California State Show 2021

April 22-24, 2021 @ Turlock, CA

The California State Show 2021 will feature a Junior Holstein, Holstein, Jersey and Red & White Show on April 22-24th at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock, CA. Cowsmo is excited to once again be a part of the event and will be providing photos and results thanks to many generous sponsors.


Show Schedule
April 22nd
9:00am … Junior Holstein Show Judge: Graisson Schmidt, CA

April 23rd
9:00am … Jersey Show Judge Molly Sloan, WI

April 24th
9:00am … Holstein Show and Red & White Show Judge Ryan Krohlow, WI

Show Sponsors

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Thank you to all our sponsors!

PeeWee Showmanship

Congrats to all the kids who participated!

Advanced Showmanship (17)

1. Kyleigh Forster
2. Zander Harris
3. Henry Pareira
4. Caydee Weese
5. Kylie Konyn

Advanced Fitting

1. Kylie Konyn
2. Zander Harris
3. Henry Pareira
4. Kyleigh Forster

Overall Advanced Fitting & Showmanship Winner
Xander Harris


Intermediate Showmanship (15)

1. Xavier Silveira
2. Makenna Vlot
3. Connor Correia
4. Jon Chapman
5. Logan Silveira

Junior Showmanship

1.  Matthew Pacheco
2. Lauren Silveira
3. Chloe Chapman
4. Gino Wilson
5. Madilyn Parson

Novice Showmanship (

1. Kamryn Kasbergen
2. Caroline Vieira
3. Brody Rosa
4. Brayden Husk
5. Jaelyn Wilson