Duckett Holsteins Celebration IV Sale 2020

July 9, 2020 @ Marshfield, WI

The Duckett Holsteins Celebration IV Sale will take place TODAY at 11:00am at the Central Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Marshfield, WI. Two exciting lots have been added to the sale! The sale order, updates & catalog are available on Cowsmo! 

Schedule of events
Wednesday, July 8th
5:00 – 8:00pm: Cattle viewing with refreshments and snacks

Thursday, July 9th
9:00am: Cattle Viewing with Coffee, Milk and Doughnuts

Sale Managers
Duckett Holsteins
Mike Duckett … 715-459-6480
Julie Duckett … 715-459-6481

MD Hillbrook
Chris Hill … 202-255-7907
Jen Hill … 301-606-2269

Sale staff
Chris Hill … 202-255-7907 Auctioneer
Tim Abbott … 802-238-1142 Pedigrees
Ron Roskopf … 414-587-4402
Michael Heath … 443-375-8048
Graisson Schmidt … 608-797-2855
Brandon Ferry … 608-335-8861
Chad Ryan … 920-960-1449
Abe Light … 315-651-7410
Paul Trapp … 715-896-7062
Nathan Thomas … 937-537-0805
Kevin Jorgensen … 920-210-3992
Brandon Almeida … 209-620-1432


Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers! Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.




Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view in full screen

Sale Order, Updates & Added lots

Sale Highlights

Visit Duckett Holsteins Facebook page for more exciting highlights! 

Lot 4

Lot 15

Lot 59

Lot 62

Lot 6: Impression ’19 March heifer sells from Nom. AA Jr 3 Fraeland Doorman Bonnie EX-92

Lot 8: Mar ’20 calf sells from the Fraeland Goldwyn Bonnie EX-95 3E family!

Lot 27: Be apart of the Frosty family with this Expander March calf!

Lot 32: Duckett Unix Gloria is the maternal sister to ’19 Res. All-Canadian Senior calf, MS Caught A Glimpse

Cattle Viewing