2020 Oklahoma State Sale Averages $3050!

September 24, 2020 @ Stillwater, OK

The Oklahoma State Sale took place on September 24th in Stillwater, OK, held in conjunction with the Southern Fall National Holstein & Jersey Show. A very nice crowd attended to watch a very nice lineup of cattle pass through the sale ring and the overall average on 48 head was $3050 (48 Holsteins averaged $2978.00; 12 Jerseys averaged $3268.00).

High Sellers:
Lot 51 – $5,700 – Goff Premier 41565-ET born March 7, 2020 sired by Premier from Goff Valentino 20193-ET EX-95%, then Bolle-Acres MJ Willie May EX-95%, the All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 1998 and All-American 4-Year-Old 1999.
Consignor: Buster Goff, Hobbs, NM
Buyer: Samantha Semrad, OK

Lot 22 – $5,500 – Redcarpet Warrior Wrigley-ET born December 3, 2019 sired by Warrior-Red-ET from Arethusa Sid Tess EX-92, the All-American Milking Yearling in 2015.
Consignor: Jonathan Heinsohn, Kirkland, IL
Buyer: Chupp Farms, Inola, OK 

Lot 58 – $4,700 – June, 2020 calf sired by Colton-ET from Sugar & Spice Tequila Karma-ET, Reserve Intermediate Champion, Ozark Empire Fair 2020; 3rd dam is Page-Crest Excitation Karlie EX-95% All-American and All-Canadian 2012 & 2013.
Consignor: Daniel Yorton, Linkwood, MD

Lot 6 – $4,600 – Borderview 659 Avalanche-ET born December 15, 2019 sired by Avalanche from Dubeau Dundee
Hezbollah EX-92 All-American and All-Canadian 2009.
Consignor: Devon Benfer, Concordia, KS
Buyer: Larry Wright, Verona, MO

Lot 1 – $4,500 – Black-Rock Jacoby Amazing VG-88 EX-MS born December 7, 2017 sired by Jacoby from Milksource Arch Linkedin-ET VG-87; 2nd dam Idee Shottle Lalia EX-95.
Consignor: En-Mar Holsteins, Wahoo, NE
Buyer: Alan Dykshorn, Ireton, IA

The sale was sponsored by the Oklahoma Holstein Association and the Oklahoma Jersey Association. Stanley Chupp ran the gavel as the auctioneer and Larry Wright handled the pedigree duties.









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Sale Highlights

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