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Key points for dairy calf weaning protocol

Establishing a good weaned dairy calf protocol has a huge impact of the health of the calf, her age at calving, and potentially future milk production.

Prevent acidosis on stubble fields

Grazing corn residues is an economical means of extending grazing and decreasing reliance on stored feeds during the winter months.

Success in 3 breeds – Musqie Valley Farms

Musqie Valley Farms from Elderbank Nova Scotia, is ran by John and Gwen Dillman and their son Reg Dillman along with wife Melissa and two children Kaden and Tate.

Founding Fathers

Norman E. Magnussen, hailed from Lake Mills, Wisconsin, a mere 28 miles from Madison. His Norvic herd had been in the thick of competition at Brown Swiss Shows throughout the …

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Can storage of vaccine affect its efficacy?

Respiratory disease in cattle also known as BRD, shipping fever or pneumonia may cost the U.S. cattle industry over $2 billion annually (Powell 2013).

How to manage dystocia calves

Dystocia is defined as delayed or difficult parturition. General causes are fetal-maternal size mismatch, fetal malpresentation and maternal-related causes.

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