Project Calf Grants Available to Youth in Washington

4-H and FFA youth in Washington are eligible to apply for grants and scholarships to purchase project calves at the Springtime Youth Calf Sale March 18th in Monroe, WA.

Project Calf Grants Available to Youth in WashingtonGrants of $500 are available to 4-H youth toward the purchase of dairy calves. For more information, please see the 2017 SYCS Grant Application Form. Grant applications are due February 21nd.

The Springtime Youth Calf Sale provides two $500 scholarships to applicants. To qualify you must have purchased a calf or helped at the Springtime Youth Calf Sale, must be or have been enrolled in 4-H or FFA, and for a senior in high school or currently attending college, must have not reached their 21st birthday before January 1. If interested, for more information see the 2017 SYCS Scholarship Application Form. Scholarship applications are due March 1st.

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