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Cow of the Year Nominee: Boulet Goldwyn Chalou

Our next Cow of the Year nominee also hails from Quebec, Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX-96 3E 17*. Bred by Ferme Boulet, a 2X Master Breeder herd, and now owned in partnership with Ferme Vilmer, Chalou has made an impact on the Holstein breed and is a prime candidate for this year’s ‘Cow of the Year’ contest.

Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX-96 3E 17*

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Chalou would be a great transmitter of genetics. Her dam Boulet Lheros Chaly VG-89 23* is just one in a long line of VG and EX dams, nine generations to be exact, who contribute 43 brood stars to the pedigree. Additionally, Chalou’s great granddam, Boulet Aerostar Chanel EX 3E 23* was nominated for Canadian Cow of the Year in 2003.

To date, Chalou has 38 classified daughters, including 10 EX, 21 VG and 6 GP. She also has 2 EX and 33 VG granddaughters to date, many of which have had daughters of their own that will only contribute to Chalou’s legacy when they come into production. “Chalou is a great marker of the history of genetics in our herd and will also mark the future,” say Kevin and Simon Boulet. “She transmits exceptional quality of mammary systems to her offspring.”

Dry Nov 2018, Chalou will turn 13 in July 2019 and calve again in August (Photo by Dominique Savary)

In her 5 lactations, Chalou has produced over 90,000 kg’s of milk, 4451 kg fat (4.8%) and 3197 kg protein (3.5%), with BCA’s of 302-363-306. She has also completed two Superior Lactations. Her daughters have also won numerous production awards. Chalou will turn 13 years old this coming July and is due later this summer after having been on an extensive flush program.

While Chalou has left her mark on the Boulet herd and many other herds in Quebec, she also made friends around the world while she left her mark in the show ring. “Chalou’s ease and presence in the show ring has allowed her to win several regional, provincial, national and even international titles,” say Kevin and Simon, “many breeders across Quebec and across the country have benefited from this cow family.” Chalou is a 2X Honorable Mention All-Canadian Mature Cow winner and was both Reserve All-American (2012) and Honorable Mention All-American (2014), also as a Mature Cow. She stood in the top three of the Mature Cow class at both World Dairy Expo and the Royal in 2012 and 2014.

Chalou – 3rd Aged Cow WDE 2014

The Boulet family is extremely proud to have Chalou nominated for this year’s Cow of the Year competition saying, “Chalou has a rich heritage and many VG and EX daughters. She is certainly a cow that makes you dream!” Congratulations to Ferme Boulet on breeding this great individual and to their partners at Ferme Vilmer.

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