Eastern National Brown Swiss Cow Show

September 19, 2012 @ Harrisburg, PA

Norm Magnussen, WI

Fall Yearling in Milk (2)

  1. Dublin Hills Sonora, (Starsky), Michelle Upton, MD
  2. Old Mill Snicksnak Faithful, (Snicksnak), AJ Bassler, VA

2 Year Old Futurity (6)

  1. Shen-Val Agenda Carly, (Agenda), Madison Weaver, PA
  2. Meadow Hill Grayson Make-It, (Grayson), Matthew Bryer, PA
  3. Wind Mill Victor Cally, (Victor), Andrew Daubert, PA
  4. Ash-Kaye Jetway Mela, (Jetway), Ashlee Heath, OH
  5. Lo-Vi Nuisance NoNo, (Claude), Kerri Wickard, PA

Junior 2 Year Old (20)

  1. Burlin Supreme Janell, (Supreme), Eric & Faith Burall, MD
  2. Renegade Titanium Sonya, (Titanium), Elite Dairy, NY
  3. Cutting Edge HV Wonder Royalty, (Wonderment), Richard Hill, NY
  4. Cutting Edge S Wedding, (Supreme), Elite Dairy, NY
  5. Top Acres Wonder Sprite, (Wonderment), Thomas Remsberg and Emmy Covell, MD

Senior 2 Year Old (13)

  1. PLA Teddy Halo, (Teddy), Walter Lant, NY
  2. Cutting Edge Wonderment Star, (Wonderment), Elite Dairy, NY
  3. Dublin Hills Sorina, (Starsky), Elite Dairy, NY
  4. Hookstead Vigor Perfecta, (Vigor), Nicole Hood, MD
  5. Hills Valley Achilles Montage, (Achilles), Derek Hill, NY

Junior 3 Year Old (13)

  1. Old Mill Starsky Love, (Starsky), Amanda Bassler, VA
  2. Meadow Agenda Adilaide, (Agenda), Elite Dairy and Audrey Heath, NY
  3. Cutting Edge PS Ann, (Power Surge), Andrew Evans and Laurie Winkleman, NY & WI
  4. Way Lyn Starsky Sandy, (Starsky), Holly Johnson, PA
  5. Round Hill Premium Agenda Freda, (Premium), Elite Dairy, NY

Senior 3 Year Old (7)

  1. Cutting Edge Gretchen, (Bonanza), Eltie Dairy, NY
  2. Cutting Edge JP Swift, (Jet Pilot), Elite Dairy, NY
  3. BoJoy Banker Genie, (Banker), Steve Wagner, PA
  4. Old Mill Snickpack Franny, (Snickpack), AJ Bassler, VA
  5. Cie Lo Vi Jericho Spreckle, (Jericho), Kenny Stanton, PA

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion
Old Mill Starsky Love, 1st Junior 3 Year Old, Amanda Bassler, VA

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Burlin Supreme Janelle, 1st Junior 2 Year Old, Eric & Faith Burall, MD

Honorable Mention
PLA Teddy Halo, 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Walter Lant, NY

4 Year Old (11)

  1. Eloc Wagor Kandid, (Wagor), Elite Dairy NY
  2. LBH Meadow Hill AD Dorita, (Admiral), Gary Mase, PA
  3. Meadow Hill River Mika, (River), Gary Mase, PA
  4. Jerland Starbuck Margo, (Starbuck), Elite Dairy, NY
  5. Forest Lawn Gateug Vine, (Gateug), Chelsea Young, VT

5 Year Old (5)

  1. Crows Nest Colby Prada, (Colby), Elite Dairy, NY
  2. Pa-Lyn-Leigh Twinkly Toe, (Denver), Colton Hartman, PA
  3. Manor Meadows Condr Schnaps, (Condor), Matthew Stanton, PA
  4. Dublin Hills Saipan, (Starsky), Michelle Upton, MD
  5. Rip-Vale Dynasty Dimples, (Dynasty), Amber Riply, WV

6 Year Old and Older (3)

  1. Brothers Three Wisp, (Legacy), Elite Dairy, NY
  2. Kulp Den Legacy Tiara, (Legacy), Megan Kulp, PA
  3. Blue Haven Snoball, (Jetway), Justine Whitney, NY

Component Merit Cow

  1. Dublin Hills Treats, (Franco), Elite Dairy, NY
  2. Hills Valley Leg Snackpack (Snackpack), Richard Hill, NY
  3. Old Mill JP Cresent, (Jet Pilot), AJ Bassler, VA
  4. Tru Dale Mascot Rockette, (Mascot), Sandra Swendsen

Senior Champions and Grand Champions

Senior Champion and Grand Champion:
Dublin Hills Treats, 1st Component Merit Cow, Elite Dairy, NY

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion:
Brothers Three Wisp, 1st Aged Cow, Elite Dairy, NY