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Ask the Hooftrimmer

I have a question related to sand bedding. We converted to sand bedding about a year ago and it seems that we’re now getting more lameness then before.

CNS mastitis – what is it anyway?

Coagulase-Negative Staphs (CNS) may be the leading cause of subclinical mastitis and yet it has been a mystery.

Longterm sustainability at Clandeboye

The 2,000 acre estate provides the majestic and picturesque backdrop for the Clandeboy herd of Holsteins and Jerseys, owned by Lady Dufferin.   

Portfolio Strategy

One thing we’ve learned in our years following the market, is that intense price competition is never good news for stocks as it tends to have a major deleterious impact …

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Alicia & Adeen…a Legacy Unmatched

The word “legacy” is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “something that is passed down from an ancestor, a gift of personal property or characteristics.”

Royal Windsor Jerseys

The pristine parklands of Englans greena nd pleasant lands provide the perfect backdrop for the Royal Windsor herd of Jerseys. The verdant fields and imposing Royal Oaks create a majestic …

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