Celebrating Impact Cow Families in Atlantic Canada

According to the Canadian government stats on dairy farming and cow #’s in this country, only 6.4% of the Canadian cow population is located in the four Atlantic provinces: Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Newfoundland/Labrador. With that in mind, there has been 47 recipients of the prestigious Master Breeder Shield in the Atlantic provinces; 9 contenders (including 4 winners) of the Canadian Cow of the Year Award have been produced there; and, in 2014 alone, there were 17 nominations, either All-Canadian or All-American, that were bred or exhibited by Atlantic Canada breeders. If that isn’t enough to “wow” you, consider this: Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, has produced 3 Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion Holsteins in 14 years!

This year the Canadian National Holstein Convention will be held in the province of New Brunswick. In honor of that, we wanted to highlight some of the great cow families that have come out of the four Atlantic Provinces.

Breeder: Ravenswell Holsteins, ON
Past Owners: Freemon Simmons, Ira C. Craswell, Idee Holsteins & Lylehaven Holsteins, PE & VT
Current Owner: Idee Holstein, PE

All roads lead to Lydia! Backed by 7 generations of VG & EX dams who combine for 20* stars, Lydia has a resume of accolades that every dairy farmer dreams of. Nominated for Canadian Cow of the Year in 2000, she has produced 11 Excellent & 13 VG daughters in North America, many with multiple brood stars of their own. They Lydia family first hit the spotlight in 2001 when her Integrity daughter, Idee Lustre EX-95 3E 10*, was named Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair. Although my members of the Lydia family had continued success through the years, in 2010 the Lydia’s struck again in a big way with Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95 claiming Royal Grand Champion honors, RockyMountain Talent Licorice EX-95 2* taking the Royal Intermediate Champion title and Idee Goldwyn Lynley EX-93 2E 5* capturing Intermediate Champion at World Dairy Expo. It is safe to say that Ravenswell Lydia is one of the truest breeding lines in the Holstein industry today and still a force to be reckoned with.

– Nominated Canadian Cow of the Year 2000
– 33 female descendents have earned 48 All-Canadian Nominations & 18 All-American nominations
– 2014 saw 9 family members earn All-Canadian nominations, two of which also earned All-American Nominations

Celebrated Descendents:

Idee Lustre EX-95 3E 10*
(Integrity x Lydia)
Breeder: Idee Holsteins, PE
Past Owners: Crasdale Farms & Lexis Holsteins, PE, and Stanhope-Wedgwood, BC
Current Owner: Ehrhardt Farms, MD

– Royal Grand & Supreme Champion 2002
– 2X All-Canadian & Reserve All-American
– Grand Champion BC Spring Show 2001

Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95-USA
(Goldwyn x Triumphant GP-84 6* x Rudolph EX-2E 19* x Lydia)
Breeder: Winterbay Farms, PE
Past Owners: Crasdale Farms, PE, Clark Woodmansee, CT, Jay Roebuck, ME
Current Owner: Jeff Butler & Peter Vail, IL

– Royal Grand Champion 2010
– 2X All-Canadian & All-American
– Grand Champion Wisconsin State Championship Show 2011
– Grand Champion Atlantic Summer Show 2009

Idee Goldwyn Lynley 2012_web500
Idee Goldwyn Lynley EX-93 2E 5*
(Goldwyn x Champion 2* x Jolt VG-89 2* x Integrity VG-88 x Lydia)
Breeder: Idee Holsteins, PE
Past Owners: Ferme Mibelson Inc., QC, Ferme Yvon Sicard, QC, Ferme Blondin, QC, Cowtown Holsteins, VT & Jeff Butler, IL
Current Owner: Gen-Com Holstein Ltd., QC

– All-American & Reserve All-Canadian 2010
– Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2010
– Grand Champion Victoriaville 2010
– Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Quebec Spring Show 2010
– Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion Quebec Expo 2010

Idee Leduc Lainey EX-90 12*
(Leduc x Lydia)
Breeder: Idee Holsteins, PE
Past Owners: Lexis Holsteins, PE & Cobequid Holsteins, NS
Current Owner: Pierre Boulet, QC

– has produced 5 EX & 21 VG daughters
– daughter Cobequid Goldwyn Leno EX-94 is a 2X All-Canadian nominee and winner in 2014. She was also Reserve Grand at the Ontario Summer Show in 2014

Lylehaven-I Starbuck Lydia VG-88 9*
(Starbuck x Lydia)
Breeder: Lylehaven, VT
Past Owner: Crasdale Farms Inc., PE
Current Owners: Rioux & Fils, Ferme Gloremi ENR, Richard Halle & Bureau Veterinaire de la Vallee, QC

– has produced 4 EX & 8 VG daughters
– daughter Crasdale Lyster Lottery EX-94 2E 2* saw consistent success in the Atlantic show ring and her daughters (1 EX & 5 VG) continue to do the same


Breeder: Robin & Marcel St. Denis, QC
Past Owners: Purple Fever Cattle Co., NY, Brian W. Connor, NB & Ferme Jocelyn Cote Inc., QC
Current Owner: Eastside Holsteins & Lewisdale Holsteins, PE

Despite a humble beginning and a less than stellar pedigree, Abel’s story is the type that fairy tales are made of. With some success in the show ring as a calf, it was obvious that Abel had potential, however when her second daughter, sired by Champion, earned the family’s first All-Canadian nomination, Abel really started turning heads. Her ability to breed and transmit is really what sets her apart. With over 10 different sires used on her, Abel has proven time and again that she can pass on the truest type. Producing over 150 embryos in her lifetime, Abel has 11 EX and 24 VG daughters, most of which are spread across Canada. In 2011, Abel was Nominated for Canadian Cow of the Year, a testament to a cow that never missed.

Some Notable Descendents:
(Goldwyn x Abel)

Eastside Lewisdale Gld Missy EX-95 2E. 2nd Dam to Lots 37A & 37B

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95 2E 13*
Breeder: Eastside Holsteins & Lewis Brothers, PE
Past Owners: Morsan Farms, Gert Andreasen, Van Ruinen Dairy & Georges Ubelhardt, AB, & Mark Butz, IA
Current Owner: Morsan Farms, AB

– Canadian Cow of the Year 2012
– 2X All-Canadian & 3X All-American
– Nominated All-Canadian Mature Cow 2013
– Grand & Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo & Royal Winter Fair 2011
– Reserve Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2009
– Holstein Canada Cow of the Year 2012
– has produced 25 VG & 2 GP daughters

Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG-87 2YR X Gen-I-Beq Brawler 10 #1s $800 each Producer of over 450 Embryos Missy's Full Sister Has 6 VG 2 yr olds and counting!

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Amaze VG-87 4*
(Goldwyn x Abel)
Breeder: Eastside Holsteins & Lewis Brothers, PE
Past Owners: Abe & Elaine Buttimer & David & Debby Sudsbury, PE
Current Owner: Eastside Holsteins & Lewisdale Holsteins, PE

– has 42 daughters registered in Canada, 2 EX & 13 VG
– has produced 482 embryos to date and will retire from the flush program at 500 eggs!
– her embryos have been exported to over 14 different countries
**Note: Tickets are now being sold to raise money for the newly created “Andrea’s Vision Fund”, honoring the late Andrea Crowe by providing funds for patient care. Eastside and Lewisdale have generously donated the sexed, IVF embryo and shipping costs in celebration of Amaze’s 500th embryo. The tickets are $25 and can be purchased through the Atlnatic Holstein News, with the draw being held during the National Convention Show in NB**

Valleyville Rae Lynn EX-95
(Sanchez x Champion EX-90 2E 5* x Abel)
Breeder: Frizzell’s Valleyville Farm Inc., PE
Current Owners: Quality Holsteins, ON, Granja Ponderosa, ESP, Tori Testati, IT & Agriber Societa Agricola SRL, IT

– 3X Nominated All-Canadian (HM 2013, Res 2012)
– HM Intermediate Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013
– DHI Production Award Winner Royal Winter Fair 2013
– Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Ontario Summer Show 2013
– Intermediate Champion Ontario Spring Discovery 2013

Lindenright Bradnick Moovin On VG-87-2yr
(Bradnick x Goldwyn EX-91 x Dundee EX-92 4* x Abel)
Breeder & Current Owner: Harry & Joanne Van Der Linden, NS

– #1 Type Cow in Canada (Dec ’14)
– #9 GLPI List with +3239 (Dec ’14)
– 2 sons by Enforcer in AI (Megatron @ TAG, Megawatt @ Semex)
– making a big record herself with BCA: 307-415-310
– Reserve Intermediate Champion Atlantic Fall Championship 2014

Lindenright Morty Delico_2012041602 web500
Breeder & Current Owner: Harry & Joanne Van Der Linden, NS

Delicio genetics provide the total package in an ever-changing Holstein marketplace. She is the granddaughter of La Presentation Daurel EX 63*, the highest brood cow in Canada, and than 5 more generations of VG and EX dams. Delicio has successfully transmitted the breeding pattern her family is known for, producing 4 EX & 17 VG daughters. Not only do her progeny excel in type, they are big producers and permanent residents on the Top 1000 GLPI list, where Delicio has also made a name for herself.

– Nominated Canadian Cow of the Year 2011
– Grand Champion East Nova Scotia Exhibition 2007
– 3 Super 3’s and 5 Superior Lactation Awards
– Leader of 6 Year Old cows for Total Performance on the 2010 Honor Roll
– 12 daugters on the Top 1000 GLPI list in 2011 and was #253 herself, the highest 8 Year Old cow
– 4 family members are still on the Dec ’14 Top 1000 GLPI List:
Lindenright Brewmaster Destin VG-2yr (+2789 GLPI)
Lindenright Iota Dynastic VG-2yr (+2785 GLPI)
Lindenright Beacon Discover VG-87-3yr (+2765 GLPI)
Lindenright Baxter Delish VG-87-4yr (+2757 GLPI)

Total Package Daughter:
Lindenright Manifold Dime VG-89-3yr
(Manifold x Goldwyn VG-88 x Delicio)
– Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Spring Show 2014
– 1 Superior Lactation, GLPI +2713
– daughter Lindenright Brewmaster Dollars GP-82 is #1 for Fat in Canada (Dec ’14)

Lindenoord Rudolph Lilac_24111729 web
Breeder: Lindenoord Holsteins, NS
Current Owner: Ferme Rolandale ENR, QC

Lilac is about as well-rounded an individual as they come. She has a consistent transmitting breeding pattern, she can fill a milk bucket any day of the week and she can compete with the best on the worlds biggest show stages. Backed by 4 of 5 generations of VG dams, she has produced 7 EX & 6 VG daughters of her own, making her an incredible foundation brood cow at Ferme Rolandale.

– Canadian Cow of the Year 2010
– 3X HM All-Canadian & 2X Nominated All-American (AA 2002)
– Grand Champion Quebec International & Quebec Expo 2002
– Grand Champion Confrontation De L’Est 2003
– Grand Champion Lotbiniere 2001, 2002, 2004 & 2006
– Achieved 1 Super 3 and 3 Superior Lactation Awards

Breeder: Diamond Hill Farms, PE
Current Owner: Ferme Blondin, QC

Backed by only 3 generations of VG & EX dams, at first glance it may not seem like this pedigree belongs on our list. However, the Warden Lass family would produce one of the most prolific and true breeding families in the business which can be summed up in one word: Supra. Lass’ one VG daughter, Blondin Starbuck Superlass VG-87, earned 17* through her 4 EX & 13 VG daughters, and created bloodlines which now include 5 generations of consecutive EX progeny.

Building Something Special:
Blondin Skychief Supra EX-93 27*
(Skychief x Starbuck VG-87 17* x Warden Lass)
– Canadian Cow of the Year 2009
– 5 EX & 34 VG daughters, combining for 36*
– dam of Blondin R Mark Supra VG-89 11* who is the matriarch of one of the most prominent R&W bloodlines in the world, beginning with the breed’s first EX-97 R&W cow, Blondin Redman Siesme EX-97 2E

Breeder & Current Owner: Crasdale Farms, PE

Rock N’ Roll embodies the longevity and performance that is strived for in the Crasdale breeding program. She completes 4 generations of VG & EX dams and has produced 2 EX & 13 VG daughters of her own respectively. She is incredibly well rounded, not only with high type, but also with her ability to fill the milk tank, earning her 3 Superior Lactations awards.

– Canadian Cow of the Year 2001
– 2X Nominated All-Canadian
– Grand Champion Atlantic Spring Show 1997
– Grand Champion Maritime Championship 1994

Breeder & Current Owner: Gardenvale Farms Inc., PE

Gardenvale Farm received their Master Breeder Shield in 2002. The “A” family is still very prominent in the herd with many family members contributing points to the shield. Amy in particular is a great example of the longevity in this well-rounded herd. Her 4 EX & 9 VG daughters have 24* combined between them, carrying on Amy’s legacy.

– Nominated Canadian Cow of the Year 2000
– produced 132,173 kg of milk in 11 Lactations lifetime, calving for the last time at 14 years old!
– Robthom Integrity proved to be a fantastic cross with two EX (2E and 5E respectively) and 2 VG-88 point daughters

Breeder: Frizzells Valleyville Farm Inc., PE
Past Owners: Crasdale Farms Inc., PE, Marthaven Holsteins & Gary W. West, ON
Current Owner: Frizzells Valleyville Farm Inc., PE

Rarely does a cow family achieve 34* in just 2 generations, but the dam/daughter duo of Valleyville Lisa Jet VG-88 17* and Valleyville Integrity Brenna EX-90 2E 17* do just that. Brenna has produced 2 EX & 35 VG daughters for the Frizzell family, a Master Breeder recipient in 2006. Her progeny has already combined for 33* proving the transmitting ability of this family, via nine different sires. Interestingly, of the 2 EX & 35 VG daughters, 2 EX & 14 VG are sired by Lheros, which turned out to be a hugely successful mating, both domestically and internationally.

International Influence:
Valleyville Lheros Jenn EX-94 8*
(Lheros x Brenna)
Breeder: Frizzells Valleyville Farm Inc., PE
Previous Owners: Crasdale Farms Inc., PE & Bondvale Farm, ON
Current Owner: Ty-D Holsteins & Ferme Jacobs Inc., QC

– 2X Nominated All-Canadian (AC 2008)
– All-American 2008
– Reserve Intermediate Champion Royal Winter Fair 2008
– Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Quebec International 2008
– Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Quebec Expo 2008
– has produced 4 EX & 7 VG daughters in Canada

SD Jacobs Jen VG-89-3yr
(Goldwyn x Lheros Jenn EX-94 8* x Brenna)
Breeder: Ty-D Holsteins & Ferme Jacobs Inc., QC
Current Owner: Arjan Scholten – Scholten Dairies, NL

– flushes extremely well and is currently pregnant with her 3rd calf
– has exported embryos to Swizterland, Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, France, Spain, New Zealand & Australia
– daughters by Windbrook, Damion and Sanchez have been very impressive in the show ring and have sold for high prices in top European Sales
– daughters by Damion, Atwood & Doorman will be born at Scholten Dairies in 2015
– Arjan Scholten saw Jenn when she started to win shows and purchased some Goldwyn embryos from her, “Best decision ever!” he says


Breeder & Current Owner: Eastside Holsteins, PE

The “O” family at Eastside is a family that is steeped in the tradition of steady improvement. Going from a dam that produced daughters 50% GP and better in the late 1970’s, to Osmond completing four straight generations of cows that have produced progeny that is 100% GP+ is a tremendous accomplishment. Not only that, Osmond also completes 11 straight generations of cows to produce 60,000kg, with another lactation each, she has 2 daughters on par to reach the milestone as well. Backed by 7 generations of VG & EX dams, Osmond has contributed 6 EX, 3 VG &3 GP daughters of her own. The trouble-free, consistently improving family makes members of the “O” family highly sought out in the Holstein business.

“O” So Good!
Eastside Gold Offering EX-93
(Goldwyn x Fortune EX-93 2E x Osmond)
Breeder: Eastside Holsteins, PE
Current Owner: Maplekeys Farms, ON

– HM All-Canadian 2011
– Grand Champion Elgin County Show 2012, 2013, 2014
– her daughter, Maplekeys Sid Odyssey VG-87-2yr, was a force to be reckoned with in 2014 earning Reserve All-Canadian Junior 2 Year & nominated All-American in the same class

Breeder: Logan Bros., NS
Past Owner: Yuillcrest Farms Ltd., NS
Current Owner: East River Farms, PE

Astronomical Deb is the 10th straight generation of Logan Bros breeding, spanning over 6 decades. Deb has produced 3 EX, 5 VG & 3 GP daughters that are remarkably all sired by Goldwyn, which proved to be a magical cross on this deep-pedigree cow family. Many of the daughters have achieved show ring success in Atlantic Canada and on a larger scale for their owners.

Eastriver Gold Deb 850 EX-92-USA
Past Owner: Butlerview Farms, IL
Current Owner: Milksource Genetics LLC, WI

– Reserve All-American & Reserve All-Canadian
– Grand Champion Mid West Spring Show 2013

Eastriver Gold Deb VG-87-2yr
Current Owner: Millen Farms, Kingsway Farms & Hazbro Holstins, ON

– HM Intermediate Champion Ontario Spring Discovery 2014

Breeder: Dream & Do Farm, NH
Current Owner: Harry & Joanne Van Der Linden, NS

Purchased in 1990, the Van Der Linden’s brought Liberty north of the border and watched her develop the prolific “L” family in their herd. Her next dams include an EX-94 3E DOM Starwars, an EX-94 5E GMD DOM Ivanhoe and a VG-87 Bootmaker. While earning 2 Superior Lactation Awards, she produced 1 EX & 9 VG daughters of her own who have contributed 31* to the deep pedigree. One branch of the family in particular has brought many successes in an All-Canadian spotlight.

Lindenright Dundee L Laurel EX-93 2E 4*
(Dundee x Rudolph VG-87 7* x Liberty)
Breeder: Harry & Joanne Van Der Linden, NS
Current Owners: Stanhope-Wedgwood, BC & Futurecrest Holsteins, ON

– 2X Nominated All-Canadian
– Reserve Grand Champion BC Spring Show 2007
– Grand Champion Vancouver Island 2008
– 3 EX & 8 VG daughters
– 1 Superior Lactation
– despite her recent passing, Laural still has IVF pregnancies by Kingboy, Doorman & Dempsey to continue to the Laural legacy

Lindenright Goldwyn Royce VG-89 3*
(Goldwyn x Morty VG-86 x Dundee EX-93 2E 4* x Liberty)
Breeder: Harry & Joanne Van Der Linden, NS
Current Owner: Pierre Boulet & Fra-Ber Ruel Inc., QC

– All-Canadian & All Quebec Milking Yearling 2009
– Reserve Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Atlantic Championship 2009
– 6 VG & 3 GP daughters

Breeder: George Versloot, Combination Holsteins, NB
Current Onwer: Alain Blanchette, NB

Backed by 3 VG dams who combine for 23*, Jean continues the brood cow prowess this family is known for. In her lifetime she produced 8 EX & 11 VG daughters, including 2 EX @94pts, who collectively add another 10* to the impressive pedigree.

Most Notable Daughter:
ABF September Cheese EX-94
Breeder: Alain Blanchette, NB
Previous Owners: Idee Holsteins, PE, Brian W. Connor, NB, Walkerbrae Farms, ON, Crasdale Farms Inc., PE, Douglas Morrison, QC, Crackholm Holsteins, QC & Gerald & Gerald Todd Jr., TN
Current Owner: Lookout Holsteins, QC & Ricardo Pesce, ARG

– 3X Nominated All-Canadian (2X Res AC)
– 2X Reserve All-American
– HM Intermediate Champion Royal Winter Fair 2009
– Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Quebec International 2009
– Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Quebec Expo 2009

Breeder & Current Owner: Cobequid Holsteins, NS

The Spumante family at Cobequid has been a fixture in their 3x Master Breeder herd for many years. Throughout her life Skybuck Spumante produced 7 EX daughters, 4 of which are Multiple Excellent cows in their own right, and 6 VG daughters. She has certainly passed her legacy on to her daughters, who can often been see excelling in the show ring and producing the next generation of Spumante greatness.

– 3X Nominated All-Canadian (2X HM)
– All-Atlantic Mature Cow 2001, 2002 & 2004
– Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Summer Show & Atlantic Championship Show 2004

The Next Generation:
Cobequid Lance Canuck Spumante EX-94 4E 4*
(Canuck x Skybuck Spumante)
Breeder: Cobequid Holsteins, NS
Past Owner: Musqie Valley Farm, NS
Current Onwer: Douglas Morrison, QC

– Grand Champion Atlantic Spring Show 2002
– produced 2 EX & 5 VG daughters
Dillman_Cobequid Goldwyn Spark
– her daughter Cobequid Goldwyn Spark EX-90 2E 1* , is already a brood cow in her own right for her 5 VG daughters to date and has 1 Superior Lactation Award

Cobequid Astronomical Sear EX-92 2*
(Astronomical x Skybuck Spumante)
Breeder: Cobequid Holsteins, NS
Current Owner: Nathport Holsteins & Tidal Holsteins, PE

– 3 EX & 1 VG daughter
– 1 Superior Lactation Award for her 3 Year Old record in which she produced 13,821 kg milk, 437kg 3.2% fat, 456 kg 3.3% protein; BCA: 318-270-323
– All-Atlanic Junior 3 Year Old 2008

Breeder & Current Owner: MacBeath Farms Ltd. PE

This “sweet” family from Goldenflo has developed many well-rounded individuals. Smarties has produced 4 EX and 6 VG daughters herself and is backed by 3 generations of VG & EX dams, including Goldenflo Inspire Eclipse VG-87 5* who is a foundation cow responsible for many of the show animals at Goldenflo. She completed a lifetime record of over 80,000 kg of milk and left many of her descendents in various herds that continue her legacy. One of her daughters in particular really put the Goldenflo name on the map internationally and is proving to be every bit the brood cow that her mother was.

Goldenflo Lheros Bubblegum EX-96 3E 2*
Breeder: MacBeath Farms Ltd., PE
Previous Owner: Barclay Phoenix, ON
Current Owner: Pierre Boulet, QC

– 2X Nominated All-Canadian (1X Res AC) & All-American 2009
– Grand Champion Quebec Expo 2009
– 9 VG daughters & 1 EX son

Breeder & Current Owner: Waddy & Colpitts Ltd., NB

The Rickey family at the Colpitts Settlement, one of New Brunswick’s Master Breeder herds, has gone on to provide a very solid foundation for the herd. Rickey completed 12 lactations producing 140,878 kg milk in her lifetime, after calving for the last time at 15 years old! She also produced 3 EX and 8 VG daughters. Seven years later, a descendent of this special family, continues to leave her mark on the show stage in a big way.

Nordale Goldwyn Ricky EX-95
Breeder: Nordale Farms, PE
Current Owner: Hodglynn Holsteins, Little Star Holsteins & Colin Michael Pool, ON

– Nominated All-Canadian 2014
– Grand Champion Bruce-Grey County Holstein Show 2013

Breeder: Pine Haven Jerseys, NS
Previous Owners: Burlesque Jerseys, WI
Current Owner: River Valley Dairy, IL

No stranger to the colored shavings, Marmie continues to bring the Pine Haven Jersey program into the spotlight. She is still the only cow to win Intermediate Champion at World Dairy Expo in back to back consecutive years and she is already leaving her mark on the breed with an Impuls son in AI and over 25 progeny at River Valley Dairy. She also epitomizes the longevity that her breeders strive for, coming back and earning nominations in milking form year after year.

– Grand & Reserve Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2011
– 4X All-American or Reserve & 2X All-Canadian or Reserve
– All-Breeds Access People Choice Champion 2011
– Grand US National Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2010
– Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2009 & 2010
– Nominated Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year 2012

Breeder: Avonlea Genetics Inc., ON
Onwer: Musqie Valley Farms & Wynt Farm Ltd., NS

Hailing from the popular “M” family at Avonlea, Jed Maxie is backed by 6 VG & EX dams. She is a maternal sister to Avonlea Mischief’s Magnolia EX-91 3E, who was featured in our Winter issue, and is proving that she can hold her own as a brood cow with two very successful daughters so far.

– 1 EX & 5 VG daughters registered in Canada
– Grand Champion All-Atlantic Jersey Show 2009
– daughter Musqie Sultan Myra EX-92 2E already has 1 VG daughter of her own by Comerica
– daughter Musqie Iatola Martha VG-89-3yr was Supreme Champion at the Halifax County Show 2014 and finished 3rd in the Senior 3 Year Old class at World Dairy Expo for her new owners, Milksource Genetics LLC., WI

Breeder & Current Owner: George L. Boswell & Sons, PE

From the heart of the Blackadder herd comes one of the most popular type Ayrshire sires in the world. Backed by 4 generations of VG & EX dams that combine for 23* between them. The popularity of Kellogg is second to none and he has sired more show winners than any other sire in Canada.

– 1596 daughters classified: 259 EX, 619 VG, 561 GP (91% GP+)
– 3 EX brothers: Milton EX (Teddy Bear), Monroe EX (Teddy Bear) and Modelman EX (Heligo)
– Premier Sire of World Dairy Expo from 2001 – 2012

Breeder & Current Owner: Forever Schoon Farm, PE

Forever Schoon Farm has long been synonymous with deep-pedigreed Ayrshire bloodlines. One family in particular has consistently produced great brood cows with show winning accolades and the ability to transmit from generation to generation. Forever Schoon BK Porsha EX-90 7* has cranked out 4 EX daughters including Penelope EX-90-2E (Ice Man), Prestige EX-90 4E (Jerry), Promise EX-91 3E 2* (Heligo) and Pretty EX-93 2E 4* (Jerry).

Show Winning Descendents:
Forever Schoon Ping, Madison 2011
Forever Schoon Ping EX-94
(Modem x Pretty EX-93 2E 4* x Porsha EX-90 7*)
Breeder: Forever Schoon Farm, PE
Current Owner: Ferme De La Plaine, QC

– 3X All-Canadian & 2X Reserve All-American
– Reserve Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013
– Grand Champion Salon International Laitiere 2013
– Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Royal Winter Fair 2010 & 2011
– Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2011

De La Plaine Reality Sting VG-88
(Reality x Ping EX-94 x Pretty EX-93 2E 4* x Porsha EX-90 7*)
Breeder & Current Owner: Ferme De La Plaine, QC

-2X All-Canadian or Reserve
– Reserve Intermediate Champion Salon International Laitiere & Supreme Dairy Show 2014
– HM Junior Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013

De La Plaine Burdette Bling VG-88
(Burdette x Ping EX-94 x Pretty EX-93 2E 4* x Porsha EX-90 7*)
Breeder & Current Owner: Ferme De La Plaine, QC

– 2X All-American & HM All-Canadian
– Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Royal Winter Fair 2014
– Junior Champion Salon International Laitiere 2013
– Reserve Junior Champion World Dairy Expo 2013

Forever Schoon Perfecta ET
Forever Schoon Perfecta EX-96 2E
(Calimero x Promise EX-91 3E 2* x Porsha EX-90 7*)
Breeder & Current Owner: Forever Schoon Farm, PE

– 4X Nominated All-Canadian (3X Reserve AC)
– Grand Champion Charlottetown 2013 & 2014
– Grand Champion Old Home Week 2011 & 2012

Breeder & Current Owner: Musqie Valley Farms, NS

When looking for a consistent breeding pattern, Ayrshire enthusiasts needn’t look any further than the Willy Flake family at Musqie Valley Farms. Willy Flake has 1 EX & 4 VG daughters that are all full sisters. Backed by 1 EX & 1 VG dam that each received All-Canadian nominations and show awards respectively, Willy Flake’s daughters have definitely continued this tradition.

Full Sister Success at TD Canadian 4H Classic:
Musqie Calimero Chikita EX-92
– 1st & HM Champion TD Classic 2008
– Reserve All-Canadian & All-Quebec Senior Yearling 2009
– 1st Junior 2 Year Old Ormstown Fair 2010
– already has 1 EX daughter by Guiness

Musqie Calimero Chicka Boom VG-87
– 3rd Winter Calf TD Classic 2010

Musqie Calimero Chikee VG
– 1st Spring Calf TD Classic 2011

Musqie Calimero Chikeela VG
-1st Spring Calf TD Classic 2012

Breeder: Dean Cole, NS
Current Owner: Elite Dairy, NY

Undoubtedly one of the best Brown Swiss cows to come out of Atlantic Canada, Eloc Wagor Kandid captured the triple crown of US Brown Swiss Shows in 2014. Her dam is Eloc Cartoon Kara EX-90 4E and Kandid’s maternal sister by Wonderment commanded the top price of $9800 at the Vente Supreme Dairy Sale in Quebec this year. Kandid also has a son by Wonderment, Kingsman, who is a sire-in-waiting at New Generation Genetics. Continually adding to her impressive resume, we haven’t seen the last of Kandid yet!

– Senior & Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2014
– Grand Champion All-American Dairy Show 2014
– Grand & Supreme Champion NY State Fair 2014
– Nominated All-American Aged Cow 2014
– Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2012

The deep-pedigreed families that consistently breed true generation after generation, along with accolades that have been achieved both in the show ring and the genomic marketplace, is undoubtedly a testament to the tremendous Dairy Breeders in Atlantic Canada. A visit to Canada’s East Coast, whether it is for this year’s National Holstein Convention or otherwise, is definitely “a must” for every dairy enthusiast.