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Can storage of vaccine affect its efficacy?

Respiratory disease in cattle also known as BRD, shipping fever or pneumonia may cost the U.S. cattle industry over $2 billion annually (Powell 2013).

How to manage dystocia calves

Dystocia is defined as delayed or difficult parturition. General causes are fetal-maternal size mismatch, fetal malpresentation and maternal-related causes.

Digestible NDF – Important for Dairy Cows!

With the high feed/ingredient costs in Western Canada and the lower quality alfalfa hay/haylage this year, I have noticed a trend towards higher starch lactating cow diets.

Ask the Hooftrimmer

I have a question related to sand bedding. We converted to sand bedding about a year ago and it seems that we’re now getting more lameness then before.

CNS mastitis – what is it anyway?

Coagulase-Negative Staphs (CNS) may be the leading cause of subclinical mastitis and yet it has been a mystery.

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