Maryland State Fair Holstein Futurity

Sept 2, 2018 @ 7pm @ Timonium, MD

Michael Deaver, WI

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The Maryland State Fair Holstein Futurity 2018 takes place September 2 @ 7pm in Timonium, MD, with Michael Deaver, WI, judging. Cowsmo will be covering the show thanks to:

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Futurity (16)

1. Ms Apple Anzlee-ET (Atwood), Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard, MD
2. Peace & Plenty Obr Jubie 2-ET (O Kaliber), Joseph Schwartzbeck, MD
3.Pheasant-Echos At Topper-ET (Atwood), Cathleen Doody & Chip Savage, MD
4. MD-Delight Add Reese-Red-ET (Addiction), Gabe Dell, MD
5. Peace & Plenty Okl Jubie 1-ET (O Kaliber), Joseph Schwartzbeck, MD
6 & 1st Jr. Pheasant EchosBrdnk Debbie (Bradnick), Trinity Miller, MD
7. Peace & Plenty Okb Jubie 3-ET (O Kaliber), Joseph Schwartzbeck, MD
8. Savage-Leigh TM Brita-Red-ET (Ladd P), Kendall Welsh, MD
9. Savage-Leigh Gold Lala-ET (Goldwyn), Chase Savage, MD
10. Pheasant Echos Brdnck Ilsa (Bradnick), Atley Miller, MD
11. Ladys-Manor K Girl Oh-ET (Kingboy), Mary Smith, MD
12. Peace & Plenty Arm Blexwex-ET (Armani), Joseph Schwartzbeck, MD
13. Ladys-Manor P Opporteen-ET (Pulsar), Mary Smith, MD
14. Locust-Ayr Clark Allegra (Clark), Ryan Haines, MD
15. Windsor Manor Z Firecracker (Super Large), Erin Monogld, MD
16. Windsor Manor Z Andrea (Atwood), Erin Monogld, MD