Maryland State Fair Ayrshire Show

September 2, 2018 @ 1:30pm @ Timonium, MD

Eric Topp, OH

The Complete Image Galleries from the Maryland State Fair Ayrshire Show 2018 are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos. Cowsmo was on-hand covering the show.


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The Maryland State Fair Ayrshire Show 2018 takes place September 2 @ 1:30pm in Timonium, MD, with Eric Topped, OH, judging. Cowsmo will be covering the show thanks to:

Old Bankston Ayrshires 

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Jomill Burdette Kalliope (Burdette), 1st Fall Calf, Allen Hess, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Old-Bankston JC Banner (Reagan), 1st Spring Yearling, Glamourview, MD

HM Junior Champion
Old-N-Lazy Gentleman Whammy (Gentleman), 1st Fall Yearling, Glamourview, MD

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Hawver-Crest Etgen Sizzle (Bradock), 1st 4yr Old, Glamourview, MD

Reserve Grand Champion
Marilie Reality Melana-ET (Reality), 1st Senior 2yr Old, Glamourview, MD

HM Grand Champion
Palmyra Dreamer R Bonnie-ET (Dreamer), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Palmyra Farm, MD

Spring Calf (10)

1. Pair-of-Acres Cherry Pie (Prime), Elizabeth Acel, MD
2. Old-Bankston-AL on Welfare (Lochinvar), Leslie Bruchey, MD
3. Vales-Pride Predator Jensie-ET (Predator), Mark and Jess Valentine, MD
4. B.E.L. Lochinvar Porter (Lochinvar), Mary Lawrence, PA
5. Vales-Pride Predator Jensie-ET (Predator), Madison Spurrier, MD

Winter Calf (7)

1. Old-Bankston-AI Wildfire-ET (Lochinvar), Glamourview, Riley Bohrer, Izzy Bohrer, MD
2. Maple Dell Berkley Dymond-ET (Berkley), David Patrick, MD
3. Ulmstar SA/DD Call ME Trouble (Calimero), Mark and Jess Valentine, MD
4. Vales-Pride Alaskan Odyssey (Alaksa), Madison Spurrier, MD
5. Conebella Volka Amazing (Volka), Cassandra Blickley, MD

Fall Calf (13)

1. Jomill Burdette Kalliope (Burdette), Allen Hess, MD
2. Dale Vista Vicking Love (Vicking), Glamourview, MD
3. Palmyra Lochinvar R Bethany (Lochinvar), Palmyra Farm, MD
4. Maulfair Acres Sparta Ellie (Sparta), Robert Moore, DE
5. Old Bankston-AI Gold Digger (Raegan), Glamourview, MD

Summer Yearling (9)

1. KNH-Endres Burdette Mayhem (Burdette), Leslie and Linda Bruchey, MD
2. Maple Dell Burdette Desiree (Burdette), David Partick, MD
3. Miller’s Tito Doris (Tito), Glamourview, MD
4. Maple Dell Burdette Dusty- ET, David Patrick, MD
5. Len-Knoll Midas Torrie (Midas), Kandice Lenhart, MD

Spring Yearling (5)

1. Old-Bankston JC Banner (Reagan), Glamourview, MD
2. Len-Knoll Gibbs Leah (Gibbs), Kandice Lenhart, MD
3. Vales-Pride Gentle Evie (Gentleman), Mark and Jess Valentine, MD
4. Vales-Pride RU Exquiste (Roush), Mark and Jess Valentine, MD
5. Vales-Pride Denali Mercury (Denali), Madison Spurrier, MD

Winter Yearling (4)

1. C R Farm Nevilles Veer (Neville), Robert Moore, DE
2. Palmyra Napier B Bluch (Napier), Bess and Daniel Laing, WV
3. Vales-Pride Berkley Razzle (Berkley), Mark and Jess Valentine, MD
4. Vales-Pride Dixon Jackelyn (Dixon), Madison Spurrier, MD

Fall Yearling (3)

1. Old-N-Lazy Gentleman Whammy (Gentleman), Glamourview, MD
2. Maple Dell Booth Betty (Booth), David Patrick, MD
3. Pair-of-Acres Enter Parachute (Enterprise), Elizabeth Acel, PA

Junior Best Three (3)

1. Maple Dell, MD
2. Mark Valentine, MD
3. Len Knoll Farm, MD

Junior 2yr Old (1)

1. Marilie Animate Kaboul (Animate), Mark and Jess Valentine, MD

Senior 2yr Old (3)

1. Marilie Reality Melana-ET (Reality), Glamourview, MD
2. Kent Manor Burdette Josephine (Burdette), Ethan Miller, MD
3. Conebella Perfects Chive (Perfect), Robert Moore, DE

Junior 3yr Old (1)

1. Palmyra Dreamer R Bonnie-ET (Dreamer), Palmyra Farm, MD

Senior 3yr Old (3)

1. Mowry’s Homerun Gracie (Homerun), Glamourview, MD
2. Maple Dell Burdette Dinah-ET (Burdette), David Patrick, MD
3. Jackson Hill Homerun Blitz (Homerun), Robert Moore, DE

4yr Old (2)

1. Hawver-Crest Etgen Sizzle (Bradock), Glamourview, MD
2. Len-Knoll Budette Caroline (Burdette), Kandice Lenhart, MD

Aged Cow (1)

1. Ski-Pal LG Kalina (Greg), Glamourview, MD

Produce of Dam (3)

1. Maple Dell, MD
2. Elizabeth Acel, MD
3. Mark & Jess Valentine, MD

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder
Vales-Pride Farm

Premier Exhibitor
Glamourview, MD