“Pingerly” Achieves Elites Status in the Milking Shorthorn Breed

Treeton Pingerly receives his first official LPI this round with an outstanding arrival at #2 LPI, #1 Milk, tied #4 Fat, #2 Protein and tied #4 Conformation.

This Australian-born bull is a son of Silverleigh Monarch out of Treeton Princess 978th (daughter of Braelee Maxwell) and is only surpassed for LPI by B Jurist as the longstanding breed leader. The Top 5 LPI list is completed by Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace ET (#3), Oceanbrae Ironman-P ET (#4) and GMC Rebel Logic-ET at #5 LPI. The duo LPI leaders for cows, Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP-ET at #1 and Lands-Brook Chardonnay-ET-EXP in #2 spot, remain firm this round. Five herdmates occupy the next positions for LPI headed by Lady Grove A Shiraz after she gains 155 points and moves from #7 to #3 LPI. She is immediately followed by her full-sister, Lady Grove A Chrystal ET at #4 LPI with two of her maternal sisters not far behind as Lady Grove BJ Cherry and Lady Grove BJ Charm land in #6 and #7 LPI positions, respectively. Sandwiched among these maternal sisters is Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 at #5 LPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Prinsville Starbuck Summer at #69 LPI.

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