Successful classification round at Beslea Farms Ltd.

Congratulations to Beslea Farms Ltd. on a fantastic classification!

Its been a whirlwind few days but we squeaked in a classification this morning. Scored 16 animals with everything scoring 82 points or higher. We reached another milestone scoring our first homebred 92 point cow pictured! Highlights include:

Jersey (average 85.7)
Beslea An Evening of Hope ET VG85 2yr
Beslea An Evening of Magic ET VG86 2yr
Jaspar Rockford Eugenia VG 88 4yr
Beslea Velocity Pipsqueak EX 92 5yr
Beslea Farms Ltd.

Holstein (average 83.3)
Beslea Spur Comic GP84 2Yr
Beslea Spur Emoji VG85 2yr
Beslea Dempsey Tattle Tale VG 4yr

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