Agriscot 2014 Supercow

Wednesday 19th November 2014 @ Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr Eddie Griffiths, Yorkshire

Taking the coveted “Superheifer” award at the 2014 Agriscot was Ortongrange Snowman Alysia from Wiltor Holsteins. The Supercow title was awarded to Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody from Yasmin Bradbury

Candids from around the show

Interbreed Superheifer

Champion Superheifer
Ortongrange Snowman Alysia (Snowman), Wiltor Holsteins, Gwent (Holstein)
Reserve Champion Superheifer
Saxown Tequila Alexandra 6 (Tequila), W A Burton & R A Butterfield, Lancaster

Interbreed Supercow

Champion Supercow
Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody (Goldwyn), Y K Bradbury, Derbyshire (Holstein)
Reserve Champion Supercow
Clydevalley Governor Flora (Governor), The Hunter Family, Lanarkshire