Agriscot 2014 Red and White

Wednesday 19th November 2014 @ Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr Eddie Griffiths, Yorkshire

Dilandy Debonair Tabitha Red wins the Red & White Champion at Agriscot 2014, for full results and pictures

Heifer in Milk (6)

1. (BO)Parkend Director Starlet Red (Director), B Weatherup, Fife
2. Swaites Mavis 6 (Curtis), Messrs J Adamson & Son, Lanark
3. Marleycote Julia 3 (Gerry), G G Baynes & Son, Northumberland
4. Cuthill Towers Classic Serina (Classic), Messrs A & S Lawrie, Kinross

Cow in Milk (4)

1. Dilandy Debonair Tabitha Red (Debonair), S Yates & C Lawrie, Dumfries
2. (BO) Cuthill Towers Mystic Molly 7 ((Lustrum), Mesrs A & S Lawrie, Kinross
3. Morwick Classic Princess Red, (Classic), D A Howie & Sons, Northumberland
4. Morwick Savard Radish Red (Savard), D A Howie & Sons, Northumberland