A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As I mindlessly scroll through my social media accounts, I begin to realize that  my news feed is filled with negative news posts and pictures. Gone are the days where we learned the world’s happening on the 6’oclock news or in the Sunday weekly paper. Gone are the days where if we didn’t want to hear or see the negative information we just chose not to turn on the TV that night or not to open the paper. We now live in a society where information is available to us with the touch of the button, whether it’s correct information or not. People believe what they read and assumptions and judgements are made without any proper research. One of the industries that has been a target with uneducated judgement is the agriculture industry. The Agriculture industry now more than ever has had to defend itself. Consumer Education has never been more important.

Photo Credit: Claire Swale Photography

The latest challenge on social media is doing just that. The ’10 Day Farming Challenge,’ has created a huge movement and audience. The Challenge is simple, you find and post a photo that shows the day-to-day life of farming. You find a photo that has had an impact on you and post it without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. It’s really that simple! So for 10 days, you get to scroll through your news feed and see positive pictures of the joy, hard work, love and dedication that farmers put in every single day.

“The 10 Day Farming Challenge represents people of agriculture joining together to showcase the passion and commitment needed in all areas of agriculture,” Sandy Kingdon of Charlyn Farms told Cowsmo. “It’s happening at a time when farmers need to take pride in our way of life and recognize our fellow farmers.”

“It’s important to participate as it gives us a chance to show consumers how dedicated we are to our industry.”

So let’s continue the fight to bridge the gap between the agriculture industry and our consumers and share your photos because as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”