2013 All-European Championship Red & White Holstein Show

March 1 & 2 @ Fribourg

Full PHOTO GALLERIES now online along with results for the All European Show Red & White Holstein Show

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Click here for the live stream link to see the All-European Championship Show. The show starts at 9am CET.

Check back for photos of this great show!

European Championship 2013

European Champion 2013 & Champion Senior:
Suard-Red Jordan Irene (Jordan), Frères Schrago, Middes (CH)

Reserve Champion 2013 & Reserve Senior:
En Soussat Jordan Doucette (Jordan), Pierre-Alain Suchet Farvagny (CH)

Junior Champions - In MIlk

Red Holstein Junior Champion:
Yerly Ralstorm Gemina (Ralstorm), Everdes Holstein Echarlens (CH)

Reserve Junior Champion:
Plattery Savard Rénita (Savard), Christian Menoud, Romanens (CH)

Red Holstein, Class 1:

1. Plattery Savard Rénita (Savard), Christian Menoud, Romanens (CH)
2. Fière (Accolade), Jean- Louis Lafon, Pleaux (FR)
3. COC-Fahred (Destry), David Dallery, Bailleul (FR)

Red Holstein, Class 2:

1. Yerly Ralstorm Gémina (Ralstorm), Everdes Holstein, Echarlens (CH)
2. Elisa Red de l’Herb (Touchdown), Herbagère Moureaux, Flavion (B)
3. Buri’s Debonair Florence (Debonair), Barbara + Urs Buri, Hasle-Rüegsau (CH)

Red Holstein, Class 3:

1. Jowis Incas Flavia, Erich Zinger- Thomi, Grund b. Gstaad (CH)
2. La Waebera Acme Sublime, Michel Clément, Le Mouret (CH)
3. Märchlingen Merino Mirella, Walter Lüthi, Allmendingen b. BE (CH).

Red Holstein, Class 4:

1. Suard-Red Jordan Irene (Jordan), Frères Schrago, Middes (CH)
2. En Soussat Jordan Doucette (Jordan), Pierre-Alain Suchet, Farvagny (CH)
3. Paris (Rustler), Soetten Botter Holsteins, Harfsen (NL)

Preparations are well under way for the European Holstein Show – Stay tuned for more pictures from Cowsmo of the Swiss Mountain High Sale 2 and the Swiss European Sale and of course all the results & pictures from both the Black & White and Red & White shows on Saturday.

Click here for Link of a short video that talks about the show

All-European Press Release

The big day is here! More than 160 cows taking part in the All- European Holstein and Red Holstein Championship were welcomed on Tuesday 26 February in excellent conditions. Trucks from a number of European countries arrived to drop off and prepare the finest animals on the continent. The Forum Fribourg exhibition centre is buzzing. The hall and ring are ready to host one of the most eagerly awaited breeding events in the last three years.

The cows are here!

Tuesday 26 February, 08:05 am. The first truck rolled into the region of Fribourg. Those on board were animated by the hope of receiving prestigious recognition for their ceaseless work over the last few months. There was a tangible feeling of nervousness and enthusiasm in the air as they unloaded the equipment and the animals. Shortly afterwards, the other trucks began to arrive.

The delegations from 17 different countries will be taking part in the competition and cannot wait for Friday and Saturday. Great care is being taken over the work and the final preparations for the Holstein and Red Holstein cows, which need to be fed, cared for and cleaned. The cowsheds are in place and ready for the championship.

click here to see the full press release and schedule