All-American Jersey Show 2020

November 9, 2020 @ Louisville, KY

Justin Bardette, PA

The All-American Jersey Heifer Show 2020 has concluded in Louisville, KY. Judge Justin Burdette found his Junior Champion in the Spring Yearling class – Big Guns Andreas Velvet-ET, exhibited by Benjamin & Sara Kronberg of Milton, WI. His Reserve Junior Champion was the winning Summer Yearling – Underground Lollipop Lucy-ET, exhibited by Misty Meadow Dairy of Tillamook, OR.

Cowsmo was on hand covering the show with photos and results thanks to the sponsorship from TransOva Genetics! 

See results from the Cow portion of the All-American Jersey Show HERE! 

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Big Guns Andreas Velvet-ET (Andreas), 1st Spring Yearling, Benjamin & Sara Kronberg, WI

Reserve Junior Champion
Underground Lollipop Lucy-ET (Mr Swagger), 1st Summer Yearling, Misty Meadow Dairy, OR

GJPI Junior Champion

LLR Premier Tango-ET (Premier), Lauren, Grace & Claire Starr, CA

Spring Calf (29)

1. Milksource Reviresco Molly (Reviresco), Vierra Dairy Farm, CA
2. Four-hills Joel Baracuda-et (Joel), Spatz Cattle Co. & Dream Valley, PA
3. Crestbrooke Colton Melonia-ET (Colton), Tim, Barb & Kyle Natzke, WI
4. Four-Hills Joel Badger 67489-ET (Joel), Triple-T, Michael Heath & Kelly Barbee, OH
5. Goff Premier 41558-ET (Premier), Buster Goff, NM
6. Heart&Soul Fizz Fine Wine-ET (Fizz), Matthew Boop, PA
7. Marlau Andreas Jeannette (Andreas), Bos Dairy & Franchise, OH
8. Big Guns Engineer Valaura-ET (Engineer), Duane Cole, Tom & Charity Mazzaro, OH
9. JX Cornish Colton Brecksley (Colton), Meg & Greg Cornish & Jacoby Gilbert, OH
10. Big Gunns Engineer Vinyasa-ET (Engineer), Daniel Yorton, MD

Intermediate Calf (29)

1. Arethusa Gentry Chantile-ET (Gentry), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. Stadview Gentry Velocity (Gentry), Bos Dairy LLC, NM
3. Meadowridge Andreas Huckleberry (Andreas), Riebe Roger, Emma & Alleah Anderson, WI
4. HC-Rader Gentry Saba (Gentry), Shelby M Rader, PA
5. MM-T Pockets Game On-ET (Vaden), Jason Pareo, NM
6. Krahn Girls VIP Luxury-ET (VIP), Blue Diamond Jerseys, IA
7. Locust-Ayr Hardy Rayna (Hardy), Michael Haines, MD
8. SSF Colton Lorelia (Colton), Avery, Lauren, Grace & Claire Starr, CA
9. Dream-Valley Kid Rock Tour (Kid Rock), Michael Bosley, PA
10. Cowbell Velocity Miracle On Ice (Velocity), Christine Sheesley Rozler, NY

Senior Calf (34)

1. Ehrhardt Nuance Swirl (Nuance), Franchise, Glamourview & David Jordan, OH
2. Arethusa Andreas Sunlight-ET (Andreas), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
3. Discoverys Applejack Jewelery-ET (Applejack), Lisa Demmer, WI
4. Bambi-Kkck Joey Susan (Joey), Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse & Gene Henderson, IA
5. Rivendale Gentry Freya-ET (Gentry), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
6. Arethusa Andreas Chablis-ET (Andreas), David Hogan, OR
7. Maplebranch Premier Deliverance-ET (Premier), Mark & Susan Thomas, IN
8. Hammerdown Colton Fantastic (Colton), Lane Bollenbacher, Sophia & Ellie Schilling, IN
9. Heart&Soul Shut Up & Get Freaky-ET (Shut Out), Matthew Boop, PA
10. Aerlei J Folly (Joel), Caylei Arnold, CT

Summer Yearling (23)

1. Underground Lollipop Lucy-ET (Mr Swagger), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. Miss Underground Lolipop Lillian-ET (Mr Swagger), Rancho Teresita Dairy, CA
3. Stars Sipping Starbucks (Andreas), Franchise, David Jordan and Mark & Will Iager, MD
4. Pacific Edge Gentry Drake (Gentry), Brent Rocha, Or
5. Rosewood Andreas Lost N Found (Andreas), Rosewood / Maplebranch, IN
6. Dayspring Velo Espresso (Velocity), Duane Cole, Elijah Dobay , Tabatha Sherbourne & Matt Boop, OH
7.  Big Guns Andreas Visa-ET (Andreas), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
8. Meadowridge Kellogg Karlie (Kellogg), Roger Riebe, Emma & Alleah Anderson, WI
9. Discoverys Applejack Junebug (Applejack), Lisa Demmer, WI
10. Pacific Edge Andreas Monet-ET (Andreas), Brent Rocha, OR

Spring Yearling (19)

1. Big Guns Andreas Velvet-ET (Andreas), Benjamin & Sara Kronberg, WI
2. Lady Lane Impression Josephine (Impression), Finley Rosa, CA
3. Klinedell Vaden Jenny-ET (Vaden), Larry & Delon Mortimer, Todd Killpack & Braden Anderson, UT
4. Heart & Soul Fizz Flame-ET (Fizz), Austin Baker, NC
5. LC Barnabas Annie (Barnabas), Erin & Sophie Leach, KS
6. South Mountain Fizz Chablis-ET (Fizz), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
7. Schulte Bros Colton Grand (Colton), Landree Fraley & Dakota Fraley, PA
8. Dream-Valley Nightclub (Oliver-P), Michael Bosley, PA
9. SSF VIP Lydia (VIP), Josh, Jenny, Abigail, Katelyn, William & Matthew Gordon, IN
10. Hobby Hill Reinas Riesling (Andreas), Drew Hill, NY

Winter Yearling (18)

1. Schulte Bros Colton Fame (Colton), Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse and Gene Henderson, IA
2. Big Guns Gentry Vegas-ET (Gentry), Madison Fisher & Petra Meier, PA
3. Cold Run Gentry Jazzy Lady (Gentry), Shelby Rader, PA
4. SVHeaths Gentry Mystic (Gentry), Ernie Kueffner & Terri Packard and Misty Meadows Dairy, MD
5. Budjon-Vail Jordan C Shaneese-ET (Colton), Rebecca & Carly Shaw and Kash-In Jerseys, PA
6. Pacific Edge Premier Diva-ET (Premier), Brent Rocha, OR
7. Arethusa Fizz Cabernet-ET (Fizz), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
8. Crestbrooke Barnabas My-O-My (Barnabas), Kash-In Jerseys, CA
9. Big Guns Andreas Vienna-ET (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
10. Heart & Soul VIP Fan Club-ET (VIP), Matthew Boop & Duane Cole, PA

Junior Best 3 Females

1. Madison Fisher, PA
2. Pacific Edge Jerseys, OR