The Farmer Wants a Wife: An Exclusive Matchmaking Service provided by Table for Six

Table for Six launched in Ireland in 2017, the brainchild of “Dating Specialist and Matchmaker” Mairead Loughman, and has quickly become one of the Ireland’s most popular dating events. One of its main services, “The Farmer Wants a Wife” is designed specifically to help hard working farmers, both male and female, find a match.

“A Table for Six has had a lot of media coverage and I started getting queries from farmers all over Ireland about our events. As someone dating a farmer myself, I understand the demands of the job and would consistently run into great guys who were looking to meet girls with a country background. That’s why I started The Farmer Wants a Wife, which is similar to the Table for Six events but geared towards rural matches.”

Table for Six is “all about meeting your special someone and new friends in a fun, relaxed, civilized environment.” The events, which consist of 3 single ladies and 3 single men going on group dinner dates, caters to everyone from 18-70 and have 100’s of success stories so far. “So often it’s hard to meet new people outside of your regular social circle,” said Mairead, “that’s why I created these events.” The popularity in Ireland alone led to a launch in the UK which has been hugely popular. The company plans to expand into other countries over the next few years and already hosts Table for Six events at agriculture events globally.

How Does It Work?
After purchasing a ticket in the age group and location of your choice, a person is asked number of questions to help match them to the best table. Sometimes it can take up to 120 days for a table to become full of like-minded individuals. Tables are matched based on age, occupation, background, preferences etc. Although you are allowed to attend with a friend, most people attend comfortably alone which Table for Six feels provides the best opportunity.

When a table of six has been matched, the ticket holder receives the details of date, time and location. At the restaurant you are brought to your table and encouraged to sit male, female, male, female. Everyone briefly introduces themselves and the night flows freely from there. In the end a person might meet someone they’d like to see again, but if not, they’ve enjoyed a good night of food and company.

In addition to Farmer Wants a Wife, Table for Six matches LGBT tables, tables for those interested in fine dining, and “Exclusive and Exotic” tables which sometimes requires a passport! They also host speed dating events where, after each meal course the men are invited to switch tables, ensuring that a person meets a minimum of 12 eligible matches throughout the evening.

So if you’re looking to meet a great match, let Table for Six do the work and sign up for a “Farmer Wants a Wife” event near you!