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Melissa Lesy

Gouge Joins All-West team in Washington

Burlington, WA-All-West Select Sires is pleased to announce the addition of Lexi Gouge to the technician team.

Robotic milkers calming for cows

Farmers who use robots to milk their cows have noticed a change in their dairy herd structure.

Rumen8 receives a much-needed update

Dairy cow diet and cost management tool Rumen8 has received a much-needed update and is free to the public following support from Western Dairy.

Scotland Dairy farms hit a record low

The number of dairy farms in Scotland has hit a record low after more than 20 farmers made the “heartbreaking” decision to turn their back on milk production last year.

US Milk prices hit a record high

Milk futures hit a record high for the eighth consecutive month in September, driving a boom in domestic milk production.

Cheese Please!

Dairy is considered part of a healthy diet and dietary guidelines recommend the daily consumption of 2-4 portions of milk-based products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, cream and butter.

World Dairy Expo Youth Contests Entries Due Soon

MADISON, WIS. – Youth are encouraged to enter World Dairy Expo’s Youth Showmanship Contest. This year’s entry deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 5 p.m.

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