All American Jersey Show

November 5, 2012 @ Louisville, KY

Kevin Lutz, Lincolnton, NC

Spring Calf (21)

1. Meadow Ridge Mac Kaitynn (Mac), Roger Riebe Family and Gene Henderson
2. Kyles RM Dutchess (Musketeer), Kyle B. Barlass
3. DKG Jade Wild Plum (Jade), Donna Greiwe
4. PauleView Lazy M Isabell (Governor), Suton and Paulson
5. Meadow Ridge Verbatim Claire (Response), Roger Riebe Family


Winter Calf (30)

1. MeadowRidge Jacknife Lena (Jacknife), Roger Riebe Family
2. Tequila Evander Cherish (Tequila), Blankenship Jerseys
3. Destinys Child Tequila Beyonce (Tequila), Katy Spesard
4. Stoney Point HG Julia (Gun), Spring Valley Jerseys
5. DKG Tequila Coffee (Tequila), Donna Greiwe

Fall Calf (35)

1. Underground Jan-Mamie Irene-ET (Indiana), Budjon and Peter Vail
2. Latimore VR Jennys Jewel (Response), Janet Ludwig
3. Xanadu Grand Total (Grand), Sam, Angela & George Colpetzer
4. RRF Tequila Electra (Tequila), Reinholt Jerseys
5. MNMKR Tequila Makes Me Giddy-ET (Tequila), Kaila Wussow

Summer Yearling (22)

1. Highland-H Minister Sea (Minister), Dale E. Hindman
2. KCJF Motions Candoit (Motion), Brittany Core
3. Mortimers Indiana Goldie (Indiana), Delon Mortimer
4. Purple Fever Tequila Utopia (Tequila), Lundgren and Rader
5. Xanadu Just Too Bad (Justice), Angela Colpetzer

Spring Yearling (20)

1. DKG Motions Nancy (Motion), Donna Greiwe
2. Discoverys Tequila Jewelene (Tequila), Lisa Demmer
3. Arethusa Tequila Venice (Tequila), Kyle Cacciola
4. Kyles Louie Moonlight (Louie), Janelle Renee Remington
5. Edgebrook Giller Natalie (Giller), Mike & Julie Hemp and Mike & Brenda Dilly

Winter Yearling (15)

1. Xanadu MG Aubrey (Minister), Sam, Angela & George Colpetzer
2. Kilgus Iatola Roweena (Iatola), Kilgus Dairy
3. Partee at Budjon Licorice (Jade), Emma Olstad
4. Spring Cellar Indiana Felicia (Indiana), Hobbs & Lutz
5. Meadow Ridge King Meagan (King), Roger Riebe Family and Gene Henderson

Junior Champion: Highland-H Minister Sea (Minister), 1st Summer Yearling, Dale E. Hindman, PA
Reserve Junior Champion: DKG Motions Nancy (Motion), 1st Spring Yearling, Donna Greiwe, OH
HM Junior Champion: Underground Jan-Mamie Irene-ET (Indiana), 1st Fall Calf, Budjon and Peter Vail, WI

Jr. Best Three
1. Colpetzer
2. Greiwe
3. Roger Riebe Family

Milking Fall Yearling (34)

1. Ratliff Action Angel (Action), Ron & Christy Ratliff
2. KCJF Motions Comotion (Motion), Brady Core
3. Whitney Oaks K Beth (Keeper), Airoso & Van Exel
4. K&M North Star Charity (Northstar), Erbsen, Nabholz and Waverly
5. WF Motion Alaska (Motion), Stover Farms

Jr. 2 Year Old (32)

1. Meadow Ridge Jacknife Summer (Jacknife), Roger Riebe Family
2. Norse Star Iatola Brooklyn (Iatola), Norse Star Jerseys
3. Candylane Sultan GG (Sultan), Aaron Lancaster
4. Avonlea Iatola Victory (Iatola), River Valley Farm
5. SV Heaths Giller June (Giller), Spring Valley Farm

Sr. 2 Year Old (25)

1. Budjon-Vail Sambo Glenna-ET (Sambo), Budjon & Peter Vail
2. Ratliff Action Dazzle (Action), Herby, Amanda and Hobbs Lutz
3. Ratliff Sambo Dream-ET (Sambo), Ron & Christy Ratliff
4. Chilli Minister Cinnamon (Minister), Michael Heath and Kevin Erhardt
5. WF Standout Gala (Iatola), Waverly Farm

Jr. 3 Year Old (23)

1. WF Standout Gigi (Standout), Waverly Farm
2. KCJF Governors Reagan (Governor), Brooke, Brady and Brittany Core
3. South Haven Gov Rose (Governor), Mackenzie Poole
4. SV Heaths Rachel Alexandra (Talledega), Ryan Poole
5. Double Rose A Prime Anna (Primetime), Budjon & Peter Vail

Sr. 3 Year Old (21)

1. Cascadia Iatola Puzzle (Iatola), Gene Iager
2. Ratliff Minister Porscha (Minister), Christy Ratliff
3. Family Hill MB Action Funny (Action), Ryan and Ferynie Lancaster and Mike Berry
4. K&M Comerica Ginny (Comerica), Budjon & Peter Vail
5. BW Vernerable Korina S418 (Venerable), Brentwood Farms & River Valley Farm

Intermediate Champion: Cascadia Iatola Puzzle (Iatola), 1st Sr. 3 Year Old, Gene Iager, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Ratliff Minister Porscha (Minister), 2nd Sr. 3 Year Old, Christy Ratliff, KS
HM Intermediate Champion: KCJF Tracer Ritzy (Tracer), 1st Jersey Jug, Brady Core, KY

4 Year Old (32)

1. Macys Asteroid (Iatola), Mary Rawn
2. South Mountain Voltage Spice (Voltage), Rivery Valley Farm
3. RRF Comerica Darby-ET (Comerica), Reinholt Jerseys
4. September Star Impulse (Impulse), Buster Goff
5. Governor Angel of Family Hill (Governor), Ryan & Freynie Lancaster & Ahnie Seaholm

5 Year Old (14)

1. WF Attaboy Tiffany (Attaboy), Waverly Farm
2. Hawarden Pixar Star (Pixar), Keightly & Core, Nabholz and Woods
3. Hillacres Morrae Maryland (Bellmont), Budjon & Peter Vail
4. RJF Jamaica Rockstar (Jamaica), Billings Farm
5. Norse Star Tequila Katie (Tequila), Norse Star Jerseys

Aged Cow (10)

1. Dalmacee-J Counciller Tauntra (Counciller), Waverly Farm
2. Family Hill Sultan Foxy (Foxy), Ryan Lancaster and Frigot Mahovlic
3. Frederick 2783 Adventure (Hercules), Iager, Lackley and Rader
4. Tallys Centurion Tilly (Centurion), Bush River and Skip-A-Rilla
5. TJ Classic Golden Brooke (Ferreira), TJ Classic Jerseys

Lifetime Production (4)

1. KCJF Regency Treasure (Regency), Brittany Core
2. FCF Prize Ella (Prize), Stookeyholm Holsteins
3. Family Hill Thunder Georgia (Thunder), Aaron Lancaster
4. SAR Charismatic Mischief (Charismatic), Herby & Amanda Lutz

Senior Champion and Best Bred & Owned: WF Attaboy Tiffany (Attaboy), Waverly Farm, VA
Reserve Senior Champion: Hawarden Pixar Star (Pixar), Keightly & Core, Nabholz and Woods, KY
HM Senior Champion Macys Asteroid (Iatola), Mary Rawn, WV

Grand Champion: Cascadia Iatola Puzzle (Iatola), 1st Sr. 3-year-old, Gene Iager, OH
Reserve Grand Champion: WF Attaboy Tiffany (Attaboy), 1st 5-year-old, Waverly Farm, VA
HM Grand Champion: Hawarden Pixar Star (Pixar), Keightly & Core, Nabholz and Woods, KY