Fireworks at Borderview 2020

July 2, 2020 @ Richford, VT

The Fireworks at Borderview sale has concluded with an average of $3801 on 150 lots. High seller was added Lot 125, Petitclerc Doorman Sapphire (VG-88 EX-MS), purchased by Sarah Hill, Four Hills Farm, Bristol, VT. See below for prices & pictures!

Sale Managers
Borderview Genetics
Tim & Sharyn Abbott

MD Hillbrook
Chris & Jennifer Hill
202-255-7907 Cell

Sale Staff
Chris Hill … 202-255-7907 Auctioneer (AU005197)
Tim Abbott … 802-238-1142 Pedigrees
Nick Raggi…Union Bridge, MD…443-762-8338
Aaron Eaton…Syracuse, NY…315-857-8303
Chad Ryan…Fond du Lac, WI…920-960-1449
Tom Cull…Lomira, WI…920-960-0350
Adam Liddle…Argyle, NY…518-361-9946
David J. Lentz…New Bloomfield, PA…717-329-9202
George Morasci…Modesto, CA…209-652-7151
Robert Fitzsimmons…E. Montpelier, VT…802-272-2257
Tom Harkenrider…Dryden, NY…607-279-3160
Abe Light…Perry, NY…315-651-7410
Dusty Schirm…Ashville, OH…815-670-2511
Keven Doebriner…Wooster, OH…814-573-6982
Jamie Black…Batavia, NY…518-353-2602
Ronnie Heffner…Jefferson, MD…240-529-3430
Matt Mitchell…Lafollette, TN…423-912-2493
Matt Hawbaker…Clear Springs, MD…717-360-7848

Canadian Contacts
David Crack Jr…Richomnd QU…819-352-1670
Simon Lalande…St. Placide, QU…514-239-5435
Pierre Boulet…Monmagny, QU…418-234-3407
Tyler Dorian…Cap Sante, QU…418-285-9850
Kevin Jacobs…Ste Bridgitte Des Saults, QU…819-817-4216
Mark Smith…Winchester, ON…613-297-8806
Barclay Phoenix…Uxbridge, ON…905-431-8340
Blair Weeks…Bumble Valley, PEI…902-432-4312

Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers! Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.



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Sale Prices

Lot 1 … $29,500 … Ms Sid Blexy-ET (VG-89 EX-MS), sells due in July to Diamondback, Sid x EX-97 Blexy
Purchased by: Budjon Farms, Peter Vail, Ross Risner & Mark Binversie, WI

Lot 1A … $3600 … Borderview Unstpbl Bessie-ET, 6/20 Unstopabull x Sid Blexy
Purchased by: Carpsdale Farm, VT

Lot 1C … $10,200 … 2nd choice female x Rosier Blexy Goldwyn-ET EX-97 3E
Purchased by: Sugar Mountain Maples, VT

Lot 2 … $7200 … Blexys Doorman Brandy-ET ( VG-87 EX-MS), HHM All-American Fall Yearling 2019, Doorman x EX-97 Blexy
Purchased by: Enright Holsteins and Ferme Petitclerc, ON

Lot 4 … $4900 …. Ms Borderview Bless-Red-ET, March  ’20 Altitude x Avalanche x EX-97 Blexy
Purchased by: Golden Oaks, IL

Lot 33 … $5700 … Butlerview Braz Camille-ET (EX-94), Intermediate Champion Northeast Fall Nat’l ’18, Brazzle x EX-95 Camomile
Purchased by: Walter Young

Lot 27 … $4900 … Arethusa Atwood Jaiden-ET (EX-94), Atwood x Roquet Jasmine Sanchez (EX-95) x 7 more VG/EX dams 
Purchased by: Matt Boop, PA

Lot 12 … $11,200 … Borderview Doorman Ruth-ET, 9/19 Doorman x Hez Bo Atwood Ruth-ET (EX-93) x EX-92 Hezbollah
Purchased by: Matt  Hawbaker, MD

Lot 11 … $9300 … Hez Bo Atwood Ruth-ET (EX-93), donor dam
Purchased by: John Alamo, CA

Lot 16 … $15,500 … Borderview Solomon Hattie (EX-91 93-MS), 1st Jr 2, Northeast Fall Nat’l ’19 x EX-94 Hezbollahs Honour x Hezbollah
Purchased by: St  Johns River LLC, CA

Lot 36 … $8700 … Ms Luncrest Ali-1949-Red-ET (VG-89 2Y), HM All-American Winter Yearling ’19
Purchased by: Velvet View Farm, OH

Lot 37 … $8700 … Ms Ali Rager Angie-Red, 1/20 Rager  x Ali-1949
Purchased by: Tom Kuglar and Sarah Hill, VT

Lot 102 … $9600 … Ms Borderview Crsh Sandy-ET (VG-88 2Y), due 12/20 to Dundee, Crush x Craigcrest Rejoices Sidney-ET (EX-94)
Purchased by: Brooke Clark, NH

Lot 125 … $39,500 … Petitclerc Doorman Sapphire (VG-88), HM All-American Junior 2-Year-Old ’19, Doorman from the Spades family
Purchased by: Sarah Hill, Four-Hills Farm, VT

Lot 7 … $23,500 … Petitclerc Avalanche Syrah, Nom, All-American Fall Calf ’19, Avalanche x Gold Saltalamacchia (VG-89)
Purchased by: Kings Ransom Farm, NY

Lot 40 … $5000 … Ms Laces Upgrade Lacie-ET (#2 PTAT RC Heifer & #1 Conf heifer), Upgrade x VG-88 Avalanche x Atwood Lizette (EX-94)
Purchased by: Golden Oaks, IL

Lot J1 … $7100 … South Mountain Colton Countess-ET (VG-88), Colton x EX-93 Cosmo x EX-95 Comet x EX-97 Veronica
Purchased by: John Boer, TX

Lot J4 … $5500 … Woodmohr-Townside Sheriff Vision, Jr Champion, Southern Spring Nat’l ’19, Sheriff x EX-93 Socrates x EX-96 Vivid x EX-97 Veronica
Purchased by: Chris and Jen Hill, MD

Lot J13 … $5700 … Minister Gail-ET (EX-93), Grand Champion, PA All-American ’18, Minister x EX-92 Sambo x EX-95 Griffen
Purchased by: Megan and Sarah Hill, VT

Lot J18 … $5500 … Rivendell Epic Belle Mar ’20, Epic x Rejebell Tequila Biscuit VG-86, Nom. All-American 2yr ’18.

Lot 9 … $10,100 … Idee Goldwyn Lucia (EX-92), dam of Idee Windbrook Lynzi (EX-95)
Purchased by: Heart & Soul Holsteins, PA

Lot 5A … $12,000 … Cheers Sdkc Church Bells-ET, March 2020, Sidekick x Unique Dempsey Cheers EX-95
Purchased by: Ferme Blondin, QC

Lot 6 … $9000 … MS Lockets Crshbull Love-ET, Sept ’19, Crushabull x Walkerbrae Doorman Locket-ET EX-95, HM All-American 5-year-old ’18
Purchased by: Budjon Farm and Les Terpstra, WI

Lot 5 … $7200 … Dec ’19 Cheers Avalanche Chakira-ET, Avalanche x Unique Dempsey Cheers EX-95, Res. All-American Jr 3yr ’18
Purchased by: Clark Woodmansee, CT

Lot 45 … $5000 … Westcoast Unix Pride-ET, donor dam. Unix x Wendon Dempsey Prude EX-95 CAN 2E, 1st 5yr/Res. Grand BC Spring Show ’17. Owned w/ RockyMountain Holsteins, AB
Purchased by: Mike Berry and Hank Van Exel, CA

Lot 48 … $5200 … Liddleholme Avala Aubree-ET, fresh May 25/20 & open.
Purchased by: Joseph Osinga, TX

Lot 49 … $5200 … Ken-AM GC Snowbell due Dec ’20 (Reagancrest Dundee-ET), 3rd Dam, Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-92 2E, All-American 5yr ’11
Purchased by: Aidan  Azevedo, CA

Lot 5B … $7600 … Mar ’20 Cheers Gold Casablanca-ET, Goldwyn x Unique Dempsey Cheers EX-95.
Purchased by: Brooke Clark, NH


Sale Order & Updates

Classification Highlights

Lot 2: Blexys Doorman Brandy VG 87 with an Ex MS. She is Doorman x Blexy, the breeds newest 97 cow! She is bred back and is making eggs in IVF.

Lot 16: Borderview Solomon Hattie-ET, a Jr 3YO for 2020 is now Ex 91 at 20 days fresh. She is from the 94 Atwood Honour from Hez. She won at ESE last year and looks better than ever!

Lot 27: Arethusa Atwood Jaiden EX 94 from a AA and AC nominated Jasmine Sanchez Ex 95!

Lot 32: Oakfield Gold Dust now VG 86! She is a Goldwyn sister to Gold Chip Darby Ex 95, a great champion at many shows last fall!

Lot 33: Butlerview Braz Camille now Ex 94 with 95 MS! She is from AA and AC Damion Camomille Ex 95.

Lot 36: Ms Luncrest Ali-Red NEW VG 89 with an Ex MS as a 2YO! She is an Avalanche x Snowman Akilaine 91 x Baxter 89 Can x Aike 91 and Altitude 95! She sells with a Rager-Red daughter and eggs by Warrior Red.

Lot 67: Klinedel Dft Critic-Red, now Ex 90! She is a Defiant daughter of California-Red Ex 93 then Apple 2, Ex 94 and Altitude Ex 95.

Lot J1: South Mountain Colton Countess-ET now VG-88 2YO. She is Sharyn’s favorite! Her dam is Action Cosmo, EX-93, then Comet, EX-95 back to the one and only Veronica!

Lot J7: Electras Colton Ella-ET now EX-90. 2nd dam is Electra, EX-95. She is ALL DAIRY and bred back to sexed Kid Rock!

Sale Highlights

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Added lots
Unique Dempsey Cheers has just gone EX-95 and selling will be 3 of her daughters; March Goldwyn & Sidekick and a Dec’ Avalanche!

From the popular ‘Spades’ family at Petitclerc, Petitclerc Doorman Sapphire VG-88 (MS89) sells!