All-American Red & White Holstein Show

September 19, 2012 @ Harrisburg, PA

Chad Ryan, WI

Spring Calf (10)

  1. A&M Bushman Sunburn-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Chris & Jen Hill, MD
  2. Savage-Leigh Hattie-Red (Larson-ET), Kelli Welsh, MD
  3. Orcherdhill Colt Rory-P-Red (Colt P-Red-TW), Cecilia Morse, PA
  4. PA Lyn-Leigh J Lo-Red (Mike-Red), Colton Hartman, PA
  5. Peila-Kulp Desire-Red-ET (SS Dusk-ET), Elizabeth Pelia, PA
  6. Ovaltop Picolo Ronda-Red-ET (Picolo-Red), Michael Wolfe, NY
  7. MHF Attitude Zahar-Red (Attitude-Red-ET), Cody Eller, PA
  8. Oakleigh ColtP Honey-Red (Colt P-Red-TW), Matt Brake, PA
  9. Pineybrook Attde Rogue-Red (Attitude-Red-ET), Dyllan Ream, PA
  10. Rip-Vale Paxton Sausha-Red (SS Paxton-Red-ET), Rip Vale Farm, WV

Winter Calf (9)

  1. Roll-N-View Jet-R Tessa (Jet-Red-ET), Allison Galton, NY
  2. Greenlea Ad Afo-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Lloyd & Denise Pease, PA
  3. Tiger Lily Charg Ripple-Red (Charger), Marshman Farms LLC, NY
  4. Windsor-Manor Reindeer-Red (Charger-Red-ET) Kayla Umbel and Reese & Brinkley Burdette, PA
  5. Peilas Attitude Vivian-Red (Attitude-Red-ET), Elizabeth Peila, PA
  6. Lakevue Drm Julia-Red-ET (Durham-Red-ET), Katelyn Taylor, PA
  7. Pheasant-Echos RL Rosie-Red (Redliner-Red-ET), Katie Donmoyer, PA
  8. MHF Advent Heather-Red (K Advent-Red-ET), Cody Eller, PA
  9. Jook Colt P 6025-Red-ET (Colt P-Red-ET), Ethan Jones, MD

Fall Calf (9)

  1. Windy-Knoll-View Rizzo-Red (Attitude-Red-ET), Matthew Boop, PA
  2. Pheasant-Echos Re Diego-Red-ET (Reality-Red), Trinity Miller, MD
  3. Miss Hot Date-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Bailee Mazzaro, OH
  4. Saybrook-MRK Cori-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Carly Sherwood, PA
  5. Ga-il Picolo Plum-Red-ET (Picolo-Red-ET), Donald Yoder, GA
  6. McWilliams Torch-Red-ET (-Red-ET), Katie McWilliams, PA
  7. Ole-VA Raggi Pclo Angel-Red (Picolo-Red-ET), Jerry Shafer, VA
  8. MHF RR Sunrise-Red (Rose Royce-Red-ET), Austin Mowry, PA
  9. Ferre Redliner Supina-Red-ET (Redliner-Red-ET), Amanda Kennedy, PA

Spring Yearling (9)

  1. Miss Lucky in Love-Red (Redliner-Red-ET), Richard Green, MD
  2. Spungold-MVU Seabreeze-Red (Redliner-Red-ET), Dale & Deanne Bendig, PA
  3. Coredale Picolo Dilly-Red ( Picolo-Red-ET), Chris & Jen Hill, MD
  4. Spungold-MVU DR Alex-Red (Durham-Red), Jesse Kline, PA
  5. Kulp-Dale Cntnd Rana-Red-ET (Contender-Red), Megan Wright, PA
  6. Long-Brook Sec Dandy-Red-ET (Secure-Red-ET), Carly Sherwood, PA
  7. Jockbrae Red Clover 606 (Red Clover-Red), Amanda Kennedy, PA
  8. Castlemont Rojo-Red (Redliner-Red-ET), Evan Castragiovanni, PA
  9. Mantz Picolo Evvy-Red (Picolo-Red-ET), Edward Sekerak, PA

Winter Yearling (8)

  1. Gleneil Stirl Bo Double-Red (Sterling-ET), Laura Emerson, DE
  2. Long-Brook RL Sweety Pi-Red (Redliner-Red-ET), Carly Sherwood, PA
  3. Duckett P Lydia-Red-ET (Picolo-Red), Chris & Jen Hill, MD
  4. Kulp-Dale Destry Edna-Red (Destry-ET), Megan Wright, PA
  5. Ovaltop Picolo Sandy-Red-ET (Picolo-Red-ET), Douglas Wolfe, NY
  6. Lawrence-Haven Candy-Red (Lydon-ET), Lane Kummer, , PA
  7. Whit-Hart Shaq Ruby-Red-ET (Shaquille-ET), Katie Soucy, NH
  8. Crimson Pride RL Lola-Red-ET (F Redliner-Red-ET), Crimson Pride Holsteins, PA

Fall Yearling (5)

  1. Whitdale D Hvezda Sky-Red (Hvesda-ET), Chris & Jen Hill, MD
  2. Turnpike View Kimmy-Red-TW (Extra), Tyler Shaw, PA
  3. Midas-Touch SD Cora-Red-ET (Destry-ET), Kristin King, NY
  4. Cocalico Advt Fannie-Red-ET (Advent-Red), Joel Musselman, PA
  5. Rip-Vale Apple Carmed-Red (Big Apple-Red-ET), Rip-Vale Farm, WV

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Whitdale D Hvezda Sky-Red (Hvesda-ET), Chris & Jen Hill, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Gleneil Stirl Bo Double-Red (Sterling-ET), Laura Emerson, DE

HM Junior Champion
Windy-Knoll-View Rizzo-Red (Attitude-Red-ET), Matthew Boop, PA

Junior Best 3 Females (1)

  1. Mowry Homestead Farm, , PA

Dry Cow (1)

  1. Pineybrook Cupid-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Lexi Ream, PA

Milking Yearling (1)

  1. Greenlea Ad Lin-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Spencer Weimer, PA

Junior Two-Year-Old (6)

  1. (BU) Ms Glad-Ray More Fun-Red (Contender-Red), Cooper Galton, NY
  2. Lawrence-Haven Annie-Red (Destry-ET), Cessna Bros., PA
  3. (BO) Maple-Downs-I CC Cindy-ET (Scientific Debonair-Red-ETS), Craig Countryman, NY
  4. Ovaltop Advent Redrose-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Douglas Wolfe, NY
  5. Bressners Advt Molly-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Ryan Morrill, NH
  6. Ajay Abls Adv Lastraube-Red-ET (Absolute-Red-ET), Joel & Margaret Alsdorf, PA

Senior Two-Year-Old (8)

  1. (BU) Rob-Sara Rustler Tina B-Red (Rustler-Red), Laura Emerson, DE
  2. Greenlea-TM Real AB-Red-ET (Reality-Red), Cassidy Schirmer, MD
  3. Greenlea-TM Des Bea-Red-ET (Destry-ET), Berry, Lomeo & Heath, MD
  4. Rob-Sara Ad Maria-Red (Advent-Red-ET), Laura Emerson & Ryan VanSant, MD
  5. Lawrence-Haven Vixin-Red (Jet-Red-ET), Ian Taylor, PA
  6. Brooms-Bloom DB Goddess-Red (Debonair-Red-ET), Emmy Dallam, MD
  7. Oakleigh Matrix Hust-Red-ET (Matrix-Red-ET), Matt Brake, PA
  8. Spungold Jet Sunrise-Red-ET (Jet-Red-ET), Dale & Deanna Bendig, PA

Junior Three-Year-Old (4)

  1. (BU, B&O) Lakevue Debonair Jade-Red (Debonair-Red-ETS), John Couch, PA
  2. Spungold-MVU Autumn-Red-ET (Rose Royce-Red-ET), Dale & Deanna Bendig, PA
  3. Ker-Bea-Vu LB Pink Lady-Red (Lawn Boy-P-Red), Marissa Kerkendall, NJ
  4. MD-Valleyvue Q Lily-Red-ET (Shaquille-ET), Kara Savage, MD

Senior Three-Year-Old

  1. (BU) Mstrplt Rock of Love-Red-ET (Destruction), Richard Green, DE
  2. New-Vision Tenley-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Martin Peila, PA
  3. Arethusa Adv Maiden-Red-ET (Mercedes SS-ET), Marlin Shultz, PA

Intermediate Champion-Open Show

Ms Glad-Ray More Fun-Red (Contender-Red), 1st junior 2-year-old, Cooper Galton, NY
Reserve Intermediate Champion-Open Show
Rob-Sara Rustler Tina B-Red (Rustler-Red), 1st senior 2-year-old, Laura Emerson, DE

Four-Year-Old (6)

  1. (BU, B&O) Greelea Adv Cara-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Richard Green, DE
  2. Ridgedale Runway-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), W. Cyrus Conard, , NY
  3. Leeland Advent Star-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Kimberly, Ryan & Robert Morrill, NH
  4. Spungold-MVU Salsa-Red-ET (Redman-Red-ET), Dale & Deanna Bendig, PA
  5. Oakleigh Redman Huri-Red-ET (Redman-Red-ET), Matt Brake, PA
  6. Blaze-N-Sn RL Destiny-Red (Redliner-Red-ET), Austin Mowry, PA

Five-Year-Old (1)

  1. (BU) Greenlea Ad Mae-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Wayne & Cindee Savage and Matt & Kelli Welsh, MD

Aged Cow (3)

  1. (BU, B&O) Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (Talent-Imp-ET), W. Cyrus Conard, NY
  2. Spungold-MVU Jordan Jet-Red (Jordan-Red-ET), Dale & Deanna Bending, PA
  3. MD-Valleyvue Ad Lisa-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Kara Savage, MD

125,000 lb Cow (1)

  1. (BU, B&O) Blaze-N-Sun Sunny-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), Dale & Deanna Bendig, PA

Senior Champion-Open Show

Greelea Adv Cara-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), 1st 4-year-old, Richard Green, DE
Reserve Senior Champion-Open Show
Ridgedale Runway-Red-ET (Advent-Red-ET), 2nd 4-year-old, W. Cyrus Conard, NY

Grand Champion-Open Show

Ms Glad-Ray More Fun-Red (Contender-Red), 1st junior 2-year-old, Cooper Galton, NY
Reserve Grand Champion-Open Show
Rob-Sara Rustler Tina B-Red (Rustler-Red), 1st senior 2-year-old, Laura Emerson, DE

Senior Best Three Females (1)

  1. Spungold -MVU

Produce of Dam (2)

  1. W. Cyrus Conard
  2. MD-Hillbrook

Dam and Daughter (4)

  1. Richard Green
  2. Kara Savage
  3. Spungold-MVU
  4. Cecilia Morse

Premier Breeder

Greenlea Holsteins, Richard Green

Premier Exhibitor

Spungold-MVU, Dale & Deanna Bendig