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Western Canadian Classic Junior Dairy Show 2013

DATE August 30 & 31, 2013
JUDGE Tyler Dorion, QC (Showmanship) Joel Lepage, QC (Conformation)

Grand champion

Grand Champion
Skycrest Redeye Ta Dah (Redeye), Katelyn Crest, AB
Reserve Grand Champion
Salem Attic Dianna (Attic), Kevin VanZessen, SK
HM Grand champion
RJF Tequila Glorious (Tequila), Casey Morey, AB

Judge LePage Comments:

Big round of applause the ones in the barn and ones all out here a great group of heifers. Iā€™d like to thank my ringman and everyone helped today and to the shit boys who kept my shoes clean, thankyou. Special thanks to my girlfriend Marielle who lets me go away and looks after things while I am gone, it allows me to do what I love. Thanks- Merci!

I have pulled out 5 heifers today all look abit the same, march calf, long nice lines, great legs, December extreme, long and dairy and the senior calves close placing really nice heifers with open rib and style. This Jersey is able to go and show at a bigger show.
For my champion I am going with my December Calf. Eventhough Id like to see more depth of body she is very stylish and is cleaner in the hock and she drops her legs down more correctly then the Senior calf when she walks. The senior calf uses her rump structure and correctness in the crops and pin region to beat out the Jersey Junior yearling who will be your HM.

Junior Calf (9)

1.Benbie Alexander Kiss (Alexander), Colton McAvoy, SK
2.Benbie Atwood Mallory (Atwood), Sydney Toth, SK
3. Benbie Meridian Carrie (Meridian), Julianne Lavoie, SK
4. Oakparke Mogul Jana 1472 (Mogul), Theresa Guimond, MB
5.Narfa Brunhilda Mmila (Bruno), Melissa Porteous, MB
6. Scenic Brokaw Shy (Brokaw), Carson Klugkist, AB
7. Kamar Jamar Milkyway (Jamar), Jodie Stoker, BC
8. Oakparke Epic Jackalope 1471 (Epic), Ellie Trinick, MB
9. Oakparke Day Jazz 1469 (Day), Nicolas Bassa, MB

Intermediate Calf (17)

1. Skycrest Redeye Ta Dah (Redeye), Katelyn Crest, AB
2. Benbie Lauthority Reese (Lauthority), Shelby Crosbie, SK
3. Twinpark Hero Lauren (Hero), Dana Andres, MB
4. Chadview Picolo Bernini (Picolo), Mark Podschadly, BC
5. Alley Dempsey Cologne (Dempsey), Chelsea van Rootselaar, SK
6. Lone Pine Habit Daily Special (Habit), Noah Iversen, AB
7. Westcoast Braxton Taylor (Braxton), Kelly Saelman, BC
8. Crestomere Super Hero (Hero), Isabell Stamm, AB
9. Mosnang Brok N Heart (Brokaw), Alice Hehli, AB
10. Cedarwal Fever Raincheck (Fever), Heather Saelman, BC

Senior Calf (25)

1. Salem Attic Dianna (Attic), Kevin VanZessen, SK
2. Robella Fever Emma (Fever), Nadine Crosbie, SK
3. Martianna Keepsake Fever (Fever), Lorna Hamming, BC
4. Malarky Legend Madison (Legend), Anna Donohoe, MB
5. Unique Gammon Flower (Gammon), Lee Morey, AB
6. Cedarwal little Miss Stanley (Stanleycup),Olivia Bakker, BC
7. Hammingview Windbrook Montie (Windbrook), Megan Baars, BC
8. Willswikk Fever Delanna (Fever), Matt Brandsma, BC
9. Westcoast Toystory Tabatha (Toystory), Danica Severinski, BC
10. Hyljon Lavanguard Jolene (Lavanguard), Teresa Hylkema, BC

Other calves that made the cut
Kenbert Fever Rose (Fever), Vicky Friesen, SK
Skycrest Brillion Lil Dipper (Brillion), Maryje Bikker, AB
Lone Pine Eclipse P Twister (Eclipes P) Nils Haeni, AB
Lone Pine Habit Miss J (Habit), Sam Haeni, AB
Roswitha Damion Mila (Damion), Tara Sweetnam, MB
Beauroc Spectrum Blossom (Spectrum), Maxine Chartier, MB
Crestomere RL Lovable (redliner), Jaclyn Hunter, AB

Summer Yearling (16)

1. Skycrest Broke La Nose (Brokaw), Chad Crest, AB
2. Silvermaple Braxton Catrina (Braxton), Melissa Stoker, BC
3. Suntasia Sanchez Done Right (Sanchez), Daisy Sunder, BC
4. Willswikk Jasper Daily (Jasper), Michael Brandsma, BC
5. Oakparke Fever Princess 1371 (Fever), Vicki Wiens, MB
6. Zessen Dempsey Overthere (Dempsey), Erin Ross, SK
7. Clanman Tequila Charity (Tequila), Sean Smith, SK
8. Herres Fever Angie (Fever), David Verhoef, AB
9. Mosnang Gold chip Crunchy (Gold chip), Edith Wouters, AB
10. Mosnang Dude Whatsit (Dude), Henriet Vande Brake, AB

Junior Yearling (9)

1. RJF Tequila Glorious (Tequila), Casey Morey, AB
2. Markwell Foxys Faith (Shottle), Mike Podschadly, BC
3. Mosnang Gold Chip wink (Gold Chip), Rebeka Hunter, AB
4. Bramville Exactly Juniper (Exactly), Michelle Ross, SK
5. Oakparke Hefty Jana 1333 (Hefty), Lisa Wiens, MB
6. Lone Pine Valentino Dazzle (Valentino), Logan Rutley, AB
7. Westcoast Braxton Ravelynn (Braxton), Alexis DeJong, BC
8. Lampada Extreme Bip (Extreme), Matthew Vaandrager, SK
9. Poelman Sid Brenna (sid) Rachael Bakker, BC

Intermediate Yearling (5)

1. Ms Double tree j Charm (Jericho), Emily Leo, BC
2. Branet Sid Myscarff (Sid), Mark Sweetnam, MB
3. Sunnyholme Fever Melora (Fever), Martin Rypma, BC
4. Suntasia Goldroy Pippa (Goldroy), Emily sunder, BC
5. Corlane Windbrook Dasher (Windbrook), Chance Hofstra, AB

Senior Yearling (3)

1. Oakparke Hill Jana 1282 (Shottel), Marie Cure, MB
2. Krista Braxton Right (Braxton), Leighton Slingerland, AB
3. RockyMountain Secr Melrose Red (Secure), Hans Hylkema, BC

Group of 3

1. SK
2. BC
3. AB
4. BC
5. SK

Grand Champion Showman

Grand Champion
Mike Podschadly, BC
Reserve Grand Champion
Chad Crest, AB
HM Grand Champion
Jaclyn Hunter, AB

Junior Showmanship (38)

1. Megan Baars, BC
2. Teresa Hylkema, BC
3. Kevin, VanZessen, SK
4. Mark Podschadly, BC
5. Tara Sweetnam, MB
6. Calee Czank, SK
7. Dana Andres, MB
8. Matt Brandsma,BC
9. Sydney Toth, SK
10. Nils Haeni, AB

Other Juniors who made cut
Colten McAvoy, SK
Heather Saelman, BC
Clayton Hamming, BC
Michael Brandsma, BC
James Pruim, SK
Daisy Sunder, BC
Kurtis Severinski, BC

Intermediate Showmanship (23)

1. Mike Podschadly, BC
2. Danica, Severinski, BC
3. Lorna Hamming, BC
4. Kelly Saelman, BC
5. Maryje Bikker, AB
6. Brad Pruim, SK
7. Mark Sweetnam, MB
8. Ariana Mulder, SK
9. Emily Sunder, BC
10. Sam Haeni, AB
11. Olivia Bakker, BC
12. Lee Morey, AB
13. Irina Baumann, SK
14. Marie Cure, MB

Senior Showmanship (23)

1. Chad Crest, AB
2. Jaclyn Hunter, AB
3. Natalie Cuthbert, BC
4. Lexi Dejong, BC
5. Katelyn Crest, AB
6. Shelby Crosbie, SK
7. Melissa Stoker, BC
8. Erin Ross, SK
9. Michelle Schuurman, AB
10. Michael Flaman, SK
11. Henriet VandeBrake, AB

Clipping Results & last few days

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