Top 100 JPI Bulls – August 2018

Top 100 JPI Bulls – August 2018 : CDF Viceroy-ET has now ranked as the Top JPI bull (Generation Count 4-6 and BBR 100) for the last 12 months. 

Avi-Lanche Viceroy Jackpot 16137 {6} VG-82

1. 11JE1179 CDF Viceroy-ET is a Dominican x VG-86 Impuls x EX-90 Paramount x EX-90 Abe. +197JPI +1594M +144CFP +9.2JUI

2. 7JE5004 River Valley Cece Chrome-ET is a Critic-P x VG-88 Celebrity x Lyon Character (EX-94). +193JPI +1176M +114CFP +5.0PL +30.9JUI

3. 200JE1035 DP NxLevel-ET is a Isaac x VG-82 Daybreak x Lyndon.  +184JPI +1333M +148CFP +656CM +8.4JUI

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