VFF To Inject Industry With Knowledge In Q Fever Awareness Blitz

Farmers will get a knowledge booster from an extensive awareness campaign into the risks of Q fever, to be launched early next year by the Victorian Farmers Federation Livestock Group.The $100,000 campaign, fully supported by Midfield Meats, includes industry workshops, preparedness toolkits and targeted advertising to promote the dangers of Q fever and the importance of vaccination.

“This is a prime example of the supply chain working together for an outcome that benefits the whole industry,” VFF Livestock President Leonard Vallance said.

“Our aim is to raise awareness about the impacts on human health and highlighting the importance of vaccination against the disease.

“We need to ensure that producers and people in rural areas who handle livestock have the knowledge and the skills to manage Q-fever.

“It’s vital for people handling livestock to understand the potential impact of Q fever on their health.”

Q fever is a flu-like disease carried by cattle, sheep and goats, as well as feral animals such as bandicoots and rodents.

The disease can be transmitted to humans and poses the greatest risk to people working with livestock, such as farmers, abattoir workers, veterinarians and animal handlers.

“Every year, about 600 cases of Q fever are reported across Australia, so this is a massive issue for industry,” Mr Vallance said.

“The campaign will spread right across next year to ensure the whole supply chain has an opportunity to improve their knowledge of Q fever and how they could be affected if they aren’t vaccinated.”

More information about Q-Fever, including risks and symptoms, is available on the VFF website: http://www.vff.org.au/vff/documents/livestock%20resources/q%20fever.pdf

Source: add.farmonline.com.au

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