August 2018 – Top 100 International TPI Sires

August 2018 – Top 100 International TPI Sires : Former #1 Genomic Young Sire, EDG Rubicon-ET, moves to the top spot in the August 2018 run.

EDG Rubicon daughters at San-Dan Holsteins, IA

1. 151HO00681 EDG Rubicon-ET : With over 2300 milking and 1000 classified daughters, Rubicon moves to the head of the Top 100 TPI list. He ranks #1 for FAT (+120), #2 NM (+953) and #2 Grazing Merit (+886). He is one of four Mogul sons in the Top 10. His dam is Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET (EX-90), a 7th gen VG/EX from the EX-95 Dellia family.

2. 29HO17553 Uecker Supersire Josuper-ET : Josuper falls one spot to #2. He remains #1 for MILK (+3309, nearly +600 over #2), #1 for NM (+999), #2 Feed Efficiency (245) and #3 FAT (+110).

3. 203HO1468 Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET : No stranger to the list, Delta now ranks #3 (+2798 GTPI) and #1 Grazing Merit (+901). He has 127 sons and daughters over +2700GTPI. He is still the highest proven son of Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET (VG-87 GMD DOM).

4. 203HO1513 Mr Mccut Dante 1407-ET : Moving up two spots to now rank #4 is a McCutchen brother to Delta and Denver. Jumping an impressive 83 TPI points, he is +2765 GTPI +2446M +227FE +2.21T.

5. 1HO11376 Weigeline Jacey Tabasco-ET : Making a huge jump to #5 (#13 4/18) is Tabasco, a Jacey x VG-86 Bookem. He’s +2731G +2240M +61F +80P +1.79T.

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