Kick Off to Summer Sale 2020

June 5-6, 2020 @ Epworth, IA

The Kick Off To Summer Online Sale continues today in Epworth, IA. Bidding is now open on Cowbuyer! 

View all the lots on Cowbuyer HERE!


Sale Highlights

Lot 1: Solomon heifer calf out of EX-93 Duckett Gold Chip Tokyo sells!

Lot 1A: Dec’19 Reagan heifer is out of NAILE Grand Champion, Sharwards Calimero Megan EX-94. 

Lot 1B: Spring “Woody” calf backed by Bush x Seaman x Poker. 

Lot 1G: “Drone” Spring calf is backed by Ladysman x Pies Superior nom. AA Sr2 x Knapps Regis Sissy EX-94 x Jesus Sissy EX-91 x Loral Sissy EX-92. 

Lot 1H: “Jordy” October calf is backed by 10 generations of EX, all the way back to Jan-Com Fond Matt Matilda 5E97!

Lot 1J: sells in calf with a Colton heifer. She was the 2019 HM Sr. Champion at the Indiana State Fair. 

Lot 1M: “Footloose” Dec’ calf from Heavenly Patriot Peppermint VG85, Gr Dam Edgebrook Pirelli Ladyspride VG86 Reserve All-American Spring Calf Nominated All-American Spring yearling, 3rd Dam EX92 Reserve All-American Othello

Lot 2J: Fresh “Nigel” Senior 2yr old (2-24). Dams: VG-88 Incentive x EX-92 AA Sambo Glenna x EX-95 Lloyn Jude Griffin. 

Lot 2M: “Richochet” Dec’ calf from Triple S Lad Easy Money EXP VG-86 2yr was the 2019 Futurity & 1st Sr 2 winner at the Illinois State Fair. 

Lot 4A: Oct’ “Predator” calf from Reserve Grand Champion Mid-Atlantic, River Valley Cowboy Bethany EX92!

Lot 4H: “Altitude-Red” calf is A1A2 PTAT +3.09 UDC+2.25 FLC+2.16 5/19 +17 Con +13MS +13 F+L 4/20 

Lot 5B: Knapp Supreme Grand sells fresh (4-1-20). Supreme x 2E92 Legacy X 5E94 Ensign Grendel X 2E93 Emory Gretchen

Lot 5G: American Pie June ’19 calf out of RO Levi x Tamera EX-93 X Tami EX-93

Lot 10: Undenied x Banowetz Doorman Foxrella-ET VG-88 EX-MS x Goldenflo Goldwyn Foxie EX-94 96-MS; Grand Champion Iowa State Holstein Show 2014 2x Jr. All-American Nominee