International Intrigue at Butlerview 2012

August 4, 2012 @ Chebanse, IL

Sale Average: $36,704 on 140 Lots

Sale Catalogue here 

Sale Prices:
Lot 3-$490,000-Cookview Goldwyn Monique VG-89 (1st Sr 3yr Old & Grand champion Quebec Spring 2012)
Buyer: Butlerview Farm & Joe & Amber Price, IL Contender Gene Iager
Consignor: Butlerview Farm, Yvon Sicard & Ferme Blondin, IL & QC

Lot 2-$290,000 Silvermaple Damion Camomile VG-89 (All-American & All-Canadian Jr 3yr Old 2011 & Int Champion & Reserve Grand Champion WDE 2011 & Int Champion RWF 2011)
Buyer: Butlerview Farms, IL
Consignor: Silvermaple Holsteins & Stanhope Wedgwood, BC

Lot 13-$200,000- Mapel Wood Sudan Licorice (Apr’12 GLPI+392 DGV+4454 Sudan x Mapel Wood MOM Lucy GLPI+3313 full sister to Genervations Lexor x Comestar Goldwyn Lilac VG-89)
Consignor: Mapelwood Farm, OConnor Land & Cattle & Genervations, ON

Lot 5- $187,000 Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET VG-87 bred to Atwood, Goldwyn x Brasilia EX-92 x Barbie
Buyer: Budjon Farms and Peter Vail, WI & VT

Lot 15-$175,000-Misty Springs Epic Savannah (Mar’12 Epic x Misty Springs MOM Santan DGV+3067 x Shottle Satin VG-86 from Splendors)

Lot 17-$165,000-Benner Lavaman Boo Boo (May’12 Lavaman x Benner Planet Bessie #10 GPA LPI Heifer in Canada x Mapel Wood Baxter Bethany VG-85 x Shottle Bombi EX-94 2*)

Lot 4-$154,000-RockyMountain Gold Winter VG-89 (Goldwyn x Raeland Leduc Wilhelmina EX-92 2E 4* plus 5 more VG dams)

Lot 43-$139,000-Aurora Rama Yano Harmony (Apr ’12 Yano x Screaming Vision O Heida VG-88 plus 8 more Gen VG or EX)

Lot 23 – $135,000 – Ms Regelcreek Cmrn Ardis-ET, a 4/12 Cameron +2572 GTPI out of a Planet from the Adeen family. The #1 Cameron in the breed!

Lot 21 – $129,000 – Hammer-Creek Sha Kassidy-ET, a 2/12 Shamrock at +2589 GTPI – the highest GTPI heifer in the sale!

Lot 45-$125,000-Curr Vale Delish GTPI+2325 #2 GTPI Red female in the World from Currvale Shottle Delight Goldwyn Delicious

Lot 47-$120,000-MS Rollen NC Cam lexie PO RC (GTPI+2270 #1 GTPI Polled heifer in the World #1 NM$Polled heifer in the world from Tiger lily Dsty Liz P Materna l sister to Ladd p Red PO

Lot 11-$100,000-St-yle –SA Jumpn4Joy Red (due Sept’12 to Severn P or Maui Red) Nominated AA Senior 2 year old 2011)

Lot 39b- $117,000-Blue Horizon Kool Divine (Apr’12 AltaKool x Blue Horizon Plan Edith VG-85 x M Sclipse Vg-86 x Dur Esquisite EX-93 GMD DOM)

Lot 147-$85,000-Earlen Goldwyn Secret VG-87 –Grand Champion Ontario Summer Show 2012

Lot 14-$70,000 1st Choice Galaxy Female due Aug/Sept 2012 or MAS x MS Chassity Goldwyn Cash VG-87 GTPI+2275 GLPI+2287

Lot 47a-$95,000-MS Rollen NC Camr Lucy P PO RC (GTPI+2191 #1 PTAT Polled animal in the world & she is a Red Carrier Cameron x Tiger lily Dst Liz P Red)

Lot 40-$60,000-1st Choice Uno or Maurice female x Blue Horizon Plan Edith VG-85 x M Sclipse Vg-86 x Dur Esquisite EX-93 GMD DOM)

More prices:

Lot 61-$55,000-Mapel wood Epic Giggle GLPI+2530 DGV+2553 (Epic x Morsan Manoman Fools Gold x Stoneden Fools Gold VG-88 1*)

Lot 31-$11,500-Duckett SA Braxton Fran (Sep’11 Braxton x Harvue Roy Frosty EX-96 2E- 2X World Dairy Expo Champion)

Lot 146- $11,000-A&M Bushman Dest Merritt RC (Sep’11 Destry x Bingland Advent Sunshine Vg-87 x Summer Vg-86 plus 6 more gen VG or EX from Dellias)

Lot 44-$40,000-Aurora Rama GChip Havily (Feb ’12 GTPI+2378 Gold Chip x Screaming Vision o Heidi VG-88)

Lot 9-$29,000-1st Choice MAS x BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89 2yr x Adeen EX-94 2E DOM

Lot 10-$16,500-BVK Atwood Ana (Mar’11 Atwood Full sister to Abrianna 2nd Dam x Adeen EX-94 2E DOM) Buyer: Greg Hardy, MI
Lot 7-$59,000- 1st Choice Uno Female due Nov ’12 x RockyMountain Talent Licorice EX-92 x Idee Rudolph Liberty VG-89 2*
Lot 29-$18,500-Milksource ever Golden (Jun’11 Fever x Blondin Jasper golden EX-92 with 5 Gen VG or EX 1st Summer Yearling & HM Richmond 2012 & 1st & Reserve Champion IL Championship Show 2012)
Lot 126a-$14,200-Ms Gold Chip Britelite (Dec ’11 Gold chip x Mac Bikasa VG-87 x PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM)
Lot 126-$9700-MS Gold Chip Barbra (Dec ’11 Gold Chip x Regancrest Mac Bikasa VG-87 x PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM)
Lot 2B-$10,000-1st Choice Supersire Female x Silvermaple Damion Camomile VG-89 3yr (All-American & All-Canadian Jr 3yr Old 2011 & Int Champion & Reserve Grand Champion WDE 2011 & Int Champion RWF 2011)
Lot 112-$5000-Windbrook Maternal sister to Silvermaple Damion Camomille VG-89 –AA & AC 2011
Lot 12-$8500-Sildajak Tristan Sassy 3 (1st Fall yearling RWF 2011) Fresh April 2012 sold open & ready to flush
Lot 27-$13,500 Budjon Vail Damaris Red (Sept 2011 Camden Red x Budjon redmarker Desire EX-96 3E GMD –Peoples choice award winner 2005)
Lot 28-$8200-S Winterfield SC Trend (sept’11 contender x wintervield Adv Ternedlyn Ex-91 RC- 11th gen EX)
Lot 35- $19,000
Lot 38- $38,000 1st choice McCutchen x MS Chassity Snowman Clea x Chassity
Lot 20- $38,000 1st choice Mogul x Seagull-Bay Shauna Saturn
Lot 6- $48,000 Regancrest Brasilia-ET EX-92, Shottle x Barbie
Lot 125- $6,800 Butz-Butler Mac Bam Bam, Mac x Brasilia
Lot 1- $52,000 MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92, Goldwyn x Atlee
Lot 1A- $42,000 MS Annas Epic Andreya-ET GTPI +2422, April ’12 Epic x MS Ariel Freddie Anna-ET x MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX-92
Lot 108 – $25,000 – 1st choice Gold Chip due in March, 2013 out of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET VG-88 then EX-92 Durham Atlee
Lot 107 – $20,000 – Ms Aubreys Gold Chip Ace-ET, a 12/11 Gold Chip at +3.29T out of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET VG-88
Lot 49 – $35,000 – 1st choice Mogul due in January, 2013 out of Comestar Lautamire Planet VG-85-CAN, the #1 GLPI cow in Canada at +3584.
Lot 50 – $30,000 – 1st choice Mogul due in October out of Comestar Lautamai Man O Man +2964 GLPI
Lot 68 – $60,000 – Siemers Snman Centuria-ET, a 6/11 Snowman +2341 GTPI out of Ralma Planet Century-ET (VG-86) +2323 GTPI from Ralma Juror Faith family
Lot 67 – $31,000 – Ransom-Rail Facebk Paris-Et +2380 GTPI – a 1/12 Facebook from Welcome Mac Peytan-ET (VG-87) +2134 GTPI
Lot 16 – $53,000 – Ralma Manoman Bluejay-ET +2272 GTPI – a 3/10 Man-O-Man from Ralma Shottle Chickadee-ET (VG-88 DOM) – full sister to Ralma Shottle
Camouflage (VG-88 DOM, 2y)
Lot 70 – $24,500 – Vieuxsaule Supersonic Sugi +2344 GTPI, a 3/12 Supersonic from Vieuxsaule Bolton Halia (VG-87), then Vieuxsaule Allen Dragonfly (EX-94 2E)
Lot 8 – $34,000 – Cam-Bing Gold Nila-ET (VG-88) – Goldwyn maternal sister to Bingland Leduc Nancy (2E-96) -dam is Bingland Starb Noel-ET (VG-88)
Lot 26 – $17,500 – Claquato-RH Escape-ET (VG-89) – Nom. All-American & All-Canadian 2011 – 9/09 Dundee from Skagvale Miracle Ellee (EX-91) – potential 10th gen. EX
Lot 60-$7800-Robin hood LKI Carrissa (2nd Jr 2yr Old Richmond 2012) (Atwood x robinhood connie EX-90)
Lot 116-$10,000-Claquato RHH At rocky Rdge (Atwood Due Aug 12 to Advent form High Mountain Ridge VG-88)
Lot 124-$20,200-Robin Hood Clumbo EX-91 -2nd 5 Year Old Western Spring National 2012(Durham x Carnation Mmica Connie EX-90 plus 9 more gen vg or ex)
Lot 41A 41B-Butlerview R Jolly or SR Julie (Shamrock x Coyne Farms Fredi Jeven x Rmaos Jelly VG-85)
Lot 124-$20,200-Robin Hood Clumbo EX-91 -2nd 5 Year Old Western Spring National 2012(Durham x Carnation Mmica Connie EX-90 plus 9 more gen vg or ex)
Lot 41B-$90,000-Butlerview SR Julie (Shamrock x Coyne Farms Fredi Jeven x Rmaos Jelly VG-85)
Lot 65-$56,000-Stantons Shamrock City Girl GTPI+2487 GLPI+3185 DGV+3281 (Apr’12 Shamrock x Stantons Freddie Cameo GLPI+3062 DGV+3339)
Lot 66-$42,000-Jolicap Emlilas Shamrock (Mar’12 Shamrock x Tramilda N Baxter Emily VG-85 x Evett VG-86 DOM 1* x Elita VG87 GMD DOM)
Lot 22-$50,000-Regancrest Shamrock Lava GTPI+2549 #28 Female of the breed(Dec’11 Shamrock x Regancrest Jose Lakisha Vg-87 x Outside Lookin In VG-88)
Lot 46-$32,000-SRP Magnus ZIO3699 (Breeds #1 Magnus Mar’12 GTPI+2501 Magnuz x SRP Dorcy Z012297 GPTI+2365)
Lot 42-$45,000-2nd Choice Uno Femal from 4 pregs due Oct 12, jan & feb ’13 xx Sandy Valley robust Ruby GTP+2495 x Plane Saphire Vg-87)
Lot 34-$23,000-Butz Hill Misy GC Madlyn (Goldchip x Morsan Man D Missy x Valleyville Dolman Missy VG-87)
Lot 33-$32,000-1st Choice Mascalese Female 6 pregs due in Apr’13 x Morsan Miss Snowflake GTPI+2172 x Gold Missy EX-95 – Grand Champion RWF & WDE 2011
Lot 32-$20,000-1st Choice Mascalese Feamle x Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95- Grand champion WDE & RWF 2011
Lot 63-Dymentholm Sunview Satin (Epic Apr’12 calf x Des Y Gen Planet Silk VG-87 x Bolton Silence VG-85)
Lot 64-$23,000-1st Choice MAS Female x Dymentholm Sunview Santana GTPI+2961 x Des Y Gen Planet Silk VG-87 x Bolton Silence VG-85)
Lot 58-BBM Gold Chip Apple RC (Nov’11 Gold chip x Ms candy Apple VG-87 x Apple EX-95 2E DOM- Grand Champion R&W WDE 2011)
Lot 57-$24,000-MS Talent Applicious Red EX-91 (Talent x KHW Regiment Apple EX-95 2E DOM Grand Champion R&W WDE 2011)
Lot 57A – $8,500 – 1st choice of Redburst or Atwood out of Ms Talent Applicious-Red EX-91
Lot 59- $9,500 – 1st choice Supersire x MS Goldwyn Adorable-ET RC VG-87 x MS Talent Applicious-Red-ET GP-84 CAN
Lot 51- $40,000 – 1st choice Headliner from Feb ’13 calves x Vison-Gen SH Frd A12304-ET x Applouis Jet Stream Alda VG-85
Lot 52- $32,000 – 1st choice Mogul x Miller-FF Bookem Esther-ET GTPI +2463 x Nova Shottle Evelyn-ET VG-86
Lot 85- $25,000 – 1st choice McCutchen female x Velthuis Snowman Lorette-ETS GTPI+2360, calves due April 2013
Lot 86- $35,000 1st choice Uno x Boldi Snowman Lillico-ETS GTPI +2282 x MS Chartrois Planet Leoni-ET VG-87 2y CAN
Lot 75- $18,500 MS Boyana FB Babe-ET GTPI +2413 x Farnear-TBR Bosr Boyana-ET x Klassic Mac Barb-ET VG-85
Lot 76- $30,000 MS Benshae Benish-ET GTPI+2308, March ’12 Shamrock x Farnear-TBR Benshae-ET
Lot 97 – $9,200 Marbri Shamrock Felicity GLPI +2906, March ’12 Shamrock x SerenityHill Frosty (full sister to Facebook)
Lot 89 – $32,000 2nd choice Uno x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET GP-83
Lot 90 – $20,000 1st choice Lithium x Sully Hart Gerard 147 GTPI +2344 x Sully Hart Manitoba GP-83
Lot 82 – $16,000 – 1st choice Mascalese out of Gloryland Linette Rae VG-89 +2217 GTPI, a Goldwyn from the Roxys
Lot 81 – $23,000 – 1st choice MAS out of Ms Planet Cheri-ET +2257 GTPI from an EX-92 Goldwyn dam
Lot 84 – $31,000 – 1st choice McCutchen from Ladys-Manor Dominique-ET, a +2425 GTPI Shamrock from the Dur Chans
Lot 88 – $25,000 – 1st choice Let It Snow due in April, 2013 out of Kellercrest Manoman Lacy-ET +2411 GTPI
Lot 87 – $23,000 – 1st choice Mascalese due in February, 2013 out of Larcrest Cinergy-ET +2455 GTPI Robust out of Larcrest Crimson VG-89
Lot 72 – $20,000 – Farnear GC Bridg Bry-ET, a 3/12 Gold Chip out of Farnear Brocade Bridge, the Aftershock daughter of EX-92 Brocade
Lot 71 – $4,100 – Farnear-BH A Barbora-ET, a 4/12 Alchemy +2307 GTPI out of Farnear Brocad Brilliant-ET, a Man-O-Man daughter of Brocade
Lot 74 – $15,500 – Choice of Wa-Del-DH Bookem Camara-ET, +2291 GTPI Bookem or Horstyle-RW Bookem Clear-ET +2317 GTPI out of Horstyle-RW Mano Cluster VG-85 +2185 GTPI
Lot 69 – $16,000 – Comestar Model Lizbosy Lobster, a 1/12 Lobster +2334 GTPI +74P out of Comestar Model Lizboli Sydney VG-85-CAN
Lot 73 – $20,000 – Choice of T-Spruce Armitage 4756-ET +2398 GTPI 1/12 Armitage or T-Spruce Armitage 4768-ET, a +2381 GTPI 1/12 Armitage both out of Lar-Lan Time Annabelle +2136 GTPI Time daughter from the Durham Annabell family
Lot 79- $8,000 – Choice of three Gold Chip females x Regancrest-BH Super Delish x Regancrest-BH Delica-ET x Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET 2E-93
Lot 77- $8,400 – Tranquility AC Drear Candy-ET GTPI +2355 x Ronlee Boliver Dreary-ET x Ronlee Outside Dabble-ET EX-91
Lot 78- $18,000 – Nova-TMJ Jeeves Eleta-ET GTPI +2308 x Nova-TMJ Golden Echo-ETS VG-88
Lot 80- $10,000 – UFM-Dubs Sherun-ET GTPI +2304, a Super daughter of UFM-Dubs Sheray-ET bred 5-29-12 to Lithium
Lot 25- $10,200 – Crossbrook Minister Charity Jr. Champion NY Spring Show, Jr. Champion Mid-East Spring National 2012 Nominated All-American Spring Calf 2011
Lot 53 – $17,000 – 1st choice Gold Chip x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92 from six transfers due March 6, 2013
Lot 53- $9,800 – 3rd choice Atwood x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92, six females due September
Lot 119- $14,500 – Budjon-JK Atwood Elmond-ET November ’12 Atwood x Budjon-JK Durham Embrace-ET EX-95
Lot 120- $8,000 – Budjon-JK BX Emma Lynn-ETS Dec ’11 Braxton x Budjon-JK Emilys Edair-ET EX-94
Lot 114- $10,000 Rotaly Sid Layton Dec ’11 Sid x Rotaly Goldwyns Lizia x Blondin Talent Lasie from the Supra’s!