Jetstream Global Greatness Sale 2014

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 @ Hyatt Regency Hotel • King St. West • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sale Average on 26 lots was $80,811.54 at the 2nd Edition of Jetstream Global Greatness Sale! See top seller results

Top Sellers

Sale Average on 26 lots $80,811.54

Lot 1 Higher Ransom Racer Gina $230000
GTPI +2631 GLPI +3349

Lot 2 Peak Bella Hal 822 $197,000
GTPI +2606 GLPI+3402 #2 Halogen female in breed on Aug run

Lot 3 Siemers Olympian Phawn $200,000
GTPI+2554 GLPI+3235 #2 GTPI RC in the world.

Lot 5 Pencol SS Milly $187,000
GTPI+2584 NM934 PTAT3.20 from Golden Oaks Marcella family

Lot 10 Sandy Valley Pomegranate $140,000
GTPI+2521. GLPI+3329 Extreme Milk +2536 and Fat+94 Protein+77

Lot6 Pencol SS Madame $150,000
GTPI+2536 Highest tested GTPI daughter of Pencol Bookem

Lot 8 Seagull Bay Sublime $140,000
GTPI +2570 PTAT3.16 from Bryhill SS Sateen PC.

Sale updates

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Sale Details

The 2nd Edition of Jetstream Global Greatness Sale will be taking place Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, King St. West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
They will kick things off with the Pre-Sale Hospitality from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  in the King Street West Social Restaurant. Followed by the Sale at 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.  in the King 1 Ballroom.

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Feature Lot Consignments

Peak Abra Kado 826-ET
Peak Abra Kado 826-ET

Lot 9- Peak Abra Kado 826-ET
GTPI +2563 GLPI +3323 DGV +3397 MILK +2062M NM +866 PL+6.0 PTAT+3.41 UDC+2.97 FLC+2.89 The #1 GTPI AltaKado Female in the World

2nd Dam of Lot 1 pictured above: Pineyvale Baxter Glint-ET EX-90
2nd Dam of Lot 1 Pineyvale Baxter Glint-ET EX-90

Lot 1- Higherransom Racer Gina-ET
GPTI+2631/GLPI+3349/DGV+3495 NM+938 MILK +1497 DPR+2.0 PTAT+3.03 UDC+2.97 FLC+3.11 Unique Outcross Pedigree!

KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96 3E DOM
KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96 3E DOM

Lot 18- Choice Atwood Female from KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96 3E DOM
From 10 Remaining Females! 13 Total Born Early September 2014! 1st & 2nd choice sold as a package in the Day at the Derby Sale for $77,000!
3rd Choice sold for $31,000 in the 2014 Planet Holstein Sale
Min. Starting Bid $30,000 KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET
2nd 125,000lb.Cow WDE R&W Show 2014 2013
HI Red Impact Cow of the Year
Unanimous All-American R&W 125,000lb. Cow ‘13
Res Grand Champion, WDE R&W Show 2013

Dam of Lot 2- Pine-Tree Bella-ET
Dam of Lot 2- Pine-Tree Bella-ET

Lot 2- Peak Bella Hal 822-ET
GPTI+ 2609/GLPI+3401/DGV+3516 The #2 GTPI Halogen Female in the Breed on the Aug. run!

Sale Team

Jeff Butler, Owner
2721 Dickens Dr. • Springfield, IL 62711
Phone: 217-341-2437

Ed Fellers, Assisting
Phone: 913-484-4121

Jetstream Genetics
Roger Turner
Office Phone: 855-4jetstream
Cell: 608-770-0012

Sale Force
Jeff Butler 217-341-2437
Ed Fellers 913-484-4121
Chris Hill 202-255-7907
Roger Turner 608-770-0012
Norman Nabholz 563-590-3204
Bill Rauen 563-607-0694
Declan Patten 815-370-9544
Ray LeBlanc 802-249-2155
Simon Lalande 514-239-5435
Brian Craswell 902-628-7537
Paul Trapp 608-332-0079
Joe Price 765-618-5479