949-Red-ET (Avalanche), Interstate Heifer Care, MD
2. Maiz-N-Blu Add Lucy-Red (Addiction), Michael Heath, Entourage LLR & Maple Downs, MD
3. Derrwyn Jordy Merry-Red (Jordy), Dustin Derr, MD
4. Oakland-View DB Diva-Red-ET (Diamondback), Patrick Youse, MD
5. Ms Avalanche Avon-Red-ET (Avalanche), Bryan Stambaugh, MD

Fall Heifer Calf (6)

1. MD-Hillbrook Instagram-Red (Awesome), Chris & Jen Hill, Chad Umbel and Frand & Diane Borba, MD
2. Buffalo-Creek D Camille-Red (Diamondback), Michael McSwain, NCC
3. Greenlea Ad Ashlee-Red-ET (Addiction), Scott Youse, MD
4. PWW Malone Caviar-Red (Malone), Ryan Haines, MD
5. Dolafton Peanut (Addiction), Glamourview, MD

Summer Yearling Heifer (5)

1. Miss Hot Mess-Red-ET (Defiant), Entourage LLR & Kueffner, MD
2. We-Three Hhp Adriatico-Red (Hypnotic), Glamourview, MD
3. Bella-Ridge DB Maiden-Red (Diamondback), Byron Stambaugh, MD
4. Garnet-Lane Dfiant Mojo-Red (Defiant), Kyle Plummer, MD
5. KGKS Diamondback Ariella-Red-ET (Diamondback), Kit Mays, MD

Spring Yearling Heifer (7)

1. McWilliams Dannon-Red (Contender), Michael McSwain, NC
2. Pheasant-Echos Tenny-Red-ET (Addiction), Natalie Youse, MD
3. Oakland-View Dback 7092-Red (Diamondback), Patrick Youse, MD
4. Windsor-Manor Awe Rylee-Red (Awesome), Jason Myers, MD
5. Derrwyn Asm Margarita-Red (Awesome), Dustin Derr, MD

Winter Yearling Heifer (3)

1. Ms RV QM GV Dbak Nan-Red-ET (Diamondback), Glamourview, MD
2. Jobo DB Maise-Red (Diamondback), Alisa Mercuro, MD
3. Oakland-View Legacy-Red-ET (Armani), Natalie Youse, MD

Fall Yearling Heifer (1)

1. Windsor-Manor Risky-Red (Malone), Jason Myers, MD

Junior Best Three Females (2)

1. Byron Stambaugh, MD
2. Dustin Derr, MD

Junior 2yr Old (4)

1. Pheasant-Echos Tuvet-Red-ET (Integral), Patrick Youse, MD
2. Savage-Leigh Mayelee-Red-ET (Diamondback), Wayne & Cindee Savage, MD
3. Glad-Ray-K All That-Red-ET (O Kalif), Alisa Mercuro, MD
4. Garnet-Lane Moonshine-P-Red (Armani), Kyle Plummer, MD

Senior 2yr Old (5)

1. Savage-Leigh Sugar-Red-ET (Awesome), Andie Welsh, MD
2. Oakland-View Defnt 6632-Red (Defiant), Patrick Youse, MD
3. Clayholm Bozeman Milly-Red (Bozeman-P), Glamourview, MD
4. Greenlea Okalif Car-Red-ET (O Kalif), Cassandra Plummer, MD
5. Garnet-Lane Rainmaker-Red (Barney), Kyle Plummer, MD

Junior 3yr Old (2)

1. Midas-Touch Angel-Red (Armani), Emma Brenegen, MD
2. Alrada Armani Fantasy-Red (Armani), Jordin Brown, VA

Senior 3yr Old (3)

1. Savage-Leigh TM Brita-Red-ET (Ladd P), Kendall Welsh, MD
2. MD-Delight Add Reese-Red-ET (Addiction), Gabe Dell, MD
3. Co-Vista Windsor Millie-Red (Axford), Dustin Derr, MD

4yr Old (1)

1. Garnet-Lane LouP-Macy-Red-ET (Lou-P), Kyle Plummer, MD

Produce of Dam (2)

1. Oakland View Farm, MD
2. Derrywn Farm, MD

Dam & Daughter (4)

1. Garnet Lane Farm, MD
2. Derrwyn Farm, MD
3. Garnet Lane Farm, MD
4. Garnet Lane Farm, MD

Senior Best Three (1)

1. Garnet Lane Farm, MD

Exhibitors Herd (2)

1. Oakland View Farm, MD
2. Garnet Lane Farm, MD