Field of Dreams Finale & 30 Something Sale 2013

May 24 & 25, 2013 @

Field of Dreams Sale averages $3298 on 111 lots.  30th Something sale average $9157 on 30 lots. Photos online now

Field of Dreams Finale

Sale average $3298 on 111 lots

Top Holsteins

Lot 6 -$10,000 – Stranshome Sid Skylar-ET, a March’12 out of Quality-Ridge Ruben Sandy EX-94 (1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, Res. Intermediate Champion-Midwest Fall National ’06) Skylar: 1st Spring Yearling, Res. Jr. Champion Jr. Show, member 1st Best Three Females at Midwest Spring National ’13)

Consignor: Joseph, Zach, Jerome, & Darian Stransky, MN
Buyer: Austin Yoder, GA

Lot 2A -$8,800 – RJR Sid 3273-ET (Sept’12 x RJR-BH Goldwyn 1154-ET EX-95, Grand Champion of the Iowa State Show and Iowa State Fair in 2011, 6 generations of EX cows from the Barbies)
Consignor: Reuter Dairy-Rick & Dan Reuter, IA
Buyer: John Erbsen, IL

Lot 3 – $8,600 – Holbric Dickey Carly, a Junior 2-year-old Lynn Dickey x Holbric Roy Calico-ET EX-91, then 10 more EX dams from the Gray-View Countess family
Consignor: Adam Olbrich, IL
Buyer: Golden Oaks Farm, IL

Lot 9 – $8,600 – Budjon-JK Ashock Davina-ET (Sept’12 Aftershock x Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95 2E (Reserve All-American 5-Year-Old in 2012 from the Debutante branch of the Roxys)
Consignor: Budjon, Kietzman, & Woodmansee, WI
Buyer: Jim Bos, CA

Lot 37 – $7,100 – Fradon Jasper Jive VG-86 (Jasper Senior 3-year-old out of Fradon Gibson Jodie III EX-91 x Rudolph Jodie EX-2E-CAN 13*
Consignor: Me-Do Meadows, WI
Buyer: Jordan Kamps, WI

Lot 18 – $6,600 – EDG Trac Uno Tebbi 2045-ET, Feb’13 Numero Uno at +2410 GTPI x Tranquility AC Dreary Trac-ET (GTPI +2422), an Observer out of Ronelee Boliver Dreary-ET VG-86 DOM

Lot 33 – $5,600 – Budjon-JK Ashk Get Even-ET, Junior 2-year-old Aftershock x Rolling-Spring G Escence-ET EX-95 2E, x EX-92 Durham Esquisite.

Lot 4 – $5,100 – Miss Hawaii, a *RC Goldwyn Junior 3-year-old daughter of KHW Regiment Apple 2-Red-ETN EX-91 DOM


Lot J6 – $7,500 – Nabholz Sunrise-ET, a Jr. 2-Year-Old sired by Lencrest On Time-ET x Ronada Ren Suzi EX-94 (Res. All-Canadian Jr 2-Year-Old ’00, Grand Champion MD State Fair ’01, 1st & BU Jr 3-Year-Old WDE ’01, Res Grand Champion MD State Fair ’02, 1st 75,000lb & HM Sr Champ WI Spring Show ’05)
Consignor: Norman Nabholz, West Union, IA
Buyer: Randy Drinkall Family, Rushford, MN

Lot J22 – $6,900 – Schulte Bros Tequila Shot-ET (Sept’12 Tequila x Mi Wil Deluxe Gorgeous EX-92)
Consignor: Schulte Brothers, Watkins, IA
Buyer: Adam Fraley

Lot J2 – $6,600 – South Mountain Comerica Lively-ET, Dec’11 Comerica pregnant to Impression x Arethusa Deluxe Lyric EX-92, All-Canadian Milking Yearling in 2009
Consignor: Ernie Kueffner & Terri Packard, MD
Buyer: Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba, CA

Lot J3 – $5,100 – Budjon-Vail Comerica Maleah-ET (Sept’12 Comerica x Hillacres Morrae Maryland EX-94, the Jersey Jug winner in 2010)
Consignor: Budjon Farms, WI
Buyer: Schulte Brothers, IA

Lot J13 – $5,100– Ansell Acres Vintage Dewdrop EX-91 (4-Year-Old Vintage, 4th Sr 3-Year-Old PA All-American ’12)
Consignor: Kurt Williams & Ed Crossland, BP
Buyer: Mary Franz, MN

Lot J41 – $4,000 – Partee HPDH Verbatim London (Dec’12 Verbatim out of Homeridge F P Lisa 2 EX-92, then three more EX dams)

Lot J13 – $5,100 – Ansell Acres Vintage Dewdrop EX-91 (4-Year-Old Vintage, 4th Sr 3-Year-Old PA All-American ’12)
Consignor: Kurt Williams & Ed Crossland, BP
Buyer: Mary Franz, MN

Lot J19 – $4,300 – KCJF Motion Denied VG-85 (Junior 3-Year-Old Motion out of 11 generations of VG & EX cows)

30th Something Sale

Sale average $9157 on 30 lots

Lot A- $46,500– 1st Choice female by Mr Apples Armani out of the extremely popular European Show Champion, Decrausaz Iron O’Kalibra EX-94
Buyer: West Coast Syndicate, IL

Lot S9- $38,000 – Fly-Higher Observer Mica, a Dec’10 Observer daughter at +2361 GTPI springing to McCutchen and from the Hendel Durham Mitzi family
Buyer: Farnear Holsteins & Ferme Blondin, IA & QC

Lot S10 -$17,000 -Ms Courtlane Uno Cadence-ET, good for third high seller status. Cadence is a Dec’10 Numero Uno at +2417 GTPI and +3.70T out of Court-Ur-Ms Dom Candice-ET (GTPI +2121), then back to the Barbies through Regancrest S Chassity-ET EX-92 DOM
Buyer: Kyle Demmer, IA

Lot S1 – $16,200 – 1st choice Apples Absolute-Red out of Scientific Gold Dana Rae EX-95, Reserve All-American 5-Year-Old 2012
Buyer: Moss Oak Farm, WI

Lot S2 – $13,200 – Ms Apples Amilie-ET, a Dec’12 Gold Chip out of KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-95 2E, Unanimous All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011
Buyer: Jim Bos, CA

Lot S7 & S8 – $13,000 – Choice of these two daughters of Morningview Destry Lani-ET VG-88. Nabholz Fond Leah-Red *PO, a Mar’13 Runner-P-Red and Nabholz Showdown Lea-Red-ET, a Mar’13 Showdown
Buyer: St. Jacobs ABC & Ernest Kueffner, VT & MD

Lot S3 – $12,500 – KHW Uno Alabama-ET, a 10/12 Numero Uno out of Kamps-Hollow Altitude EX-95 2E DOM
Buyer: Jim Bos, CA

Lot S4 – $12,500 – Hez Atwood Heidilin-ET, a 9/12 Atwood out of Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah (EX-92), the Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old 2011
Buyer: Stranshome & Legendholm, MN & IL

Lot S23 – $9,900 – Miss Licorice Uno Lavish, a 10/12 Numero Uno out of RockyMountain Tal Licorice-ET EX-95, the All-American 4-Year-Old in 2011
Buyer: Jim Bos, CA

Lot S31 – $9,000 – 1st choice of a June flush from Morningview Destry Lani-ET VG-88 by Mr Apples Armani-ET
Buyer: St. Jacobs ABC & Ernest Kueffner, VT & MD

Lot S19 – $8,500 – Stranshome-JK Sealedwithakiss-ET, a 3/13 Tequila out of Stora of Oblong Valley EX-94
Buyer: Mike & Megan Moede, WI

Lot S15 – $6,200 – 1st choice Larcrest Casual out of Regancrest O Patience-ET VG-85 (GTPI +2174), then six generations of EX dams out of the Rabus Outside Pandora family
Buyer: Brian Behnke, WI

Lot S11 – $6,000 – 1st choice Absolute-Red out of Exels Goldwyn Anna 13384-ET EX-94, then back to Chief Adeen
Buyer: Beth Herges, WI

Lot S12 – $5,100 – Nabholz-Legend Acme Aria-ET, a 3/13 Acme out of Exels Goldwyn Anna 13384-ET EX-94
Buyer: St. Jacobs ABC, VT

Lot S13 – $5,100 – 3/13 Alexander out of BVK Atwood Alex-ET, a full sister to BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89, the All-American and All-Canadian Junior 2-Year-Old in 2012
Buyer: Woodmansee & Abbott, CT & VT

Lot S17 – $4,700 – Ocean-View Admiral Zamira, a Dec’12 Admiral out of Ocean-View Blitz Zandra-ET EX-92 x Ocean-View Mandel Zandra EX-95 2E GMD DOM
Buyer: Bridon Farms, ON

Lot S18 – $4,700 – a Dec’12 Atwood out of Budjon-JK Durham Embrace EX-95 2E, the Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old in 2008
Buyer: Jim Bos, CA

Lot S20 – $4,600 – Bachelor-Lyon Tequila Entry-ET, a Mar’13 Tequila out of Bachelors Sambo Emmy 661 EX-94, the Jersey Jug Futurity winner in 2002
Buyer: Joey Pendleton, KY

Lot S16 – $4,500 – Jerland-SH Gemstone-Red-ET, a Mar’13 Contender out of Scientific Grace-Red EX-91, the first 8th generation EX red Roxy
Buyer: Chase Call, OH

Lot S5 – $4,500 – Choice of 3 females sired by Hero and Lexor out of Duckett-SA A Fortune-ET, the Alexander daugher of Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97 2E
Buyer: Nabholz Farm, IA

Lot S6 – $4,300 – First choice of three Atwood females due in September out of Morningview Shtl Mikki-ET EX-91 DOM, then ten VG & EX dams from the Lead Maes
Buyer: Nabholz Farm, IA

Lot S21 – $4,200 – 1st Choice Impression out of Maple Lawn Pitino Proni EX-94, then 5 more EX dams
Buyer: Duane Phillips, IL

Lot S24 – $4,100 – 1st choice Redliner out of Bingland Advent Sunshine VG-87. Calf will be a full sister to MD-Hillbrook Sunburst-Red EX-92, All-American R&W Senior 3-Year-Old in 2012
Lot S4 – $3,900 – Hez Atwood Heidilin-ET, a Sept’12 Atwood out of Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92, the Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old 2011
Buyer: Stranshome & Legendholm, MN & IL

Lot S27 – $3,600 – Ms Do-N-Joy Born Ready-ET, a 3/13 Goldwyn out of Blondin Jasper Black Beauty EX-92
Buyer: Pat Conroy, IN

Lot S26 – $3,500 – 1st choice Atwood out of Blondin Jasper Black Beauty-ET EX-92, 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Midwest Spring National 2011
Buyer: Legendholm, IL

Lot S14 – $ 3,400 – Ms Aubrey Anna 2077-ET, a Mar’13 Gold Chip out of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET EX-91 DOM, then Durham Atlee EX-92
Buyer: Jim Bos, CA

Lot S28 – $3,300 – Heath-Dyment Marissa-ET, a Jan’13 polled Meridian out of Pine-Tree 1258 Mity 4771-ET, a polled Mitey P from the Rudy Missy family
Buyer: Michael Heath, MD

Lot S25 – $3,100 – 1st choice Supersire out of Ernest-Anthony Trapeze-ET VG-85 VG-MS, an Aftershock daughter of Ernest-Anthony Tabitha EX-95
Buyer: Janssen Cattle Co., IL

Lot S22 – $3,000 – Miss Tequila Gabby, a Mar’13 Tequila out of GR Stone Front Dale Gail EX-91
Buyer: Hecksell & McNett, WI

Sale Details & catalog

30 Something Celebration  & Field of Dreams Finale
Friday May 24th & Saturday May 25th 2013
Fayette County Fairgrounds, West Union Iowa
For information about animals selling click here to go the Field of Dreams Finale Facebook page

SALE UPDATES click here

Chris Hill – 202-255-7907

Norman Nabholz – 563-590-3204
Roger Turner – 608-770-0012

Sales Staff
Brian Garrison – 604-264-3240
Reid Stransky – 507-456-4156
Chad Ryan – 920-960-1449
Brian Sayles – 519-770-5943
Mike Heath – 443-375-8048
Ron Roskopf – 414 – 587-4402
Perry J. Phend – 715-533-0608
George Morasci – 209-765-7187
Louie Cozzitorto – 209-765-7187
Les Terpstra – 920-450-8532
Edwardo Garcia – (Mexico) 011 5214422190302
Pat Conroy – 260 – 402-4494
Joel Kietzman – 608-289-0096
Ryan Kroholow – 920-439-5500
Kyle Knaup – 507- 271 – 2048
Eddie Bue – 715-229-4651
John Erbsen – 815-275-4990
Robert Yeoman – 405-880-2209

Sale Managed by Nabholz Farm
24807 Neon Road
West Union, Iowa 52175

Nabholz Farm: 563-422-3692
Nabholz Fax: 563-422-3084
Cell Phone: 563-590-3204
Fairgrounds: 563-422-5202

Clerking and Insurance:
Paula Bovre, Fond du Lac, WI – 920-923-6991


Friday May 24th

4:00 – 6:00pm – Brats & Burger Social, Sponsored by St. Jacobs ABC

6:15pm – 30 Something Celebration

9:00pm – Benefit Auction for the Fayette County Fair at the Tap’t Out followed by Dance and Party time with Band

Saturday, May 25th

8:00 – 10:00am  – Breakfast

9:00 – 9:15am –  Jr. Showmanship registration at Clerks Table – click here for details

9:30am – Jr. Showmanship Competition

10:30am – Field of Dreams Finale

Accommodation & Travel


Best Rest Inn & Suites Motel (Formerly Super 8) – 563-422-3537 – ¾ mile
from the sale

The Elms Motels – 563-422-3841 – across the street from the sale

Boarders Inn Suites (Formerly Americ Inn) 563-425- 0214 – Fayette, 8 Miles from the sale


West Union is Located 45 minutes from Wisconsin and 45 minutes from Minnsota at the junction of Highways 18 & 150

The Fayette Co. Fairgrounds is located on the south side of West Union,
junction of Highways 150 & 52


Eastern Iowa Airport-Cedar Rapids, Iowa – 1 hour and 45mins from West Union

Rochester Minnesota Airport – 2 hours from West Union

Waterloo Iowa Airport  – 1 hour West Union

Dane Co. Airport, Madison, WI – 2 and ½ hours from West Union

Field Of Dreams to Honor Keightley Core and Rueter’s

In what has become a tradition the Field Of Dreams sale will honor two farms that have enhanced the dairy industry.  This year the honorees are Keightley Core Jerseys, Salvisa, Kentucky and Reuter Dairy, Peosta, Iowa. CLICK HERE for more information on these two honorees.

Sale News

THE “IRON LADY” Decrausaz Iron O’Kalibra *RC is now up for committee for EXCELLENT-96 which is Max, Score in Europe. Her first pick “Armani” sells May 24th 6:30 P.M. Special terms on this special calf. Her two closest dams are “Kalibra” and “Apple”. WORLD CLASS ! Okalibra was Grand Champion at the 2013 Swiss Expo and European National Show!

watch for more sale details and schedule to come!