Prince Edward Island Cow Sets New Single Lactation Fat Record for Milking Shorthorns

Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P, a mature cow from Oceanbrae Farms in Prince Edward Island, has set a new record for fat production in a single lactation for Canadian Milking Shorthorns. accent-p-1
Photo of Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P EX-94-3E
Photo credit: Vicki Fletcher

In fact, Accent-P has broken her own previous record by 100 kg of fat! In a 305 day lactation starting at 6 years and 10 months of age, Accent-P produced 807 kg of fat, eclipsing her previous record of 707 kg of fat produced as a four year old cow in 2014. This equates to more than 2.6 kg of fat produced per day, more than double the breed average for Milking Shorthorns! Accent’s complete fifth lactation record in 305 days was 10,789 kg of milk, 807 kg of fat at 7.5%, and 378 kg of protein at 3.5%. Accent-P has proven to be an exceptional cow in many ways. As evidenced by her name, she is naturally polled. As well, she’s classified Excellent 94-3E, one of the highest classified Milking Shorthorns in Canada. She has had a total of twelve daughters, naturally and by embryo transfer, and was named Canadian Cow of the Year in 2015. Her owners, Fred and Matthew Barrett of Oceanbrae Farms in Belmont, Prince Edward Island, continue to marvel at her exceptional production. According to Fred, “her fat production continues to be impressive. She has had several monthly fat tests with over 10 percent fat, figures unheard of in our breed. She has now produced over 3500 kg of fat in five lactations, when many cows would take nine or ten lactations to produce the same amount.” Accent-P is the product of an imported embryo from the United States sired by Bar-D Krause’s Fawn’s C.D. Her dam is Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P, a former National Show Champion who has had a significant impact on the Milking Shorthorn breed around the world. Canadian Milking Shorthorns continue to set new records for productivity while remaining an efficient and profitable dairy breed for Canadian dairy producers. For more information on the breed, please visit the Society website at www.

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